Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Gifts for coworkers can often be a last-minute store find, or a generic item tossed into a bag. 

However, we spend a lot of time with our coworkers, from countless meetings, water cooler gossip, and talking weekend plans before the real Zoom meeting starts. It can be nice to show how much we appreciate these moments.

We’ve done the work to find the best gifts for your coworkers that are thoughtful, personal, and inexpensive. 

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, a coworker is leaving, or you’re welcoming a new colleague to the team, we’ve got gifts for all types of coworkers that they’ll really love. 

Beauty & Health

In busy periods of work, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. 

Beauty and health gifts are a great idea for a coworker to remind them to take a break and make some time for themselves.

Whether they’d like an at-desk pick-me-up, an indulgent treat for when they get home, or something that will help with their mental health, like organizational tools, we’ve found the best beauty and health gifts that a coworker will truly appreciate. 

Papercode Daily Planner

Offering a mix of functionality and style, this Simple Elephant Planner is the perfect gift for any coworker who loves staying organized and on top of their tasks. The planner covers 18 months, from July to December, with plenty of room for daily scheduling and long-term planning. In addition, it has an expanded notes section, goal-setting pages, stickers, tabs, and inspirational quotes throughout to keep your coworkers motivated! 

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Were you looking for a practical yet thoughtful gift to show appreciation to a coworker? Look no further than this Burt’s Bees Natural Moisturizing Superfruit Lip Balm Pack of 4! These natural and nourishing lip balms are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential oils to leave lips feeling smooth and moisturized. Each lip balm contains natural ingredients such as pomegranate oil, mango butter, and shea butter, to nourish a coworker’s lips while also protecting their delicate skin from the elements. 

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

Seeing your colleagues day in and day out often gives you a good idea of the kind of thing they like to wear or how they like to accessorize. 

Discussions around whether a coworker is too hot or too cold are often popular discussions at work as well! 

Whether they wear the latest designer gear, they’ve always got the window open, or they’re often huddled around the heater, clothing and accessory gifts are a great way to show a coworker how well you know them. 

Check out our top recommendations below that your colleague will simply adore. 

Marino Premium Scarf

Keep your coworkers warm and stylish this winter with the Marino Winter Scarf. Its classic design and elegant pattern make it a timeless piece that will be sure to impress. The scarf is made with soft, lightweight fabric, so it’s warm and comfortable on cold days. It also has fringe edges for added style. This scarf comes in various colors, including navy blue, grey, and black, so you can pick the one that best fits their personality and wardrobe.

Marino Premium Scarf
$16.99 $12.99
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03/16/2024 06:03 am GMT

Sun Will Heated Glove Liners

For the coworker who always seems to be chilly, these Rechargeable Electric Hand Warmers are an ideal gift. These gloves provide a great way to keep hands warm while working in any environment, even outside in freezing temperatures. They feature an adjustable temperature range from 95°F – 140°F, so you can adjust the warmth to suit their needs. The rechargeable battery has up to 5 hours of continuous run time per charge and includes a USB charging cable for convenience. 


While waiting for a meeting to start, this is often when you get the biggest insight into your colleagues. From hearing about weekend plans to hobbies and interests, you learn a lot about them in this time. 

Show your colleague that you’re listening by getting them an educational gift related to an interest of theirs. They’ll appreciate the thought and personal touch put into a gift bought just for them. 

Mastering Spice By Lior Lev Sercarz

Lior Lev Sercarz’s Mastering Spice: Techniques to Transform Everyday Meals into a Culinary Adventure is an essential guidebook for home cooks looking to add depth and complexity to their meals. This comprehensive book offers a step-by-step approach to using spices in your cooking, from the basics of flavor profiles, spice mixtures, and marinades, to more advanced techniques like curing meat and making fermented condiments. With over 200 delicious recipes this will become a coworker’s go-to source for all things culinary exploration!


In the digital age, electronics have been designed to make our lives easier. So what better gift to get a colleague than a gadget that will make their work life more efficient and simple? 

We’ve handpicked the best electronic gifts that will make getting through the workday a total breeze. Whether they’re a gizmo whizz or a technophobe, we’ve got a range of gadgets that’ll be pleased they have to make getting through tasks easier. 

Annquan Desktop Clamp Power Strip

Forget boring office gifts – get your coworkers the Annquan Desktop Supplies Organizer and Power Strip Extension for a functional present that will keep their desks looking spick and span! This organizer offers plenty of space to store office supplies and has a power strip extension providing 3 USB ports and 4 AC outlets to keep all electronic devices charged. It features six compartments with adjustable dividers, allowing a coworker to customize the organization of their desk accessories. 

U-Pick Digital Clock

This Mirrored LED Clock is great for a coworker who is often running late because they lost track of time getting ready for work. They can use the mirror to perfect their hair while keeping an eye on the time. It has 180-degree rotation, three brightness settings, and is USB powered. It features a sleek design, making it perfect for at home or on a desk. A coworker who’s always late will be sure to appreciate this gift!

U-Pick Digital Clock
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03/16/2024 05:53 am GMT

Home, Garden, & Tools

Though it may feel like we spend most of our time at work, we need to remember that coworkers have lives outside of the 9-5 too, and may appreciate a gift to use in their free time! 

Getting a coworker a gift that will help them switch off from work when they get home will be much appreciated. To help you out, we’ve handpicked a range of gifts for the home, from food, to hot drinks, to candles, to plants.  

They’ll love indulging in these at the end of a busy day. These gifts will also be perfect for those working from home, or perhaps making a desk more homely!  

Starbucks Gift Card

Many of us need that daily Starbucks hit to make it through a work day, but that daily coffee can sure add up… Show your coworker some appreciation with this Starbucks Gift Card! Valued at up to $50, it can be used in-store and online so your coworkers can enjoy their favorite drinks wherever they are!

Homeweek Essential Oil Diffuser

Take the stress out of the workplace with this Homeweeks Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – a gift that’ll definitely help relax a coworker! This quiet diffuser fills a room with the calming scent of essential oils for up to 10 hours in one go. It has a minimalist design with an LED display, seven soothing colors, and a timer setting so your coworker can have the ultimate control over their aromatherapy experience. Let’s hope they keep this diffuser at the office!

Qanyi Toaster Lamp

Light up your coworker’s life (and desk!) with this adorable Desk Decor Toaster Lamp. This fun and unique lamp is shaped like a smiling slice of toast with two pieces of butter. The rechargeable lamp has three lighting modes and a built-in timer that will automatically turn off after one hour for energy efficiency. Perfect for setting an inviting atmosphere during late-night work sessions or brightening up long days in the office!

Qanyi Toaster Lamp
$26.00 $15.99
Buy at Amazon Buy at Walmart
03/16/2024 06:33 am GMT

BuildLife Gallon Water Jug

Staying hydrated and motivated are the keys to success, so treat your coworker to this BuildLife 1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle – it’s sure to quench their thirst for greatness! It holds a whopping 128 ounces at once and has a time marker on the side so they can track the amount of water they drink throughout the day. It’s BPA-free, has a carrying handle, and a removable straw top – perfect for a fitness enthusiast or a health-conscious coworker!

Original Earthlings Sitting Pot

Looking for an office-appropriate gift that will stand out? Then this Original Earthlings Sitting Pot is a perfect choice! It includes a variety of succulents, moss, stones, and soil to create an eye-catching houseplant. It also has a personalized care certificate allowing your coworker to keep their plant healthy. With minimal upkeep, this is an ideal gift that even the busiest coworkers can treasure.

Ember Smart Mug

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is perfect for a coffee-loving coworker who is often too busy to finish the cup. With its built-in battery, this mug allows you to set your desired drinking temperature and will keep any hot beverage at that temperature for up to 1.5 hours. It also has a unique “Keep Warm” mode which will keep drinks warm all day long. It’s the perfect gift for coworkers who like completely controlling their hot beverages!

Ember Smart Mug
$149.95 $119.95 ($0.80 / Fl Oz)
Buy at Amazon Buy at Ember
03/14/2024 04:24 am GMT

Godivas Belgium Goldmark Assorted Chocolate

The Godiva Belgium Goldmark Assorted Chocolate 10.9 Ounce is the ideal gift for any coworker with a sweet tooth! This decadent box contains an assortment of milk, dark, and white chocolate pieces. Each piece has its unique flavor profile, including almond praline, raspberry jelly ganache, caramel mousse truffle, and more! The chocolates are crafted with Godiva’s signature expertise, so you know your coworkers will be treated to high-quality chocolatey goodness.

Dan the Sausageman’s Kodiak Gift Basket

Give your coworker something truly yummy with this gift basket from Sausageman’s! This unique assortment of savory sausage, cheese, and mustard will surely be a hit in any workplace. The flavors range from traditional to gourmet varieties, making finding something everyone will love easy. To top it all off, this gift also comes with a personalized thank you card that can be customized with a special message for your colleague.

Soundance Laptop Stand

Give your coworkers the gift of convenience with this Soundance Aluminum Laptop Stand – ideal for any modern workspace! Crafted from solid aluminum, this sturdy stand keeps laptops up to 15.6 inches wide secure. Its ergonomic design means it’s at a comfortable typing angle which helps reduces neck, shoulder, and back strain. It’s also compact enough to be tucked away when not in use – making a desk look much tidier and more organized. 

Bloom Daily Planners Inspirational Flip Calendar

If a coworker is always losing track of the date, they’ll really appreciate this Bloom Daily Planners Inspirational Flip Calendar. It’s a perpetual calendar meaning it features just the date and not the day so it can be used for years to come. Crafted from high-quality wood, not only is this calendar super helpful but each day features an inspirational quote in a stunning design, keeping a coworker motivated every day! 

Post-it Super Sticky Notes

Say goodbye to scrawling notes on your hand or forgetting important tasks – this Post-it Limited Edition Sticky Note Collection is a wonderful gift for an organized coworker! This collection includes 15 pads of 3×3 inch notes in five colors with a bonus pack of page flags. A coworker can make important notes on high-quality paper and stick them on desks, walls, and monitors without leaving residue. 

Post-it Super Sticky Notes
$14.99 $13.95
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03/16/2024 10:48 am GMT

Easepres File Organizer

If you know a coworker who could use a little help getting organized, this 5-Tier Hanging Organizer from Easepres is just the ticket! The five compartments are ideal for storing desk necessities like folders, notebooks, pens and pencils, staplers, paperclips, and more. It can be hung on walls or office partitions and comes in four colors to perfectly match your coworker’s workspace decor. This hanging organizer will help them stay organized and productive at work!

Easepres File Organizer
$27.99 $20.99
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03/16/2024 10:53 am GMT

Huanuo Adjustable Footrest

Treat your coworker to the Huanuo Adjustable Under Desk Footrest – an ergonomic gift that will make long work days a little more bearable! The footrest features three different height settings and a 30-degree tilt angle adjustment, allowing a coworker to customize it for maximum comfort. It’s designed to relieve pressure on the feet and legs while the built-in massage points provide an extra soothing sensation that will help soothe sore muscles from sitting in one spot too long. 

Tea Forte Presentation Box

This Tea Forte Presentation Box will be adored by a tea-drinking coworker. The box includes 20 handcrafted pyramid infusers, each offering an exquisite cup of tea, with flavors ranging from classic black teas to green teas, herbal and white teas, chai, and rooibos. Each infuser is made with premium ingredients that are carefully sourced worldwide. This tea set also comes in an attractive presentation box, making it an ideal gift for coworkers. 

Tea Forte Presentation Box
$39.99 ($2.00 / Count)
Buy at Amazon
03/16/2024 11:38 am GMT

Rogue River Novelty Coffee Mug

Are you looking for a gift that’s sure to put a smile on your coworker’s face? Look no further than this humorous coffee mug from Rogue River Novelty! Featuring a witty saying – “You don’t have to be crazy to work here, we will train you!”, it’ll be sure to cheer up a colleague any time of day. It’s also sturdy, microwave-safe, and has a wide handle, making it both a practical and funny mug. 

Rogue River Novelty Coffee Mug
$22.99 $12.99
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03/16/2024 11:43 am GMT

Tsj Office Desktop Whiteboard

This Tsj Office Desktop Whiteboard would make a great gift for a coworker who works better through visual learning. This whiteboard features a tempered glass surface that is easy to erase and write on. It includes four colorful markers and one eraser, and comes with a stand so it can be used for presenting ideas – perfect for employees who need quick access to note-taking or brainstorming activities while they work!

Tsj Office Desktop Whiteboard
$18.99 $17.99
Buy at Amazon
03/16/2024 12:03 pm GMT

Bccice Desk Organizers & Accessories

This all-in-one desktop organizer from Bccice Desk Organizers & Accessories would make a fantastic gift for someone who loves organization, or perhaps someone who could do with being a little more organized… It has seven compartments, including two drawers, giving plenty of space for organizing documents, stationery, and other office supplies. The top shelf provides extra storage for books or personal items. With its convenient size and numerous compartments, this desktop organizer makes a great addition to anyone’s workspace!

Ysagi Leather Desk Pad Protector

For the office worker who likes an Instagram-worthy desk space, this YSAGi Desk Pad is just the thing! Made from durable PU leather, the surface is waterproof, oil-proof, and scratch-resistant, making it easy to clean up any messes or spills quickly. The non-slip backing ensures that your workstation stays in place and it also features a smooth writing surface that provides optimal comfort when typing or taking notes.

Ysagi Leather Desk Pad Protector
$13.99 $10.99
Buy at Amazon
03/16/2024 01:03 pm GMT

Mixpresso 2-in-1 Coffee Brewer

The Mixpresso 2-in-1 Coffee Brewer is an excellent gift for any coworker that loves coffee. This compact, slim design takes up minimal counter space and can make both K-Cups and ground coffee with the touch of a button. It’s perfect for when you need your cup of joe quickly – the Quick Brew Technology ensures your drink is ready in no time! Whether they’re looking for a single cup or an entire pot of coffee, the Mixpresso 2-in-1 Single Serve Coffee Maker has them covered.

Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa Mix

Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa Mix makes a great gift for the coworker who loves to cozy up with a warm drink during breaks or after hours. This tin contains 30 ounces of rich, creamy cocoa made from natural cocoa and has a delicious, classic flavor. It’s easy to make – add hot water or milk – and it pairs perfectly with marshmallows and whipped cream. Plus, it makes enough servings to share with coworkers on chilly days in the office! 

Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa Mix
$17.98 ($0.60 / Ounce)
Buy at Amazon Buy at Walmart
03/16/2024 12:48 pm GMT

Bekind Good Vibes 6 Scented Candles

Do you feel like your coworker could do with a little de-stressing? Then this Good Vibes 6-Scented Candles Set is the perfect pick! Its six unique fragrances are sure to please anyone, ranging from lavender and eucalyptus to cherry blossom and rose. Each candle is made with natural soy wax with recycled glass containers that look great in any room and is reusable once the candles have been used up. Perfect for soothing a stressed-out colleague! 

DecorChiq Tea Infuser Set

Bring a smile to your coworker’s face with this adorable tea infuser and animal-shaped strainer set – the perfect gift for any tea enthusiast! Each filter is made of high-quality food-grade BPA-free silicone material that is durable and easy to clean. The set comes with four adorable animal designs, which will bring a smile to a coworker’s face every time they brew their favorite cup of loose-leaf tea. 

DecorChiq Tea Infuser Set
$19.99 $17.99 ($3.60 / Count)
Buy at Amazon
03/12/2024 08:01 am GMT

Hydrapeak Roadster 40oz Tumbler

This 40oz Hydrapeak Roadster insulated tumbler makes a great gift for a colleague that’s always out and about. The double-walled vacuum insulation keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours which is super handy. The stainless steel construction makes it really durable and the rubber handle is easy for carrying to meetings. This stylish tumbler comes in five colors, so you can pick the one that best suits your coworker’s style.

Wrapping Up

Coworkers are a strange set of people who we spend most of our time with, without much choice in the matter! This can make gift-buying a little stressful. 

However, we often get to know these people more closely than we realize which can make buying them a gift a breeze.

Whether they’ve been a long-time work bestie, or are new to the team, we’ve handpicked the best gifts across a range of departments that are more personal, thoughtful, and fun for the coworker in your life. 

Your colleague will really feel recognized and appreciated with this range of gifts.

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