Girls Birthday Gift Guides

Birthday Gifts for Five-Year-Old Girls

A girl’s fifth birthday is such an exciting one to be celebrating. At this age, children have really grown their own little personalities and are full of intrigue and excitement about almost anything.  However, it … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Four-Year-Old Girls

Buying for a four-year-old girl’s birthday is an exciting time. They’re at that age where they understand what’s going on and what birthdays are all about for them – presents!  However, it can also be … Read more

Birthday Gifts for One-Year-Old Girls

A one-year-old girl’s birthday is such a special milestone in their life. You’ll want to find a gift that will keep her entertained, help those early stages of development, and be one that she can … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Two-Year-Old Girls

A two-year-old’s birthday is such an exciting time. They’re at an age where they’ve grown leaps and bounds in terms of development, so they’re able to play with lots more toys.  However, it can still … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Three-Year-Old Girls

The little girl in your life turning three is such a wonderful and exciting time. But while you might be eager to wave goodbye to the “terrible twos”, age three also comes with its own … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Six-Year-Old Girls

Six is such a fun age to be buying gifts for the little girl in your life. As they transition from kindergarten to first grade, they’ll now be developing a real interest and curiosity in … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Seven-Year-Old Girls

Seven-year-old girls are an absolute delight to buy for. They typically develop massively in terms of creativity, imagination, and new ideas around this age as they start to see the world around them in a … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Eight-Year-Old Girls

Eight-year-old girls often come on in leaps and bounds at this age. Everything around them deepens – their curiosity for how things work, their social life, and their interests. Challenging games, advanced projects, and things … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Nine-Year-Old Girls

Nine-year-old girls are a joy to buy birthday presents for but they can also be challenging! No longer a little kid, but not quite a tween means it can be hard to know whether to … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Ten-Year-Old Girls

Double digits are a huge time in a young girl’s life! They’ve officially hit their tween years and with that comes a lot of changes. They’ll have a need for independence, they’ll have firm interests, … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Eleven-Year-Old Girls

Eleven-year-old girls are at a little bit of a fickle age which can make buying a gift for their birthday challenging! As they hit middle school age and their tween years, they’re becoming hormonal, independent, … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Twelve-Year-Old Girls

Twelve-year-old girls are such a joy, but they can be really difficult to buy for. Being officially in their tweens means they’ll likely roll their eyes at anything too “baby-ish”, and are probably looking for … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Thirteen-Year-Old Girls

Becoming a teenager is such an exciting time in a young girl’s life. However, getting her a present to celebrate such an occasion is a different matter. Between puberty, mood swings, and fast-paced trends, it … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Fourteen-Year-Old Girls

Buying birthday gifts for teenage girls can leave many with a feeling of dread. A fourteen-year-old girl tends to spend a lot of time either with friends or by themselves (just definitely not with family) … Read more