Gifts for Board Game Lovers

Board games have hugely risen in popularity over the last few years. 

It’s no surprise why they’re such a hit too – it’s a chance to see friends and family and have fun without the expense of eating and drinking out. It’s also a good excuse for everyone to get away from screens and get their brains ticking in a different way.

However, it can be difficult to know what to buy board game lovers – especially if you’re not familiar with them yourself.

To help you out, we’ve pulled together board games that are great for those looking to expand their reach beyond Monopoly and Clue as well as the most popular board games for avid fans. We’ve also found cool accessories you can get if you’re worried about getting them a game they’ve already got. 

The board game lover in your life will be booking a games night ASAP with our gift guide.

Our Picks

Is there anything more fun than setting up a spread of cheese, popcorn, chips, and dips, putting on a chill playlist, and then having your friends or family around for a night of games? For board game lovers this is their absolute heaven.

Help add to their perfect night in with our top recommendations for board game gifts for their home. Not only have we picked out some awesome board games for different levels of enthusiasts but we’ve found board game-themed homeware that will really show off their love for the hobby. With our list of board game gift ideas for the home, they’ll be debuting these in pride of place in no time. 

Catan Board Game Extension

Add two more players to a game of Catan with this Catan Board Game Extension. The extension lets you add extra brown and green player pieces, plus two more harbors to the island. After adding the extra game pieces, three to six players can now enjoy trading, settling, and building in this interactive group game. With this extension, you can enjoy 90 minutes of board game fun with friends.

Stonemaier Wingspan Board Game

Whether you love birds or just enjoy strategy board games, you’ll love this Stonemaier Wingspan Board Game. This game is for ages fourteen and up, and one game takes 60 to 90 minutes to play. To win, you build resources and collect points as you build bird habitats. This beautifully designed game teaches you some facts and statistics about birds as you play the game.

Board Game Playmat

A Board Game Playmat is an excellent gift for a friend who loves to have board game parties or poker nights. This extra-thick padding can turn a regular dining table into a proper gaming table. The mat lays completely flat without wrinkles or ridges. It is water-resistant and easy to clean in the case of spills. With this mat, you can enjoy a clean surface to play games.

Board Game Playmat
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Fat Cat Poker Chip Set

Whether your friend loves card games, poker nights, or is a fan of Texas Hold’em, this Fat Cat Poker Chip Set is sure to impress. This set includes two decks of cards, a big blind, a little blind, dealer buttons, and 500 poker chips in a padded, lockable aluminum case. This compact game case makes it easy to take gaming on the go.

Byhoo DND Coins & Pouch

The Byhoo DND Coins & Pouch contains 60 intricate metal coins inside a leather drawstring bag. The gold, silver, and red copper coins come in three unique shapes and are perfect for role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Stonemaier, Scythe, or Sword & Sorcery. You could also use these coins to replace game tokens or paper money in regular board games.

D&D Player’s Handbook

The D&D Player’s Handbook covers all the essential rules you need to know to successfully play Dungeons & Dragons. This step-by-step guide walks you through how can create or level up a character, how to use equipment, and includes over 350 spells with thorough explanations. The colorful illustrations and clear examples can let you get ahead in your D&D game.

Forged Dice Co. Foldable Dice Tower

This Forged Dice Co. Foldable Dice Tower is a dice tray and a dice tower in one, making rolling dice much easier. The 8-inch tower has three levels for the dice to roll through. It is embossed with a detailed dragon on the front of the tower’s gate and with flaming multi-sided dice on the back. This PU leather dice tower has strong magnets and straps and can withstand regular usage. You can fold it flat to bring it to game nights.

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

If you don’t know what a board game lover wants or needs, a Barnes and Noble Gift Card can be the right choice. This gift card lets a friend browse through hundreds of books and games to find exactly what they want. They can try a new game or find a guide that helps them plan new strategies and win the next game night.

The Broken Token Game Organizer

The Broken Token Game Organizer is compatible with the games Gloomhaven and Forgotten Circles. This organizer contains 20 different trays for characters, combat tokens, and more. It also includes 33 tuck boxes for storing creatures and a secret compartment for the Town Records Book. The laser-cut baltic birch plywood and MDF pieces should last as long as your game. With this box, you can quickly set up a board game without wasting valuable time. 

Lord of the Rings Board Game By Fantasy Flight

A fan of The Lord of the Rings and board games will enjoy seeing their two passions combine in the Lord of the Rings Board Game By Fantasy Flight. This game of strategy allows you to set out on adventures through Middle-earth. Team together with friends to fight against the forces of darkness using your unique skill set. This game includes character cards, skills, and game tokens. 

Pandasaurus Games The Mind

The Mind from Pandasaurus Games is a silent game that is appropriate for any age range. The card game requires you to play a deck of cards in order – but you can’t communicate your thoughts out loud. Instead, players must mind-meld to create a silent language system and win the game. This game includes 100 number cards and 20 game cards. 

Hero Moose Side Quest Hoodie

This Hero Moose Side Quest Hoodie is sure to get some laughs from an RPG player or gamer. On the front of the hoodie a dragon sits above the words: “I’m not procrastinating, I’m doing side quests.” This black, unisex hoodie includes a marsupial pocket and a hood with drawstrings. A game player can sport this sweatshirt proudly on the next game night.

Apostrophe 100 Wooden Meeples

When your game pieces go missing, these Apostrophe 100 Wooden Meeples can save the day. These tiny wooden “meeple” come in 10 bright colors and are the perfect size to stand in for missing player markers. Each person can choose a different-colored player, and their versatile style allows you to use these pieces in several different games. You can also use these 100 meeples to create designs or teach a child math.

Siquk Folding Dice Trays

This set of six Siquk Folding Dice Trays can be the perfect asset to a board game table. Each hexagonal dice tray has a PU exterior and a soft velvet lining in a variety of colors. The sides of the trays can unsnap when a game is done for compact storage. These dice trays can prevent metal dice from scratching furniture surfaces.

Siquk Folding Dice Trays
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What Do You Meme? Core Game

The goal of What Do You Meme? is to create the funniest meme at the table. For each round, a well-known meme photo is set in the center and you should match it with the funniest caption in your hand. The judge for that round decides (impartially of course) who created the winning meme. This game can give adults ages 17 a good laugh. 

Cascadia By Flatout Games

In Cascadia by Flatout Games, you can travel to the Pacific Northwest to create an effective ecosystem. Use tiles and tokens to expand the borders of your ecosystem and choose your wildlife. When you grow the largest animal habitat, you can earn points to win the game. This beautiful game of strategy can be a fun game for up to four players.

Boardgamemodder Colored Gems

These versatile Boardgamemodder Colored Gems are the perfect size and shape for many different board games. They serve as excellent resource tokens for gathering games such as Agricola, Space Junkyard, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Spirit Island, Nexus Infurnam, and Caverna. Or, you can use them to replace missing pieces in your favorite board game. The small gems are plastic, so they won’t chip or break easily. Select your favorite color, or purchase a few different sets.

Taco vs Burrito Card Game

The Taco Vs. Burrito Card Game is fun for kids and adults to pack and play on the go. This popular game can give you hilarious fun in just 15 minutes of playtime. To win, you must build the most valuable meal on the table. However, the action cards can rob you of all your high-scoring food cards. Whether you root for Team Taco or Team Burrito, you can enjoy this unexpectedly suspenseful game. 

GameNightPrints New Board Game Scented Candle

There’s nothing quite like opening a new board game with all the pieces intact – and do you notice how nice it smells? An avid board game fan can enjoy the humor (and scent) of this GameNightPrints New Board Game Scented Candle. The label reads, “New board game smell. With hints of cardboard and anticipation.” This candle smells even more delightful than your average game board with scents of vanilla bean, comfort spice, and sea breeze.

Amerous Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

While most board games don’t mix well with travel, this Amerous Magnetic Wooden Chess Set lets you take a board game on the go. These hand-carved wooden chess pieces have a magnetic base to grip the board. Once you have successfully established checkmate, you can place each game piece securely in the box’s foam lining. With this magnetic chess set, kids can enjoy board game fun while on the road. 

Tidyboss DND Starter Set Battle Game Mat

This Tidyboss DND Starter Set Battle Game Mat allows DnD players to enjoy six different terrains, including a beach, grassland, snow, a dungeon, and a tavern. The set includes three double-sided mats, dry-erase markers, an eraser, and multi-sided dice. Four plastic straightening clips make sure these game mats don’t bunch or crease when you are trying to make sneak attacks.

SomethingForKeepsAU Board Game Scorebook

Family game night just got more memorable with this SomethingForKeepsAU Board Game Scorebook. This beautiful, leather-bound notebook is titled: “The Game Night Scorebook.” You can add your personalization to the top and back of the journal and the inner pocket. Each page gives you space to write the game name, a date, and special notes, while the graph paper lets you add the score.

Gift Republic 100 Board Games Bucket List Poster

An avid board game fan will enjoy the challenge of this Gift Republic 100 Board Games Bucket List Poster. This poster contains the names of 100 games. As you play through each one, you can scratch off the square next to the game title, revealing an iconic image of the game. When you make it through 100 games, you can hang this on your wall for bragging rights. 

Board Game Board Game Bag

You can bring the party with you with this Board Game Board Game Bag. This large game bag lets you carry games that won’t fit in a backpack. It pads and supports your games from all six sides, so they arrive at a party in the same condition they left your home. The padded strap makes this duffle comfortable to carry to your next game night.

Norse Tradesman LG Viking Drinking Horn Mug

Your game-loving friend can feel like a king or queen when drinking out of this Norse Tradesman LG Viking Drinking Horn Mug. This mug is made from a genuine, ethically-sourced ox horn. The horn is chosen based on its appearance and durability. Then, it is deep-cleaned and flame-treated. This drinking horn has a wooden base, so it should not leave rings on the furniture. Fans of D&D or Norse-inspired games will love using this authentic drinking horn.

Avocrafts Drink Coaster Set

When friends come over for a game night, you can protect your furniture from water rings with this rustic Avocrafts Drink Coaster Set. These elegant cedar coasters absorb water and add a warm aesthetic to the game area. The natural wood retains the spicey scent of a cedar forest. This gift is a perfect way to thank your game night hosts for their hospitality.

Avocrafts Drink Coaster Set
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DracaenaDraco Custom Dice

This DracaenaDraco Custom Dice can be an exciting addition to a game of D&D. Made from premium wood, you can customize this dice holder by choosing from nine different types of wood, picking a box shape, and adding a personalized image, or message. This magical wooden dice box fits the Dungeons and Dragons game atmosphere well.

Eoout Mesh Organization Bags

These Eoout Mesh Organization Bags can help a game player keep all their game pieces in order. This set includes 24 waterproof zipper pouches in eight different colors. When a board game bites the dust, you can slip the pieces into a bag to make sure you don’t lose anything essential. These are also handy for game instructions, puzzles, and role-playing games. You can create your own color-coded system with these zipper organization bags.

Quiver Time Black Quiver Card Case

Transport cards to a game night without losing any along the way with this Quiver Time Black Quiver Card Case. This card game carrier can hold over 1350 unsleeved playing cards or about 25 decks. Use the three velcro dividers, two acrylic separators, and two removable corner pads to sort and organize your cards. The PU Leather case is water-resistant with a double zipper to keep cards safe during travel.

Lynx DND Phoenix Notebook

The Lynx DND Phoenix Notebook has a mystical, highly-detailed exterior. The gold faux leather is embossed with a phoenix and studded with jewels. The thick high quality sheets of paper are parchment-colored and white. This small notebook is perfect to use for D&D and other role-play games to take character notes or record maps and spells. This beautiful compact journal comes with a black and gold pen.

Lynx DND Phoenix Notebook
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Wrapping Up

Board games are becoming a huge phenomenon. 

Long gone are the days of getting frustrated over Monopoly or getting bored in the middle of Scrabble. Games now are much more exciting with twists and turns, deception and strategy – without needing a Ph.D. to understand them.

The best thing is that this makes it so much easier to buy gifts for a board game lover as there is a ton of cool stuff out there.

To help you out, we’ve found the best board game gifts for those that are just getting into them, to those that have weekly games nights. We’ve also picked out homeware and game accessories if you’re not sure what games they’ve already got. 

No need to roll the dice with this one – a board game lover will be super excited to receive one of these gifts.

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