Good Luck Gift Ideas

Wishing someone good luck is often done before a turning point in their life. It could be as they go to take on an exciting new venture or tackle a challenge. And sometimes just the words aren’t enough. Giving someone a token of good luck can be hugely motivational and comforting. 

To help you find something perfect for their situation, whether it’s an interview, exam, a new job, or even if they’ve got a tough meeting at work, or are facing a medical operation, we’ve found gifts to help you wish them good luck. 

They’re going to feel really loved and inspired as they face their next challenge with our range of the best “good luck” gifts. 

Beauty & Health

Preparing for something that needs luck can often be a draining process. Whether it’s for something exciting or daunting, the lead-up to such events can often result in stress, lack of sleep, and tension. What better way to wish someone luck than by helping them unwind?

We’ve handpicked the best health and beauty gifts to pamper your loved one that can be used either before or after the big event. They’ll really appreciate being treated to a spa-like experience after a worrisome time with these health and beauty gifts that say “good luck”. 

Crocon Rose Quartz Gemstone Tree of Life

Unlike a bouquet of fresh flowers, this Crocon Gemstone Tree of Life is a plant that won’t wither or die. The copper wire trunk branches into rose quartz leaves, while its roots reach down to intertwine around a solid quartz base. The pink stones represent trust, unconditional love, peace, and friendship. This mini tree of life is a perfect way to send wishes for good luck to someone dear.

Aura Love Yourself Healing Bracelet

This Aura Love Yourself Healing Bracelet looks beautiful on a wrist and can smell sweet, as well. The pink zebra jasper stones show brightly next to the black lava rocks and gold-colored charm. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the porous lava stones for a relaxing scent you can carry with you. This charming bracelet slips easily on and off a wrist with its durable elastic band.

Nature’s Beauty Sleep Bath Bomb Gift Set

Wish a friend “good luck” with this spa-like Nature’s Beauty Sleep Bath Bomb Gift Set. The bath bombs are filled with natural ingredients to hydrate the skin and relax the mind. Drop a scented bomb in the bath and enjoy the fragrances of citrus, patchouli, and vanilla while soaking in a hot tub. These bath bombs are full of vegan, natural ingredients such as coconut oil and witch hazel. Perfect for those needing to unwind. 

Nature's Beauty Sleep Bath Bomb Gift Set
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Renpho Eye Massager

The Renpho Eye Massager can help a friend relax after a stressful life change. It fits over your eyes like a pair of glasses and has built-in heating pads to soothe dry or puffy eyes. The oscillating massage can also reduce the bags under the eyes. Pair your device through Bluetooth to play your favorite songs while you receive a relaxing 15-minute massage.

Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set By MoValues

Add a relaxing routine to your skincare treatment with this Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set By MoValues. The set includes a ridged roller, a small and large-size face roller, and a Gua Sha Facial Tool. These products are made from natural rose quartz to soothe inflammation, revitalize skin, and reduce wrinkles. You can pop the roller into the fridge for a cold massage, or use it to apply facial products to your skin. A lovely way to relax tense face muscles and jaw.

SelfCareBy3DSuccess Good Luck Gift

Send a lucky box full of self-care items to someone far away with this SelfCareBy3DSuccess Good Luck Gift. The gift set contains bath salts, a room spray, a 4-ounce hand-poured beeswax candle, a scented bath bomb, two mani-pedi bombs, and an aromatherapy oil roller. You can also add on a worry stone if you wish. Your heartfelt message is printed on a card and will be the first thing your loved one sees when they open this gift box full of goodies.

Natural Vitality Calm

This Natural Vitality Calm drink is designed to support healthy magnesium levels. Magnesium can help the body deal with stress, creating feelings of calm. The cherry-flavored vegan anti-stress drink is easy to prepare. Simply pour water over the drink mix powder and watch it fizz as it dissolves. Natural Vitality Calm has won many awards in health food circles since 2015. Perfect for helping to ease any nerves! 

Natural Vitality Calm
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Calm: A Day & Night Reflection Journal

This Calm: A Day & Night Reflection Journal can help a friend become more self-aware while cultivating a sense of calm. This journal lets you put your personal struggles and goals on paper as a mindfulness exercise. The morning reflection prompts you to write about how long you slept, your stresses, your goals for the day, etc. Then, the nighttime reflection prompts you to write down strategies you used to stay calm and reasons to be grateful.

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

Physical items that a loved one can wear on their person make wonderful “good luck” gifts. Whether they actually believe it will bring them luck or not, just seeing or feeling it will remind them of you and the faith you have in them to take on this challenge successfully.

To help you out, we’ve found clothes, shoes, jewelry, and watches that will make great gifts for someone needing a little luck in their life. With our recommendations, they’ll feel comforted on the day, and can also treasure the item for life to remind them of the hurdles they’ve overcome.

LuckyLiberty Four Leaf Clover Keychain

The LuckyLiberty Four Leaf Clover Keychain combines the idea of a lucky penny with a four-leaf clover. To make this keychain even more special, you can choose the date of a penny from 1938 to the present. A cloverleaf is cut out of the penny (leaving the date intact). The two cloverleaf charms are then attached to a keyring for double the luck.

Delezhen Good Luck Crystal Bracelet

This Delezhen Good Luck Crystal Bracelet is a beautiful lucky charm for someone in need of a little encouragement. The delicate design includes three genuine gemstones – tiger eye, citrine, and jade. These colorful crystals wish the wearer prosperity, success, protection, and feelings of serenity. You can choose a gold, silver, or rose gold bracelet chain to match your loved one’s style.

Uncommon Goods Karma Sea Glass Necklace

Send good thoughts to someone needing luck with the gift of this Uncommon Goods Karma Sea Glass Necklace. This beautiful piece of jewelry includes an authentic cobalt-hued sea glass stone inside a sterling silver hoop. It reminds us that just like the sea glass washed back to the shore, the kindness that we give comes back around. This meaningful necklace can encourage a loved one or friend.

Uncommon Goods Crane of Good Fortune Scarf

Wrap up in a symbol of good luck with this Uncommon Goods Crane of Good Fortune Scarf. This soft gray cotton scarf is printed with a white, pink, and blue crane. Two cream-colored tassels at each end of this scarf finish off its sleek look. This lucky crane scarf is lightweight enough to wear at any time of the year.

Uncommon Goods Lucky Charms Stud Earring Set

The Uncommon Goods Lucky Charms Stud Earring Set includes five good luck symbols, which gives a friend a new set of studs to wear each day of the workweek. This earring set includes elephants, rose-gold four-leaf clovers, colorful rainbows, gold-plated cats with onyx stone accents, and gold-plated horseshoes. These delicate studs can help a friend feel lucky all week long.

Nuobesty Lucky Cat Keychain

Wish a friend good luck with this set of Nuobesty Lucky Cat Keychains. The metal key chains include lucky cats and red seam bream (tai in Japanese) fish. A clip is attached to the key chain so you can clip your keys to a belt loop, purse, or bag, keeping them in easy reach. You can give a key chain to a friend and keep one for yourself to remind you of your support for each other. 

K. Bell Elephant Socks

Give a friend a symbol of good luck they can wear with the gift of these adorable K. Bell Elephant Socks. These cotton blend socks include spandex for a comfortable fit. They have a blue and white pattern with elephants interwoven into the design. A friend can wear these cute and comfy socks for good luck and use them after for lounging around the house.


While you may give an awesome pep talk, sometimes it takes a professional to get through to someone. A therapy session might be a difficult thing to gift… so we’ve brought you the next best thing. 

We’ve rounded up educational gifts that will be sure to inspire and motivate your friend or family member. As well as give them practical advice and habits to follow ahead of the challenge they’re facing. They’re going to feel like they can take on the world with our recommendations of top educational gifts. 

Atomic Habits By James Clear

Atomic Habits by James Clear can help someone turn their luck around by offering tips to improve each day. This book centers on how to create good habits while breaking bad ones. It walks you through how to go for your dreams by making good choices daily. The author leans into biology, psychology, and neuroscience to explain different concepts. Then, he gives examples of real-life success stories to help you reach your goals.

Home, Garden, & Tools

The home is everyone’s haven. If they’re bringing negative or anxious vibes to their space, then gifts for the home can be a great way to bring them some positive energy and wish them “good luck”. It’ll be something they can see daily that will remind them that they can do it, as well as remind them what an amazing friend/relative they have.

We’ve found the best gifts for the home that say “good luck”. From creating a space where they can relax and switch off, to sweet treats that they can indulge in, to cute trinkets they can pull out when needed. They’ll be feeling really lucky with these gifts for the home. 

Evelots Ring Holder

The Evelots Ring Holder is a gift that is both practical and beautiful. The beautiful resin elephant has delicately etched designs and the trunk is perfect for holding rings. The dish is in the shape of an open lotus flower. The elephant is a symbol of good luck, while the lotus flower represents strength, resilience, and rebirth. This gift set comes with two elegant resin elephant ring holders.

StacieKearnsArt New Beginnings Box

The Stacie Kearns Art New Beginnings Box is a sweet way to celebrate a loved one as they start a new chapter in life. The gift box includes a daisy mug with a matching coaster and a blessing. The daisy symbolizes love and new beginnings. You can add your own note to this care box to wish a dear one well. 

Luxebuffalo The Lucky Horseshoe

A classic horseshoe can be a great way to let a friend know you are rooting for them. This Lucky Horseshoe by Luxebuffalo is made with a real horseshoe. You can choose a unique hanger from leather bands and colorful ribbons. A friend can hang this horseshoe over a door as a talisman of good luck and a reminder of your sweet relationship.

BreatheInTheLight New Beginnings Candle

Whether a loved one is starting a new job, starting a new venture, or going through a tough time, this New Beginnings Candle will wish them luck. This 8-ounce candle is made of natural soy and scents with a cotton wick for a clean burn. It comes in a reusable amber jar, and you can add a personal message of encouragement to the front label. 

Uncommon Goods Mercury Retrograde Protection Candle

When someone is down on their luck, this Uncommon Goods Mercury Retrograde Protection Candle can lift their spirits. This candle is loaded with calming flowers and herbs, such as chamomile, lavender, mint, basil, and lemongrass. It is topped with blue kyanite and quartz stones to add a sparkle of color as the candle burns. This sweet-smelling candle brings only good vibes.

Uncommon Goods Make Your Own Fortune Cookies Kit

If luck doesn’t seem to be coming your way, you can make your own – or at least you make a batch of yummy cookies to lift your spirits. This Uncommon Goods Make Your Own Fortune Cookies Kit includes key ingredients, step-by-step instructions, a baking mat, and an edible ink pen. You can make up to 48 cookies and use the 60 pre-written fortunes to stuff them with good luck. Or, write your own special fortunes using the blank paper strips.

Uncommon Taiyaki Maker

This Uncommon Taiyaki Maker can encourage good luck to swim your way. This stovetop iron can make four lucky red sea bream (tai in Japanese) fish in the style of the traditional Japanese dessert. It comes with a recipe card so you make a dessert that both looks and tastes like authentic taiyaki. Or, you can try a favorite recipe of your own in this press.

VIPbuy Creative Glasses Holder

It’s often when we’re down on our luck that we misplace something crucial – like our glasses! 

If you know someone who tends to misplace their specs, this VIPbuy Creative Glasses Holder may be just the right gift. This glasses holder comes in three wooden pieces and assembles like a 3D puzzle. A person’s glasses sit neatly and safely on the lucky elephant’s trunk. 

Cookies By Design Emojis Cookie Bouquet

A big accomplishment deserves a sweet treat. This tasty Emojis Cookie Bouquet includes cookies decorated as smiley faces with graduation caps. A cheerful “Smile! You Did It!” message is iced onto a round center cookie. You can personalize this cookie batch by choosing an icing that matches the school’s colors. This sweet sugar cookie bouquet can be a unique way to celebrate a graduate.

MyStoryStonesRock Elephant Keepsake Stone

Send a MyStoryStonesRock Elephant Keepsake Stone to a friend as a good luck charm. This stone is hand-decorated with an elephant and a heart-shaped balloon that says, “I love you.” Elephants are symbols of luck, prosperity, wisdom, long life, and vitality. This personalizable keepsake stone is small enough for a loved one to pack in a suitcase, backpack, or purse for good luck wherever they go.

Amazon Gift Card

Whatever the occasion, you can shower someone special with well-wishes and an Amazon Gift Card. This golden gift card nestles inside the silky lining of a premium gift box. You can include a special message on the packing slip for this gift. Amazon cards have no fees or expiration dates, so a friend can use this gift card to make their own luck at any time.

Amazon Gift Card
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A Gift Inside Ghirardelli Chocolate Celebration Gift Box

Food is always a great source of comfort. Send a loved one a real sweet treat, with this Gift Inside Ghirardelli Chocolate Celebration Gift Box. This box is full of decadent treats, including Ghiradelli squares, full-sized chocolate bars, and hot chocolate. The milk chocolate-covered pretzels and dark chocolate-covered graham crackers are made in-house by Gift Inside. These high-quality chocolate treats are sure to make someone’s day.

OCCdesign Clear Desk Sign

Send good wishes as a friend or coworker enters into a new chapter of their life with this OCCdesign Clear Desk Sign. It reads, “Never underestimate the difference you made and the lives you touched. Enjoy the next chapter.” The embossed glass sign slots into a burnt pine wooden holder. This encouraging plaque can fit on a work desk, nightstand, or end table.

Colorado Home Co Silk Pillowcase

Getting a good night’s sleep is necessary for a positive frame of mind. This queen-size Colorado Home Co Silk Pillowcase is made from the highest quality silk threads. The mulberry silk threads in this topaz blue pillowcase contain 18 amino acids known for increasing serotonin and encouraging collagen production. Sleeping on silk is also gentle on the skin and keeps you from waking up with bed-head.

Wrapping Up

We all face good and bad challenges in our lives, it’s how we grow as people. However, sometimes it takes more than just verbally wishing someone luck or giving them a card. A thoughtful “good luck” gift can truly make a difference to someone’s attitude and motivation as they head into their next venture. 

No matter what your friend or relative is about to tackle, we’ve found gifts across a range of departments and budgets that will have them feeling like they can take on anything. They’ll really appreciate the thought put into these “good luck” gifts.

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