Sentimental Gift Ideas for Everyone

If you’re getting sick of buying the same old generic present, or there’s someone in your life who deserves an extra special treat this year, then a sentimental gift could be the way to go. 

With sentimental gifts, it isn’t about the expense but the thought put into the present. Something practical, personalized, or specific to their interests can mean more to someone than an extravagance. 

We’ve hand-picked the best sentimental gifts that the friends and family in your life are going to truly treasure. For the mom who has provided endless support, the boyfriend who’s made your year, the friend who’s going through a tough time, or anyone in-between. We’ve got sentimental gifts that will really move them. 

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

If you’re looking to get someone something sentimental, then clothing, shoes, jewelry, or a watch are great options for showing how well you know them. What people choose to wear greatly reflects their personality and style. 

If you’re not sure exactly what their “style” is, don’t panic. We’ve got gifts for those who love traveling, or those who have pets they adore, or gifts for someone who’s lost someone special to them this year. They’ll wear our top recommendations of clothing and accessories with pride. 

Memorial Jewelry Cremation Pendant Necklace

Keep someone you love close to your heart with this Memorial Jewelry Cremation Pendant Necklace. This stainless steel pendant has a lotus design, which is a symbol of blessing. Inside the ornate pendant is a small metal container to place a token amount of ash. This pendant necklace can be worn or put in a place of honor in your home.

Uncommon Goods Personalized Engraved Compass

An outdoorsy person will appreciate this Uncommon Goods Personalized Engraved Compass and neck chain. Write a special message, choose a favorite image, or pick a pre-engraved option to imprint on this compass. The brass compass is fully functional, so a loved one can always know which direction points home. This sentimental gift is perfect for a graduation or going-away party.

Perimade Custom Engraved Photo Locket

The Perimade Custom necklace is a sentimental gift for a dear friend, family member, or significant other. The envelope locket opens to reveal a miniature letter with an engraved message, a memorable photo, or both. The necklace is hypoallergenic and gold-plated to be easy on sensitive skin. This delicate piece of jewelry comes with a pouch in a gift box and is ready to brighten someone’s day.

MignonandMignon Personalized Dog Necklace

Whether the dog is part of the family or has already crossed the rainbow bridge, this MignonandMignon Personalized Dog Necklace is a special keepsake. You can choose from twenty dog breeds for the pendant and engrave the furry friend’s name underneath. A dog parent can enjoy wearing this necklace near their heart and showing off their best friend to others.

Uncommon Goods Custom Mixed Birthstone Necklace

Include a whole family in one meaningful gift with this Uncommon Goods Custom Mixed Birthstone Necklace. This clear glass pendant contains birthstones for up to four different people. The stone pieces shimmer and shine as a tribute to special loved ones. This can be a thoughtful gift for a mom when a birthday, mother’s day, or another special holiday rolls around.

Girls Love A Monogram Personalized Baby Blanket

Is someone special having a baby? This Girls Love A Monogram Personalized Baby Blanket can be a sweet, sentimental gift. The baby blankets are super-soft and come in two sizes and a variety of colors. Inside, the blanket is white, while on the outside, the baby’s name is printed in a trendy font. New parents will appreciate this personalized gift!


Electronics may not be something you immediately think of when buying a sentimental gift for a loved one, but there are some wonderful gadgets out there that will mean the world to them. 

If they’re sentimental about treasuring precious memories through photos then electronic gifts are a great way to go. Whether they’re looking for a quirky way to capture moments or want to be able to relive them easily, we’ve found gifts that they’re going to adore. 

Lively Memories Motion Video Frame

Capture special moments and memories and replay them with this Lively Memories Motion Video Frame. The frame has its own battery and is cord-free, so you can place it anywhere. It can hold up to 1GB of photos and videos and the images will play in a continuous sequence. Share old and new memories with a friend with the gift of this high-tech photo frame.

Polaroid Originals Now i-Type Instant Film Camera

Polaroid’s Originals Now i-Type Instant Film Camera can capture life as it happens. This retro-style camera has the charm of old film while using updated technology. The Polaroid focuses automatically allowing you to take pictures instantly and it has a flash, self-timer, and a double-exposure option. Print out photos on the spot to share with friends!

Home, Garden, & Tools

Gifts for the home can be incredibly sentimental. Not only can they reflect a loved one’s personality and style, but it’s also something that will evoke warm fuzzy feelings every time they see it in their house. 

Wannabe chefs, plant parents, nap lovers, and everyone in between will find something in our recommendations of sentimental gifts for the home that will really bring a smile to their faces. They’ll be proudly displaying this gift in their house in no time. 

ChefSofi Cheese Board Set

This ChefSofi Cheese Board Set is a perfect gift for someone who loves an elegant night of wine and cheese. The 13-inch charcuterie board includes four ceramic bowls for dips, cheeses, and olives. It also has a trench for crackers as part of the design. Fold away a portion of the wooden cheese board to reveal a four-piece serving set. 

Mkono Hanging Photo Display

This Mkono Hanging Photo Display has seven cords and 25 wood clips to display several of your favorite memories. You can add photos, ticket stubs, postcards, artwork, and more to this macrame wall hanging. Change out the mementos as often as you wish. This trendy photo hanger is easy to hang and is a nice accent piece for a modern home.

Blue Ridge Mountain Personalized Cutting Board

Pick a light maple, cherry, or dark walnut wood base for this Blue Ridge Mountain Personalized Cutting Board. This board comes in three sizes, and you can choose to engrave names and a date on the board. It is perfect for preparing food, serving fruits and snacks, or displaying in a kitchen. This sentimental gift can celebrate a friend’s wedding, your parent’s anniversary, and other momentous occasions.

PebbleArtVN Pebble Portrait

If someone is your rock, let them know with this handcrafted pebble portrait. Each portrait combines pebbles and dried flowers to create unique scenes. You can choose from a list of messages or create a custom message of your own. This portrait comes in a shadow box behind non-glare glass. It is ready to surprise a loved one on a special occasion.

Uncommon Goods Personalized Family Mugs

These Uncommon Goods Family Mugs allow you to tailor a mug to each individual member of the family. You can choose skin tones, hair color, and clothing along with a first name. On the back of each mug in the set, add a family name and the year it was established. With these cute coffee mugs, you don’t have to ever confuse your drink again.

Uncommon Goods Memory Keepsake Dish Set

Save special memories from the past and present with these three Memory Keepsake Dishes from Uncommon Goods. Each stoneware dish has a wavy gold-rimmed edge. Choose three favorite photos you want to preserve, and the black-and-white photos will be added to the center of each decorative plate. You can use these unique keepsakes for holding change, keys, and other trinkets.

Cerez Pazari Turkish Delight Gift Box

Turkish Delight is a fun and unique gift for someone who loves sweet delicacies. These sweet treats are made with original beetroot sugar and come in three flavors, including rose, orange, and lemon. These candy pieces go nicely with coffee and tea or as an after-dinner snack. The assortment of Turkish Delight candies is vegan-friendly and fun for all ages.

Cerez Pazari Turkish Delight Gift Box
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Crocon Rose Quartz Gemstone Tree of Life

The Crocon Rose Quartz Gemstone Tree of Life is a sweet symbolic gift for someone special. The wire tree with quartz leaves is rooted in a rose quartz base. This natural stone symbolizes friendship, peace, and unconditional love, while the tree stands for stability, growth, and long life. The rose quartz tree won’t wither or die – adding a homey touch to a loved one’s decor.

Pavilion Gift Company Always Wished for a Friend Like You Candle

A dear friend will appreciate the gift of this Pavilion Gift Company Candle. The 8-ounce soy candle comes in a minimalistic holder with a message that reads: “I Always Wished For A Friend Like You.” Whimsical dandelion flowers surround this sweet message. You can give this lightly scented candle at a birthday, housewarming, or just to brighten a friend’s day.

Pavilion Friendship Scented Candle
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Saucemoto Dip Clip

You can eat on the go and still enjoy delicious dips and sauces with this handy Saucemoto Dip Clip. The gadget clips onto a car air vent and is the perfect size for fast food dip packets. You can fit whole sauce containers from your favorite chains, or squeeze up to five packets into the reusable sauce cup. The dip clip is perfect for fast-food lovers!

Excello Global Motivational & Inspirational Daily Flip Calendar

This Excello Global Daily Flip Calendar is a perpetual calendar that stays current even as the years fly by. Each date of the year has its own page with an inspirational quote to keep your motivation going. It is compact and has a gold wire binding and stand. Place it on a work desk or end table and flip the page daily for encouragement all year round.

Life Sutra Couple Connect

If you want fresh date night ideas, or want to connect with a partner on a deeper level, these Life Sutra Couple Connect games can open the conversation. Couple Connect and Couple Reconnect are written by an American psychologist. The games include 400 cards in 13 different categories. The activities and ice-breaker questions are a fun way to get a deeper understanding of one another.

West Clay OMG, It’s Your Birthday Sprinkle Candle

The West Clay Sprinkle Candle is a great way to wish someone a happy birthday. The outside label reads: “OMG, It’s Your Birthday!” The coconut and soy wax blend includes colorful flakes reminiscent of sprinkles and confetti. Light the candle to enjoy the scents of birthday cake with buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Then, blow out the candle – but don’t forget to make a wish!

ItsASkin Custom Collage Blanket

Your loved one may not have any more wall space to hang pictures. However, they can still keep special photos near with the gift of this cozy ItsASkin Custom Collage Blanket. This warm throw uses fleece or sherpa material, and its design can include up to five photos. This collage blanket is a sweet gift for a lover, friend, or relative who lives far away. 

Battilo Home Luxury Ivory Faux Fur Throw

The Battilo Home Luxury Ivory Faux Fur Throw can add a cozy warmth to the living room sofa or the foot of your bed. This blanket is silky soft, and the black-tipped faux fur looks real. The extra-large throw blanket is comfy on cold days and large enough for two to snuggle. This white blanket with subtle black accents can fit well with any color scheme.

Image3D Custom Viewfinder

Enjoy some retro fun and look back on sweet memories with this Image3D Custom Viewfinder. This gift includes a white viewfinder and a gift card so you can upload your personal photos onto the reel. Press the viewfinder’s lever to flip through old pictures and take a walk down memory lane. This playful gift is a keepsake that new generations can continue to enjoy.

Image3D Custom Viewfinder
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Uncommon Goods Succulent Letter DIY Kit

A plant-lover will enjoy this succulent arrangement in the shape of their initial. This Uncommon Goods Succulent Letter DIY kit comes with 14 succulent plants and a redwood planter made from reclaimed wood. You can add a personal touch by arranging the plants exactly to your liking. This planter can be the perfect addition to a plant table or an outdoor patio.


Looking to show that special someone in your life how much they mean to you through a romantic sentimental gift? Whether you’re celebrating a special milestone, or they’ve supported you like no one else, or you just want to show them how darn much you love ‘em, a sentimental gift is a great way of saying how you feel.

New couples and married folks alike will find something that expresses how much they care for their loved ones and just how special they are with our top picks of sentimental romantic gifts. 

West Clay Company Personalized Star Constellation Map

Was your relationship written in the stars? You can remind your partner how your story began with this West Clay Company Star Map. Send in the date and location of a first date or wedding day and receive a keepsake of how the sky looked on that significant night. Choose the background color, and poster size, and pick out a frame.

Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit Couples

You can capture your relationship in a keepsake statuette by creating a cast of your intertwined hands. This Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit has enough room for two adults and one child to fit their hands. The rubbery cast is able to capture amazing details. Once the material hardens, you can use this unique statue as a bookend, paperweight, or end table decoration.

4Wetfish Exploding Surprise Love Box

Keep the surprises coming with this Exploding Surprise Love Box. This multi-faceted gift box opens to reveal 10 DIY cards surrounding a smaller box. You can fill the cards with photos or gift cards to surprise a loved one before they open the gift inside. The inner gift box has enough room to include a watch, trinkets, jewelry, or an engagement ring.

UniqueGiftLove Leather Photo Keychain

Carry special people and memories with you everywhere you go with this UniqueGiftLove Leather Photo Keychain. The keychain has enough space for 14 high-quality miniature photos. The leather cover has a snap closure to protect the prints, and you can personalize it with a name or initials. This photo keychain can be a thoughtful gift for a loved one who travels often or lives far away.

IdeaSide Soundwave Art

Share a song with someone special with this Idea Side Soundwave Art. The acrylic art block transforms the soundwaves of a favorite song into printed art. You can add a personal message and photo. Also, the QR code allows you to scan the melody with a phone and listen to the recording. This unique gift is suitable for a friend’s wedding or to surprise your significant other.

Wrapping Up

Finding a gift that shows someone how much you care for them can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. But buying a sentimental gift needn’t be difficult. A sentimental present is all about showing that person how well you know them, and with gifts like these, it’s always the thought that counts.

Personalized presents, something related to interests/hobbies, or a gift that commemorates a special event in their life can all be great ways of showing how much you care. No matter who you’re wanting to treat this year, and regardless of the occasion, you’ll find something that will make them feel super loved with our hand-picked sentimental gifts. 

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