Birthday Gifts for Twelve-Year-Old Boys

Straddling the pubescent age between being a child and a teenager, twelve-year-old boys can sometimes be a little tricky to buy birthday gifts for. 

Kids tend to mature at different ages – some tweens may be clinging onto the freeing roleplay toys bring them, whilst others may only be interested in the latest gadgets. Knowing your twelve-year-old boy’s interests will really help with buying presents. Which is why we’ve picked gifts across a range of departments such as sports, toys, crafts, and electronics.

If you’re not entirely sure what the tween boy in your life is into, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve selected trendy clothes, the latest games, and epic bedroom upgrades that any boy this age would love to receive. With our gift guide, the twelve-year-old boy in your life is going to have the best birthday ever. 

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

Some twelve-year-old boys start caring about their appearance around about now. Especially wanting to look trendy and cool in front of their peers. For others, this may come a little later on. 

Regardless of how much the tween boy cares about the latest styles, we’ve picked out some clothes, shoes, jewelry, and watches that a twelve-year-old boy would love to debut on the playground. 

Swisswell Boys Astronaut Hoodie

The Swisswell Boys Astronaut Hoodie is comfy to wear and can keep a boy warm when the weather gets cold. This fleece-lined sweatshirt has a zipper closure and a cheeky design on the polyester exterior. It pictures an astronaut tugging at the black sky to reveal a bright sunny day. A twelve-year-old boy will look dashing in this edgy sweatshirt. 

Vans Sneakers

Vans Sneakers are popular footwear in the preteen and adolescent crowd. These blue skate-inspired, low-top shoes look good with just about any outfit. With the deep tread, a skateboarder can grind in these shoes. Or an artist can enjoy decorating the blank palette with a marker, or a twelve-year-old can simply enjoy walking around the mall in these comfortable shoes.

Vans Sneakers
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It’s often at the age of twelve that socializing, sports, and extracurricular activities can become way more fun than education for some boys. For those that could do with a little extra push, we’ve curated educational gifts that are so fun they won’t even realize they’re learning at the same time!

For twelve-year-old boys who freely admit that they love school, we’ve handpicked STEM projects, books, and crafts that will really get their minds whirring. The tween boy in your life will have a blast testing out these presents on his birthday. 

Uncommon Goods Create Your Own Comic Book Kit

A twelve-year-old can turn his doodles into artistic stories with this Uncommon Goods Create Your Own Comic Book Kit. This DIY comic book set provides a guide with inspiration, tips, and instructions. A kid can create his own designs on the preformatted pages. Then, when all the art is done, he can mail off the pages in the pre-paid envelope. Soon he will have a bound copy of his original comic series to show his friends.

Suzanne Collins The Underland Chronicles

This boxed set of the Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins includes five books in the series. The main character is from New York, however, he finds a mysterious, subterranean world that he must explore to find his father. This world is full of giant anthropomorphic sewer rats and cockroaches. A boy who enjoyed The Hunger Games will love this fast-paced, suspenseful series.

Uncommon Goods Walking Dino Kit

A kid who loves to build models and solve puzzles will enjoy this Uncommon Goods Walking Dino Kit. The kit comes with wooden pieces to build the skeleton of a T-Rex or a Triceratops. You don’t have to use screws, tools, or glue. Instead, you follow the directions and markings to fit all the bones together. When you are done, flip the switch and watch your dino stomp around the room. 

Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit

Encourage your child’s scientific brain with this Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit. This kit has simple instructions to create 100 experiments using science. Use the set to make soaps, a glow-in-the-dark potion, an underwater volcano, and much more. Many of these experiments a kid can recreate multiple times. A twelve-year-old will have fun and learn something new with this science-based birthday gift.

Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit
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Harry Potter Paperback Box Set

A pre-teen will visit the world of wizards and muggles through the fascinating stories of Harry Potter and his friends. This Harry Potter boxed paperback set includes the complete seven-book series from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. A kid can kick off a magical new year with some exciting new reading material.

Mynt3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

Turn flat drawings into 3D images with this Mynt3d Super 3D Pen. Adjust the temperature and flow of the 3D pen through the OLED display. Whether you want to bring cartoons and book characters to life, create airplane models, or modern-art sculptures, you can see it all in 3D with this amazing pen. Dream it, design it, and then build it!

MindWare Science Academy: Bubble, Fizz & Foam Ultimate Chemistry Lab

Give a child fascinating hands-on activities to try for his twelfth birthday with this MindWare Bubble, Fizz & Foam Chemistry Lab. This kit provides safe experiments for a pre-teen to practice at home. He can create color-changing solutions, grow crystals, work on a baking soda balloon, and can even make a rainbow. A guidebook provides instructions and sound-bite chemistry lessons through each experiment.


Electronics are always going to be a huge hit with a twelve-year-old boy. We’ve included some of the latest tech that they’re going to go wild for. Or if you’re still not so keen on encouraging your tween to sit on a screen, we’ve found other super cool electronic gifts they’ll enjoy.

Whether they like listening to music, love capturing photos, or have the techy expertise to create their own game, we’ve handpicked all of the best electronics that a twelve-year-old boy would love for his birthday. 

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet has an updated Hexa-core processor and works 30% faster than other Fire editions. The battery life works for up to 13 hours before it needs recharging. A tween can use this tablet to work on school projects, watch videos, and read online books. He can also make video calls to friends and family through Alexa. 

Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet
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Uncommon Goods Create Your Own Video Game Set

Once a pre-teen becomes bored with the games he has, you can set him loose on this Uncommon Goods Create Your Own Video Game Set. This kit encourages kids to learn their way around the world of coding and programming languages to create games and gadgets. This device is also a smartwatch with a pedometer and allows kids to access retro games with mushrooms, turtles, and plumbers.

Apple iPhone 12 Blue

Once a boy turns twelve, he often wants to be involved more deeply in sports and after-school activities, and a phone begins to be a necessity. This blue Apple iPhone 12 can be a great first smartphone for a pre-teen. It comes with 5G, MagSafe,128GB, and a versatile camera. A boy can keep in touch with his parents and friends with this phone.

Apple iPhone 12 Blue
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LG Xboom Go Speaker

A twelve-year-old can take his music with him wherever he goes with this LG Xboom Go Speaker. This speaker has a rich bass sound that you can see in action. Link the lights to your music for a satisfying light show. It is water resistant and the long-lasting battery holds up for 18 hours. This great-sounding Bluetooth speaker will be a wonderful gift for a pre-teen.

Lomography Lomo’Instant Camera Black Edition

The Lomography Lomo’Instant Camera Black Edition is travel-size so it is easy to take with you. You can take photos using automatic settings, or use the two manual modes to add your own artistic touch. This camera comes with a wide-angle lens. However, it is compatible with other filter styles. A twelve-year-old can capture the world through his eyes with this Lomo’Instant camera.


If you’re looking to avoid hearing the dreaded words, “I’m bored!” from the twelve-year-old boy in your life, then gifts that will keep him entertained is the perfect way to go. 

As some tweens move away from toys, they may struggle to know what to fill their time with when done socializing and their extracurricular activities. Getting them gifts that will keep them safely engrossed in something super entertaining is a gift a twelve-year-old boy would really appreciate for his birthday. 

TwoPointOh Artsy Fartsy Game

This Artsy Fartsy game will provide laughs and loads of middle-school humor. A team member has to draw the words or phrases written on the card so the other members can guess them. Instead of the usual words you might find in a game like Pictionary, you’ll find many sordid topics and dubious combinations. Like what animals live in turds? Or, who farted? Moms may grimace, but twelve-year-old boys will love this game.

Roblox Digital Gift Card

A Roblox fan will be ecstatic to receive this gift card as a birthday present. Kids will enjoy buying virtual items to dress up their avatars or get extra rewards in their favorite game. And the gift-giver can enjoy buying a gift card from the comfort of an armchair since Roblox cards seem to run out of stock so quickly in the stores.

Roblox Digital Gift Card
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Xbox Series X

A gamer will be ecstatic to receive the fastest Xbox to date as his birthday gift. The Xbox Series X allows a tween to search through thousands of titles from retro games to modern-day adventures. This console has next-generation speed and is powered by a custom SSD. A 12-year-old will enjoy playing his favorite games on his own or with friends.

Home, Garden, & Tools

Kids turning twelve typically tend to start really discovering their own personalities and want to express them. The perfect way of doing that is by helping a twelve-year-old boy spruce up his room so that it truly reflects his character.

It’s also important that after a day of navigating social situations and school, they have a comfortable place that’s theirs to rest, recharge, and process. We’ve handpicked the coolest gifts for the home that a twelve-year-old boy will love to adorn his bedroom with. 

Pottery Barn Harry Potter Golden Snitch Clock

This Pottery Barn Harry Potter Golden Snitch Clock is a fun accessory that can add magic to a room. The clock is based on the winning Golden Snitch ball from the Quidditch game in the Harry Potter books. Open the golden door to see the analog clock and adjust the wings. This unique clock is the perfect gift for a pre-teen Harry Potter fan.

Everlasting Comfort Faux Fur Throw Blanket

A pre-teen can wrap in warm comfort with this Everlasting Comfort Faux Fur Throw Blanket. This soft faux fur blanket has two looks in one. On one side, the blanket has an animal print, but when you turn it over, it is solid black. Both sides of the blanket are covered in super-soft faux fur. This blanket can get good use all year round.

Mind-Glowing 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp

Budding astronomers, Star Wars fans, and star-studded dreamers can enjoy this Mind-Glowing 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp. This moon globe is inspired by NASA’s telescope images of nebulas and stars. You can choose from 16 different color schemes, adjust the brightness, change the light modes, and set a timer using a remote. This unique night light will light up a tween’s room in a really cool way.

Kids & Babies Toys

Though baby-ish toys might well be out of the running, there are some toys that a twelve-year-old boy is still going to love playing with, especially with friends. 

LEGO, card games, and fidget spinners are all going to be big hits with a tween boy. Having toys like this are also important to their development. Kids often stop taking part in roleplay around this age, but it can be really beneficial for them to express themselves and act out social situations. For a sure-fire birthday hit, check out these toys that are twelve-year-old boy approved! 

LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Elva

He may be too young to drive, but a pre-teen can build his own car model with this LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Elva set. This kit comes with 263 pieces and step-by-step instructions to create a replica of the exclusive McLaren Elva luxury car. It features an 8-stud chassis, an open cockpit, and a driver. A boy will be a proud owner of a 6-inch luxury car with this LEGO set.

Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity is a fun game the whole family can play. Kids aged 10 and up can laugh out loud at the bathroom humor, while the adults can try to not laugh too hard at the subtle innuendo. Four or more players can take turns in the spotlight matching up over 600 question-and-answer cards. This game is sure to pry a pre-teen away from the technology – at least for an hour.

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures The Mandalorian

A 12-year-old Star Wars fan can add to his growing collection of Star Wars toys with this Galaxy of Adventures The Mandalorian two-pack. This set includes a five-inch Mandalorian, a Stormtrooper, and a blaster for each. Activate blaster features by pressing down on the figures’ arms. Each of the action figures has many articulated joints to bend and pose in different positions.  

Yizer Fidget Spinners

These Yizer Fidget Spinners take fidget toys to a new level. These spinners can transform into different robotic shapes as you spin them. Each spinner has high-quality bearings at the center to rotate smoothly. This three-piece set comes with a red, yellow, and blue Yizer fidget. A twelve-year-old can relax and let the brain refocus while he plays with these fidgets. 

Pottery Barn Basketball Bean Bag Toss Game

This Pottery Barn Basketball Bean Bag Toss Game is fun to play and can add a fresh touch to a pre-teen’s wall decor. Make a shot for 25 points or 50 in one of the five holes. Then use the scoreboard at the top to see who is winning – the home team, or the visitor? This set comes with three black beanbags and three orange beanbags to put up some competitive shots. 

Magic Makers 50 Amazing Card Tricks Kit

Any kid can become a magician with this Magic Makers 50 Amazing Card Tricks Kit. This engaging kit shows a kid how to impress friends and family with over 50 incredible card tricks. It comes with two trick decks and online streaming and step-by-step instructions to learn the ropes quickly. All it takes is some practice and sleight of hand. 

Late for the Sky Fishin’-Opoly

A young fisherman can enjoy this Late for the Sky Fishin’-Opoly game. It’s similar to Monopoly, however, everything is related to fish. Choose a playing piece from a catfish, an old boot, a fishing hat, a can, and a bass boat to start. Two to six players can fight for the best locations to set up a fishing pole. 

Lego Star Wars Inquisitor Transport Scythe

A 12-year-old can have intricate fun building this Lego Star Wars Inquisitor Transport Scythe set. The 924-piece set has adjustable wings, a fold-down access ramp, and a cockpit that can open and close. Four Star Wars mini-figures can start dramatic battles on board the ship. Ben Kenobi gets a blue lightsaber, while the other characters each have double-bladed red lightsabers. 


Whether the twelve-year-old boy in your life spends most of their time outdoors or could do with a little extra push to get away from their screen, outdoor birthday gifts are always so much fun. 

We’ve handpicked the best presents for the sporty and non-sporty alike so that they’ll be desperate to get outside (which has huge benefits for their physical and mental health). Check out our top outdoor birthday gift ideas for twelve-year-old boys. 

Busy Puzzle Personalized Wooden Bow & Arrows

A tween can try his skills as an archer with this Busy Puzzle Personalized Wooden Bow & Arrows. Choose a dark or light wood color for the bow and choose your size. Nock the felt-tip arrow, draw the bow, then aim and shoot to hit a target indoors or out. This bow and arrow set can encourage a child’s hand-eye coordination and concentration skills.

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Kids BMX Bike

A twelve-year-old can take his bike skills to the next level with this Mongoose Legion Freestyle Kids BMX Bike. This 20-inch bike has a durable, elongated hi-ten steel frame, single-speed drive train, and removable brake mounts. A kid can enjoy visiting the bike ramp with his friends and trying out his new BMX-style bike. This gift can give a pre-teen a new passion for outdoor fun.

Wrapping Up

Twelve-year-old boys are at a little bit of an awkward age. They’ve probably changed a lot since they were eleven, and will likely change significantly again before they hit thirteen. This can make buying a birthday gift a challenge…

However, we’re here to help you out! Targeting a twelve-year-old’s interests is a great place to start. Whether they love playing sports, challenging themselves to a STEM project, or getting lost in a video game, we’ve got the gifts for you. If you’re not sure what the tween in your life is into then we’ve got sure-fire presents they’ll love, like LEGO, the latest tech, and the trendiest clothes. 

With our gift guide, an awkward tween boy is guaranteed to have the best birthday ever as they turn twelve.

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