Gift Ideas for Chefs

If they’re just starting to take an interest in cooking at home, or are already a gourmet chef, a gift that celebrates their love of flavors and cuisine will be much appreciated. 

We’ve done the research to find the best gifts that budding chefs will absolutely adore having in their kitchens. Whether it’s upgrading some older utensils, a bright, shiny new gadget on the countertop, or sturdy cookware that will last a lifetime, both the amateur and professional alike won’t be able to wait to cook up a storm with our list of top gifts for chefs. You never know – it might result in a homecooked “thank you” meal! 

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

Though clothing may not be the first thing you think of when buying a gift for an up-and-coming chef, all bakers and cooks wear appropriate clothing when about to get messy! 

Whether they’re typically hands-deep in a mixing bowl or trying to stop a rabid Kitchenaid from spilling over, no chef wants to get their clothes dirty, not to mention how unhygienic it is! The chef in your life would absolutely adore some appropriate clothing to keep them clean while doing their favorite thing. 

Afun Chef Aprons

When you wear an apron for several hours a day, the neck strap can begin to rub your neck raw. To eliminate this common issue, the Afun canvas chef’s apron has an adjustable criss-cross backstrap. It can adjust from medium to XXL to perfectly fit the cook in your life. The apron’s material is 100% cotton with three handy reinforced pockets.


Both trained chefs and amateurs alike would really appreciate learning more about cooking and the science behind flavors. It would give amateurs a chance to learn how to correct any dishes that go wrong, and trained chefs might gain the confidence to try out creating their own signature dish! 

Regardless of how well-versed they are in flavors, spice, and cooking techniques, a chef will love learning more about how to perfect their dishes with our range of educational gifts. 

The Science of Spice: Understand Flavor Connections & Revolutionize Your Cooking

Add zing to your cooking with the book, The Science of Spice. This hardcover cookbook starts with a periodic table of some of the most common (and adventurous) spices available. Food scientist, Dr. Stuart Farrimond, shares some of his best tips for how to use various spices to their best advantage in international cuisines. This book includes helpful tips, mouthwatering recipes, and colorful photographs to delight a chef’s heart.

Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook

An Unapologetic Cookbook by Joshua Weissman shows you how to make delicious food from scratch. This no-nonsense cookbook is laced with humor and wit and puts you back in charge as the head chef of your own kitchen. Start with the building blocks of your dishes and use only the ingredients you like. Joshua Weissman has prepared 100 recipes to delight your tastebuds. 

Home, Garden, & Tools

The home is where it’s all at for the home chef! For those just starting out, it might be a great chance to gift them the basics to get going, or if they already work in a kitchen, treat them to professional chef-grade equipment to help them experiment at home. 

From state-of-the-art chopping knives to bread makers, the finest olive oils to sturdy woks, we’ve covered all basis for whatever a chef could possibly need. You can’t go wrong with our homeware gifts for cooks, and whatever you pick, they’re getting a practical gift with a lot of thought behind it. 

Shun Cutlery Kanso 5-Piece Block Set

This Shun Cutlery Kanso 5-Piece Block Set is the perfect start to a chef’s kitchen. The slimline bamboo knife block comes with a 3.5-inch paring knife, a 7-inch Santoku knife, a 6-inch utility knife, and honing steel to sharpen the knives when they go dull. Each knife is made from reinforced high-carbon stainless steel with a contoured Tagayasan wood handle, making chopping a breeze.

Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet Set

Unlike coated, non-stick pans that become worse for wear, cast iron skillets only improve with age. These durable Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillets can last a chef for a lifetime. The set includes three preseasoned, oven-safe skillets in 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch sizes. Each pan includes a heat-resistant silicone handle cover to protect the hands and give you a solid grip. 

Breville Sous Chef Pro 16 Cup Food Processor

This Breville Sous Chef Pro Food Processor is a reliable machine that can slice and dice to chef perfection. It includes five multi-functional discs and three blades for all their chopping needs. Add fruits and vegetables with little prep through the wide 5.5-inch feeder chute. You can use the large 16-cup bowl or the small 2.5-cup bowl to process foods with ease.

ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer

A chef can spend time with his guests without overcooking the meat on the grill using this high-tech ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer. This meat thermometer can check the temperature of the meat and send updates to a smartphone up to 500 feet away. It comes with USDA presets for meat, or you can set the temperature, timers, and alarms manually. 

ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer
$49.99 $39.99
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07/22/2024 07:43 pm GMT

Zip Top Reusable Food Storage Bags

These eight Zip Top Reusable Food Storage Bags are perfect for storing leftover dishes or packing a snack for a work lunch. Instead of plastic containers where you are left searching for missing lids, these silicone food storage bags zip shut. They can stand on their own, making it easy to pour a liquid into them hands-free. You can use these bags in the freezer, dishwasher, or microwave.

Cuisinart Classic Waffle Maker

Spoil a chef in your life with this professional quality Cuisinart Classic Waffle Maker. This round waffle maker cooks one delicious Belgian waffle at a time. Red and green indicator lights let you know when the waffle iron is ready to use and when it’s finished cooking. You can control the cooking temperature by adjusting the five-setting browning knob. When done, drizzle the deep waffle pockets in each quarter with syrup and enjoy.

Cuisinart Classic Waffle Maker
$29.95 $22.99
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Laxinis World Eggs Rings

A chef can make a perfect-looking egg every time with these Laxinis World Eggs Rings. Warm up the griddle, and drop an egg into the middle of each egg ring. Once the eggs are done, lift the cool-touch handles to remove the ring. These stainless steel egg rings are highly durable, and the non-stick coating makes this cooking experience mess-free. 

MoMo Panache Air Fryer Cheat Sheet

Air fryers have taken over kitchens by storm in recent years. However, finding the proper settings for different food types can be a learning curve. This MoMo Panache Air Fryer Cheat Sheet helps you figure out the temperatures and cooking times for over 120 foods. The laminated pages are helpfully categorized into five main sections and the magnetic backing lets you keep this air fryer guide on your fridge.

MoMo Panache Air Fryer Cheat Sheet
$14.95 $9.77
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Wildone Mixing Bowls Set of 5

For pro and amateur chefs alike, mixing bowls always come in handy. These five stainless-steel Wildone Mixing Bowls have measuring lines inside for accurate cooking. You can cover marinades, doughs, or batters with its matching airtight lid until you need it. The large five-quart bowl has a lid that fits three grater attachments, so you can grate directly into a bowl without making a mess.

Miracu Funny Dish Towels

Give a chef a reason to laugh with these Miracu Funny Dish Towels. Each of the four cotton kitchen towels includes a clever play on words using cuisine vocabulary. They are lightweight and absorbent to effectively dry dishes, wipe hands, or clean up a spill. You can wash them easily on a cold water cycle in a washer when they get dirty.

Culinary Couture Silicone Kitchen Tongs

Every kitchen needs a set of useful tongs. These stainless-steel Culinary Couture Silicone Kitchen Tongs are coated with BPA-free silicone, so they are non-stick. They can withstand hot temperatures up to 480°F. So, you can use them to serve food, toss salad, or flip food in the skillet or oven. You can compactly store this tong set by setting their locking mechanisms to close.

Wildone Baking Sheet Set

If your favorite chef’s baking sheets have seen better days, it might be time for a new set. This Wildone Baking Sheet Set includes two baking sheets and two cooling racks. Each cookie sheet has a shiny mirror finish and a one-inch deep lip. The sturdy wire cooling racks fit neatly inside the baking sheet perimeter. You can use this handy combo to cool cookies or drain the grease from fried foods.

Cambom Manual Rotary Cheese Grater

Chefs can grate cheese without slicing their knuckles when using this Cambom Manual Rotary Cheese Grater. This manual grater has three blades for slicing, coarse shredding, and fine shredding, and you can use it for much more than cheese. These high-quality stainless steel blades can handle veggies, nuts, potatoes, and more. It is compact and durable – and no electricity is required.

Totally Bamboo Rolling Pin

A chef or home cook can roll out a batch of dough like a pro using this Totally Bamboo Rolling Pin. Its tapered design fits easily into the palm and distributes pressure evenly. The rolling pin is crafted from organic bamboo and the end-grain bamboo inlays create a beautiful light-to-dark contrast. This 20-inch pin is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

Riveira Wooden Spoon Set

A chef can use this Riveira Wooden Spoon Set to comfortably cook, stir, or serve food. This set comes with six utensil designs made out of durable wood, including a slotted spoon, a spatula, a “spork,” and more. The 100% bamboo material won’t stick to food, scratch sensitive pans, or melt in your pot. They’re also super easy to clean using warm water and soap.

Nutribullet Personal Blender

The Nutribullet is a great gift idea for the chef who lives life in the fast lane. This compact blender can whizz up a delicious smoothie in seconds. It can handle fruit, nuts, berries, spinach, and more. Once you are done, you can drink liquid nutrition directly from the container. Just add a to-go lid and straw and you have a breakfast that is quicker and healthier than fast-food.

Tera Marble Mortar & Pestle Set

A chef can use this Tera Marble Mortar & Pestle Set to grind dry or wet ingredients. The long pestle handle is easy to grip and use. Each marble piece of this set is hand-grinded and polished, so no two sets are alike. This set is a perfect tool for creating pestos, mincing garlic, and crushing herbs. This natural black marble mortar and pestle can add a striking accent to a chef’s kitchen.

Selmy Magnetic Bottle Opener

If you’re tired of chasing down bottle caps, this Selmy Magnetic Bottle Opener can catch them for you. Surrounded by a strong magnet, this bottle opener holds up to 30 caps after you open a cold one. It can be mounted on a wall, or its magnetic backing lets you attach it to your refrigerator door. This bottle opener will add a retro look to a kitchen or minibar. 

The Wine Savant Diamond Decanter

This impressive Wine Savant Diamond Decanter set will make a chef’s heart glow. The large, diamond-shaped whiskey decanter stands upright in an artisan-crafted mahogany base. Four diamond whiskey tumblers rest on one side around the decanter. This bar set is a beautiful conversation piece a connoisseur will be ecstatic to own. It brings a touch of elegance to a glass of whiskey, wine, or port.

Neretva Bread Maker Machine

Homemade bread is delicious but takes practically a whole day to make. With the push of some buttons, this Neretva Bread Maker Machine does the tedious job of mixing, kneading, and baking for you. There are 20 automatic programs like gluten-free, wholewheat, french, and pizza dough, with different crust shades and loaf sizes too. They can even set a 15-hour timer to wake up to fresh bread – delicious! 

Neretva Bread Maker Machine
$159.99 $139.99
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Golden Saffron Super Negin Saffron

As fans of saffron know, finding real, flavorful saffron is like mining for gold. This Golden Saffron Super Negin Saffron tin holds five grams of grade A+ highly aromatic saffron. It has a beautiful burnt amber color and a delicious flavor. A chef can enjoy adding a special touch of color and flavor to tea, paella, risotto, soup, rice, desserts, and Golden Milk.

TruffleHunter Truffle Oil Set

The TruffleHunter Truffle Oil Set can open the door to a new world of flavor. This set of three oils includes White Truffle Oil, Black Truffle Oil, and English Truffle Oil. Each type of oil has a different flavor profile. They range from earthy, nutty, and intense to full-flavored with hints of garlic. A chef can use these high-end oils as the last touch to pasta, pizza, or risotto.

Planters Choice Window Herb Garden

Whether you live in an apartment or own rolling acres of farmland, a window garden makes a chef’s life easier. With this Planter’s Choice Window Herb Garden set, you can grow nine popular herbs to use in cooking. The 34-piece kit includes nine reusable pots, soil nutrient disks, bamboo plant markers, and seeds for dill, basil, chives, thyme, parsley, oregano, cilantro, sage, and mustard. 

Primitives by Kathy Rustic Dish Towel

For the chef with a trusty furry companion to try out their recipes, this dish towel will make a fun gift. The rustic-looking kitchen towel has a dog silhouette with a red bandanna around its neck. It reads: “Every meal you make, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you.” A dog-loving chef will appreciate giving their pet a position of honor in the kitchen with this Primitives Rustic Dish Towel.

Netany Olive Oil Cooking Set

This Netany Olive Oil Cooking Set includes one 17-ounce glass oil bottle and a smaller glass spray bottle. The stainless-steel caps, stoppers, and spouts have a non-drip design to eliminate greasy spills. These bottles allow you to effectively use oil so you consume less. These olive oil bottles let a chef pour, spritz, and spray exactly the amount of oil they need.

Netany Olive Oil Cooking Set
$13.99 $11.99
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Craft Spice Blends Gift Set

This Craft Spice Blends Gift Set has four different spice blends perfect for grilling, smoking, baking, and slow cooking. The gift box includes MSG-free blends such as Ale House Chicken Seasoning, Bourbon Barrel Steak Seasoning, IPA Chili Seasoning, and Whiskey Maple Smoke Rub. Add your favorite flavors to meats, veggies, and even pizza. A chef will enjoy spicing up a dish with these natural seasonings.

Lodge Cast Iron 14″ Wok  

The Lodge brand is well-known among cooks for its high-quality cast iron products, and this Lodge Cast Iron Wok is no different. The 14-inch wok has thin sides to heat food quickly and evenly. The food is easy to stir and flip without making a mess. This large size is perfect for making stir-fry, fajitas, noodle dishes, or even plain and simple scrambled eggs.

Wrapping Up

No matter how long they’ve been into cooking – whether it’s a childhood hobby, or they’ve been inspired by the latest baking show, buying a practical, thoughtful gift to help them expand this interest will be much appreciated.

We’ve handpicked the best gifts that any chef is going to adore cooking with and have catered to every type of cook and every budget. So whether you’re looking to help them out with the basics, such as with dish towels, and mixing bowls, or want to get them something new and shiny to debut like a food processor or breadmaker, we’ve got you covered. The budding cook in your life is going to be eager to get their apron on with our gift guide for Chefs.

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