Gifts for Long-Distance Relationships

Whether it’s for the long haul or just temporary, no one can deny that long-distance relationships are hard. From needing a cuddle at the end of a bad day to wishing you had someone to see the latest film with, it isn’t easy. 

Luckily there are tons of great gifts out there to make it easy to show your loved one that they’re on your mind. For long-distance lovers, we’ve got romantic and sentimental gifts that will bring you closer together. Or if it’s your bestie, parents, or family members who are long-distance, we’ve got gifts that will be like a homesick hug wrapped up.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our gift recommendations for long-distance relationships that can work for birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays, or for when Facetime just isn’t cutting it anymore. 

Beauty & Health

Nothing says “I love you and miss you” more than treating the loved one in your life to a spa experience at home, especially if they’re having a tough time of it. Help them indulge themselves with our top recommendations for beauty and health gifts. 

Whether they need a full-on pampering session, essential oils to help them fall asleep, or a heating pad to replicate the warmth of your hugs, they’ll really appreciate our top health and beauty picks. 

UpNature Roll On Essential Oil Set

Both men and women can enjoy this UpNature Roll On Essential Oil Set. These four bottles of all-natural essential oils have a great fragrance and can help you refocus your mindset. Each scent is created with a specific purpose in mind. Calm and Soothe use scents to promote relaxation, including lavender, peppermint, sage, and tea tree. The Breathe and Renew scents can help you stay alert and breathe easily. 

UpNature Roll On Essential Oil Set
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03/14/2024 03:24 am GMT

Body & Earth Orchid Spa Set

Pamper someone you love with this Body & Earth Orchid Spa Set. This essential oil-infused spa set is full of intoxicating, wild scents to care for the body and mind. It includes handmade soap, hand cream, a shea butter bath bomb, body butter, and a scented candle. These items are packaged in a sturdy box and ready to send to someone you love.

Body & Earth Orchid Spa Set
$19.99 $17.99
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03/18/2024 07:58 am GMT

Happy Fuel Avocado Microwavable Heating Pad

If someone far away needs some extra TLC, this Happy Fuel Avocado Microwavable Heating Pad can help them get back on their feet ASAP. This friendly plush avocado brings a smile and comfort when you need it most. The fluffy heating pad is filled with unscented clay beads that warm up or cool down quickly to relieve aches and pains. 

Happy Fuel Avocado Heating Pad
$23.96 $18.96
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03/15/2024 04:54 pm GMT

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

Clothing, shoes, jewelry, and watches are great gifts to get someone living a long distance away. They’re something they can wear on their person that will remind them of you every time they look at it. 

We’ve handpicked clothes and accessories that your long-distance loved one will simply adore. From sentimental jewelry to quirky matching hoodies, to bracelets that send secret messages, no matter how you want to show your LDR you care, we’ve got you covered.

MignonandMignon State Necklace

This delicate MignonandMignon State Necklace is perfect for a best friend or partner who lives away. The minimalistic design includes two states connected by one heart. You can choose between three tarnish-resistant finishes for the necklace chain and bar: Gold Plated, Silver Plated, or Rose Gold Plated. A loved one can think of you every time they put on this sweet necklace.

Uncommon Goods Meaningful Message Locket

A special lady will feel the love with this Uncommon Goods Meaningful Message Locket. You can craft a special message or use a favorite quote to include in this necklace. The note will remain inside this envelope locket or flower-studded box. They’ll be able to read it whenever they need a pick-me-up. This is a lovely gift that the receiver will cherish for years to come.

Sevpuikl Dinosaur Couple Hoodie

Despite the distance, you and your partner can still wear matching hoodies. These Sevpuikl Dinosaur Couple Hoodies represent long distances hilariously. On the back of her shirt, the pink dino says “hug me.” On the back of his shirt, the green dino says, “I’m trying.” The T-Rex’s arms are too short – your S.O. is too far for hugs, right now, but this cool sweatshirt will keep you both cozy!

Sevpuikl Dinosaur Couple Hoodie
$44.99 $37.99
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03/09/2024 08:01 pm GMT

Uncommon Goods Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Touch is an important love language that long-distance relationships miss. This set of two Uncommon Goods Long Distance Touch Bracelets allows you to close the gap and send a touch from far away. The other person’s bracelet will light up and vibrate when they receive your tap. Get creative and use unique tap rhythms to create your own unique Morse code.


Electronics are a Godsend when it comes to long-distance relationships. From Facetiming to voice notes, instant messaging, and sending photos, you can virtually spend the day with your long-distance loved one just from your phone. 

But there’s loads of other tech that can really take your relationship to the next level. Let them know you’re thinking about them in an extra special way with secret messages and light-up lamps! Check out our best electronic gift recommendations for long-distance relationships.

Lovebox Black & White Note Messenger

You can send special messages long distances using this Lovebox Black & White Note Messenger. Unlike old-fashioned snail mail, you don’t have to wait days to keep the communication alive. Instead, the messages pop up instantly in a special person’s LoveBox. More personal than a text, you can use the LoveBox app to send drawings, animations, and messages to let someone know you are thinking of them.

Friendship Lamps by LuvLink

Even though you are miles apart, you can keep the light of love or friendship burning with this set of LuvLink Friendship Lamps. When you touch your lamp, your loved one’s lamp lights up simultaneously. The lamps charge using a USB which means that this lamp is still relevant when you travel overseas. Download the app and code secret messages by using different lamp colors. 

Home, Garden, & Tools

The home is likely where your long-distance loved one is going to miss you the most. So what better way of reminding them of how much you miss them than with thoughtful, fun, and sentimental gifts to fill their home and remind them that they’re loved, no matter how far apart you are. 

We’ve found the best gifts, from mugs to artwork, to planning your next adventure together, to snuggly pillows. We’ve handpicked the best houseware products that your long-distance love will really appreciate. 

BoldLoft Love Has No Distance Long Distance Mugs

You’ll think of your loved one with every hot drink with these BoldLoft Long Distance Mugs. The mugs picture a boy and girl on different sides of the world communicating through a homemade telephone line. There are two mugs in the set, so you can drink your coffee in two different time zones and think of each other. Or, why not videophone a coffee date with your matching mugs?

23maps Map Foil Print

This 23maps Map Foil Print is a thoughtful gift for a lover far away and looks stunning in a home. The print includes your location, as well as your partner’s, in two heart-shaped maps. It reads: “Distance means so little when someone means so much.” Each print uses striking gold foil on a black background. This stunning map comes framed and ready to hang on a wall.

Oh, Susannah Hug Me Pillow

It’s hard to hug someone when they are far away, but this Oh, Susannah Hug Me Pillow can fill the gap until you meet again. This hand-decorated white pillowcase reads, “Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me.” The high-quality double-brushed microfiber case is comparable to 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton material. Your S.O. will enjoy cuddling against this soft and luxurious pillowcase.

DuNord Custom Wooden Engraved Clock

Celebrate a momentous occasion with this DuNord Custom Wooden Engraved Clock. Choose from four wood finishes, including Special Walnut, Espresso, Classic Gray, or Golden Oak. You can add a symbol with your two different states, plus a special name, date, or message. This round 12-inch wooden clock adds a sleek touch to the room decor and holds a special meaning for the receiver.

Knock Knock Affirmation Cards Deck

Give this Knock Knock Affirmation Cards Deck to someone you love to inspire them and leave them with a smile. These fifty affirmation cards are inspirational without being too serious or too cheesy. Read at least one card out loud per day to relieve stress and get a positive mindset. You may even get a few laughs in the process.

Lawrence Adventure Fund

This Lawrence Adventure Fund shadow box looks good on an end table or a wall but helps to practically save up money. Slot coins and notes into the top of the box and watch your fund grow through the clear glass. Simply remove the back of the frame to access the money – you’ll be meeting your loved one for a weekend getaway or a summer adventure in no time!

Lawrence Adventure Fund
$21.99 $20.14
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Orimit Message in a Bottle Glass

The Orimit Message in a Bottle Glass may look like it is full of medicine. However, these 100 pills actually hold special messages from you. Before you give this gift, write personal notes to your loved one and stuff them into the tiny capsules until the glass bottle is full. Then when someone special needs a healthy dose of you, they can get it in these handwritten notes.

Orimit Message in a Bottle Glass
$12.99 $9.99
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03/15/2024 04:49 pm GMT

Define Design 11 Miss You Candle

This Define Design 11 Miss You Candle can sweeten a house in your absence. The candle label reads, “I miss your face (and the rest of you, too).” You can also add a special custom message to the top of the tin lid. This hand-poured soy candle comes in an amber glass jar and is packaged in a gift-ready box. 

Cottonblue Weighted Blanket

The lady in your life can get a good night’s sleep, even when you are not around with this  Cottonblue Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket. This soft full-size cover is weighted to 15 pounds to calm anxiety and let you sleep well. One side of the pink blanket is soft fleece, the other is a fluffy sherpa layer. This warm, comforting blanket is perfect for helping them sleep without you.

Uncommon Goods Love Across States 3D Art

This Uncommon Goods Love Across States 3D Art will remind your partner that love is not bound by state lines. This shadow box represents two states connected by a bond between two hearts. The art is created using a printed background and 3D quilling. This minimalistic shadow box can be a touching gift that your partner will appreciate.

Uncommon Goods Long Distance Message Mug & Coaster

Share a cup of tea and conversation with a loved one far away with the help of this Uncommon Goods Long Distance Message Mug & Coaster set. This magical mug set lets you send a message directly to the other person’s mug using an app. Simply point your phone at the coaster to write a message. Then the other person can receive it when they use their Uncommon Goods mug. 


Adventuring outdoors is one of the most fun things to do with a partner, family member, or friend, but that can be made really difficult when that person lives in another state or across the sea! 

What better way for the two of you to get excited for the next time you see each other than planning your next outdoor date/adventure/trip? We’ve found the most exciting gifts for getting you outdoors with your long-distance loved one. 

Airbnb Gift Card

Send an Airbnb Gift Card to a loved one far away and give them a chance to see the world – and you. Find a cozy mountain cabin, a tourist town, or a treehouse. Or, you can invite them to a location near you. This gift card can be used on one trip or saved for multiple bookings. Use it to meet up with a loved one and have all expenses paid in advance.


Long-distance romantic relationships can be some of the toughest types of relationships. Up your romantic game and do more than send kissing face emojis with a truly thoughtful, sentimental gift.

We’ve rounded up the most romantic gifts that will really show your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/husband/wife how much you miss them. From photos to music to journals to art, you may make just make them tear up with these gift recommendations! 

TheBlankRecordStore USB Mixtape

Make your partner a mix-tape the old-fashioned way so they can listen to “your songs” and sing along. This TheBlankRecordStore USB Mixtape has all the charm of a classic cassette tape. However, the technology is updated, so you can play it without hunting down a tape player. Your S.O. can plug this USB into a computer or car to enjoy some sweet tunes and think of you.

Uncommon Goods Relationship Journals

Communication is key in any relationship, but it is essential for two partners who live a distance apart. This pair of Uncommon Goods Relationship Journals allow you to go deeper with your partner and take a look inward. The guidebook gives you prompts for 13 weeks of connection. The prompts encourage emotional intimacy to strengthen your relationship with one another.

Vermont Teddy Bear

The Vermont Teddy Bear ensures that your partner will never have to sleep alone. This soft, plush teddy bear is four feet tall and so cuddly. Once it arrives on their doorstep, it is guaranteed for life. Mend the bear’s high-quality construction at any time by sending him to the bear hospital in Vermont. This fun and fluffy gift can keep your side of the bed warm while you are away. 

Woodili Personalized Leather Photo Keychain

Keep special memories close by with this Woodili Personalized Leather Photo Keychain. The keychain holds a tiny photo album with a leather binding and high-quality photo paper. Choose seven of your favorite photos of you and your S.O. to add to this keychain. The leather binding comes in a variety of colors and includes a snap closure. Your partner will appreciate the thought you put into this personal gift. 

The Ultimate Game for Couples

When you can’t spend much time together, you want to make the most of the time you have. The Ultimate Game for Couples is a fun way to break the ice and start conversations with your partner. Or, you can also bring it to a double date. You can share a laugh over the funny challenges and go deeper with thought-provoking questions. 

Bouqs Monthly Flower Subscription

According to the romance poet John Keats, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” and we have to agree! Even if your partner lives far away, you can send something beautiful to their doorstep every month with a Bouqs Monthly Flower Subscription. A Bouqs bouquet can stay fresh for five days up to two weeks, leaving enough time to enjoy them before looking forward to the next bunch. 

Knock Knock Why I Miss You

With this Knock Knock Why I Miss You book, you can share meaningful one-liners with your S.O. Tell your partner what you like about them and other encouragements to warm their heart. You don’t have to write a novel, either. Simply fill in a blank or two per page to make each sentence personal. Make it light-hearted or touching – it’s up to you!

Uncommon Goods Love Is All Around Map Art

The Uncommon Goods Love Is All Around Map is a piece of art you can personalize with your partner. Choose six different locations that hold meaning for the two of you. The six maps will form the shape of a heart on a wooden background. You can also choose to add both your names, a special message, and a date underneath. 

Uncommon Goods A Year of Connection

It’s easy to shoot a text message, but taking the time to send a handwritten note can mean a lot. The Uncommon Goods “A Year of Connection” gift set includes 52 foil-printed cards with messages that say: “You Matter to Me,” “Just Wanted to Say Hello,” and “I Want You to Know.” Write a lover a note each week. Then, use the 52 Weeks of Connection Journal for ideas, inspiration, and recording your personal thoughts.

Wrapping Up

No matter whether you’ve just started dating, are married, or it’s your parents who’ve moved away, long-distance relationships are really difficult. A good cuddle, your favorite homecooked meal, or going for a walk together are all things that you’ll likely be missing. While they can’t be replaced, there are some wonderful gifts you can send that will let them know how much you love them. 

Whether you’re looking for something sentimental, quirky, or funny, we’ve handpicked the best gifts that are sure to make your long-distance loved one feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They won’t be forgetting you anytime soon with these gems!

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