Birthday Gifts for Five-Year-Old Boys

5-year-olds are so much fun – they’re a big ball of boundless energy. But it can be hard to know what to buy them – they’re no longer babies/toddlers but not yet big kids. The right gifts are essential to help them develop their intellectual skills. Whether they lean towards art, STEM, sports, cars, or other things, there are a variety of great gifts to encourage them and introduce them to new ideas. While you can ask a 5-year-old what they want for their birthday, there are a few tried-and-true popular gifts that we’ve compiled a list of. Let’s take a look at the best gifts for 5-year-old boys. 

Clothes Gifts for Five Year Old Boys

Superhero Doublesided Cape By Jazz Cloak

If your child loves to dress up, this is a great gift idea! These vibrant capes are affordable and easy to put on, comprising 100% polyester and attached/sealed with velcro tabs. This double-sided cape is high-quality and should be hand-washed and only ironed on low heat. 

Educational Gifts for Five Year Old Boys

Learnabee Toys Genius Kit

Learnabee is an educational, high-quality toy that provides hours of screen-free entertainment. The box contains five learning toys: a science experiment kit, a wipe-clean spelling book, a puzzle set, and more. One of the best games includes the People of the World Game, a matching game that helps develop concentration.

LeapFrog Leapstart Learning

The LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™ interactive system has a sleek, new design that grows with your child and infuses learning with excitement. Activities include creative challenges, games, and puzzles. The expansive LeapStart library (available separately) covers various preschool to first-grade subjects. Many activities have two levels with 50+ key skills per level, so kids can learn at the right level and move up when they’re ready. There is a carry handle for portability and a neat little stylus for easy use. Batteries are required. 

Electronic Gifts for Five Year Old Boys

Nintendo Switch

A Nintendo Switch is a coveted gift most children would love; They can play on the go or at home with a quality, vibrant 7-inch screen. The screen offers sharp contrast and clear graphics. The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model includes an adjustable stand for more comfortable viewing angles, a dock with a wired LAN port for TV mode, a 64GB hard drive, and enhanced audio in Handheld and Tabletop modes using the system’s speakers.

Selieve Walkie Talkies

Walkie-talkies are great fun for kids. These walkie-talkies have cool call alerts, crisp sound quality, and adjustable volume levels. They are portable and light to carry, with just 90g per walkie-talkie. These can offer real-time monitoring of children or recon-style imaginary fun.

Kitchen Gifts for Five Year Old Boys

KidKraft Wooden Play Kitchen

Inspire little foodies with this beautiful Kid Kraft farm-to-table play kitchen with easy assembly. Kids can plant and arrange an adorable play window box with onions, carrots, and other veggies. You can incorporate games to teach children things like washing hands and food hygiene. This fun kitchen features water running and other sounds to give the kitchen an authentic feel. 

You can learn to organize with props such as an ice maker and wood-print storage crates. There are plenty of hanging hooks and convenient storage to hold spatulas, pots, pans, etc. Great EZ-Assembly speeds up assembly time. 

Outdoors Gifts for Five Year Old Boys

Swim Goggles By Seago 

Swimming Goggles are essential for safety – and to be comfortable swimming underwater. Uniquely, they are anti-UV. The lenses have been treated with an ultraviolet light absorber to protect young eyes from UV damage risk. They are also latex-free, leakproof, and designed to be comfortable. 

RoyalBaby Kids Bike 

RoyalBaby has been making bikes globally for years, so you can trust that you’re buying a quality product. This RoyalBaby bike was inspired by a science-fiction spaceship, its sleek design is aesthetically pleasing, and the sports-style wheel rim adds a sense of speed and aerodynamic streamline. 

4E’s Novelty Beach Balls

Beach balls are great fun – whether you go to the beach at all! This vibrant, 20-inch beach ball set can provide hours of fun and games. The balls are inflatable and portable, so they’re easy to travel with and can be deflated between uses. 

Stomp Rocket Tipped Rockets

This special dueling stomp rocket lets kids play against friends/family – the special dueling base allows two kids to launch a rocket at the same time; you can compete and see whose goes higher/further! The dueling stomp rocket is powered by you. Run, jump and stomp to launch these rockets. Includes four foam-tipped Ultra Stomp Rockets and the special Dueling Base featuring 2 Stomp Launch Pads. Refills are sold separately. 

Meketec Skateboard

Skateboarding is a fun hobby for young boys, and everyone wants to be unique. Meketec skateboards have wonderful designs and excellent performances. It’s a great gift for new skateboarders and is CE certified, meaning it’s safe for use by any level of rider. 

Sports Gifts for Five Year Old Boys

Toyvelt Kids Golf Set 

Mini-golf is a great hobby to introduce a child to – this affordable, vibrant mini-golf set includes a practical golf cart, four colorful golf clubs, a putting mat with practice holes, and six special balls. 

Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Glove

If you’re looking to encourage an interest in sports, this Meshtek Series glove offers an extremely fun, lightweight, and bright solution for young players. These gloves are soft and easy to use, with innovative and lightweight shell materials. You don’t need to break in this glove, and the foam ball is safe to throw around. 

Inflatable Kids Punching Bag Atlasonix

This inflatable kids punching bag kit is gentle on hands and feet, making it a perfect introduction to MMA, boxing, or other martial arts. The bag stands at 5ft 3 once fully inflated, meaning a variety of ages can use it. Recommended use from age 5+. 

Yeebay Shooting Game Toy

Shooting gun toys is a great way to work on coordination and have fun. This game set comes with a 2-pack of air blasters, soft foam balls, and one navy-themed shooting stand target. You can use this set indoors and outdoors. The set is made of high-quality ABS materials and is non-toxic.

Double Indoor Basket Ball Hoop 

If you’re trying to encourage physical exercise and/or an interest in sports, this indoor arcade game is a great choice! You can help them train jump shots, hook shots, and bank shots from the comfort of home without worrying about their whereabouts or poor weather. 

Other Gifts for Five Year Old Boys

KidKraft Wooden Playset

This Wooden Heroes playset is reminiscent of a doll’s house, with several figures and multiple vehicles, including a fire truck, police motorcycle, and helicopter, across three floors and 12 rooms. There’s a realistic floor-to-ceiling firefighter’s pole. 

This set is large enough for children to play together and is made of wood. 

Marvel Look & Find Activity Book By Pi Kids; Art Mawhinney

If your little one loves superheroes, this is a great option. You can search for hidden objects in multiple action-packed scenes, including the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and the Avengers (including characters from EndGame). There are Look and Find Challenges at the back of the book, helping to engage your little one and teach them matching skills. 

Toymany Sea Animal Toys

This adorable 8-piece set consists of a Sperm whale, Beluga Whale, Octopus, Megalodon, Seal, Sea Lion, Tiger Shark, and Dolphin. They are high-quality and emulate animals perfectly, with molded textures and richly painted details. You could incorporate them into a birthday gift or even as a cake topper – they are painted with non-toxic paint. Additionally, they could make excellent bath toys. 

Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition 

Monopoly is a great family game, and with this exciting new dinosaur set, you can take a fascinating journey through a world brimming with dinosaurs! Players move their dino tokens around the gameboard, earning cash. The board spaces are spelled phonetically, helping children learn the correct pronunciation. This is a unique, fun twist on a family game night classic and can be played by up to four people. 

FunzBo Arts & Crafts Supplies

Arts and crafts are beneficial for children and help stimulate the brain and support memory, patience, concentration, and motor skills. FunzBo Arts and Crafts Supplies Jar for Kids is an affordable art & craft kit containing hundreds of materials you can choose from. You can be sure that this set will satisfy your child’s creative needs. The kit contains glitter, pipe cleaners, pompoms, glitter glue, buttons, and more. Your child can create a variety of art projects with these quality supplies. 

Glow Mind Ultra Bright Glow Sticks

Ultra Bright glow sticks are a fun novelty for kids – these are non leaking/non-toxic and perfect for a birthday party. They’re perfectly engineered to last for a long time, with around 6 hours of glowing light. Robust connectors are used, so you can wear your glow stick as a bracelet without worrying about it falling off or coming apart. 

Lego Creator Mighty Dinosaur

This build-and-play lego set includes a beige and dark-green color set. The T. Rex has bright orange eyes, posable joints, giant claws, and an opening mouth. Kids can engage in creative play and build other dinosaurs, such as Triceratops, from the same bricks. This is an excellent opportunity to promote hand/eye coordination and learn about dinosaurs. 

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors

This rich, solid 48-piece set can create various shapes and buildings to entertain your child. Build a colorful masterpiece with door frames, doors, cars, etc. This set offers endless hours of imaginative fun with hundreds of creative combinations. They are practical, too; in addition to being fun, they assist with developing fine motor and reasoning skills. Magna-tiles have been bringing excellent products to children for 20+ years. Recommended for age 3+, be mindful of choking hazards.

Fat Brain Toys Squigz 

You can create out-of-this-world abstract structures and designs. Suction construction is great fun for any child. This 50-piece Squigz set is very entertaining – they connect to any non-porous surface. They flex and stick to any surface. They can be used in the bathtub, shower, work desk area, etc. They are made of non-toxic, 100% BPA-free plastic. 

Gymnic Rody Bounce Horse

Hopping on a horse is great fun! Kids will love bouncing around; Rody is made of soft yet super strong latex and is designed for indoor and outdoor smooth surfaces. You can purchase a base (sold separately) to turn Rody into a rocking horse. 

Rody gives children hours of playtime, fun, exercise, and learning by improving motor skills. This loveable character is available in multiple colors and can help your child work on their balance. 

Potato Head By Mr. Potato Head

Potato Head is a loved character thanks to Toy Story – and now you can buy your very own potato head set! Bodies consist of large potatoes and one small potato, with 42 accessories. Kids can have fun designing their very own potato family set! This wacky gift set promotes creativity and fine motor skills. You should be mindful of the choking hazard that small parts present. 

Lincoln Logs

The Meeting House is a beautiful creation offered as an anniversary piece – you can inspire kids while making grandpa nostalgic. There are 111-pieces, and all are entirely USA-made from high-quality maple wood. Each piece has connectable indentations. Pieces include bonfires, fences, chimneys, wall logs, roof pieces, and more. The set includes three construction plans, a tall tower, two houses, and a large cabin. Children can freestyle to their hearts’ content or follow a guide. Children’s cognitive skills will benefit from building this beautiful home set. 

Regal Games Kids Classic Card Games 

This regal game features timeless card games for hours of entertainment. These easy-to-read large cards are easy to hold and provide an excellent exploration into card games. This set includes Crazy 8’s, slap jack, go fish, old maid, and other card games and can also teach children about different colors, numbers, etc. 

Playmobil Ranger Station

Little animal lovers can look after injured and sick animals at the Ranger station; this wild outpost provides all the equipment needed to nurse animals back to health, including bandages wrapped around wounds and a fenced-in recovery area, and bottles for feeding. The set includes two figures, a baby zebra, a giraffe and rhino, a mom and baby spider monkey, medical supplies, a walkie-talkie, binoculars, and more. 

Wrapping up 

There are various gift options when your little one – or another one in your life – turns 5. 5 is a magical age, and more toys are available for you to choose from. You can choose from multiple options, including arts & crafts gifts, imaginary play games, play kitchens, and even sports gifts. Don’t worry if you’re not the best at buying gifts, and you’ll be sure to choose something great if you keep this list handy.

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