Birthday Gifts for Four-Year-Old Boys

A fourth birthday party is an exciting time; four is an exciting age where children grow into their personalities. You have a wider range of toys and activities available when your relative/child turns 4. For their 4th birthday, you’ll want to plan exciting games, events – and gifts they’ll cherish and enjoy. 

There are tons of fun games, toys, etc., that you can use to teach them new skills and foster interest in various subjects. It would be best to start by considering what hobbies, games, characters, etc. they’ve shown an interest in so far, in addition to the interests you’d like to encourage – but as a general guide, most four-year-olds will enjoy the gifts on this list. 

Educational Gifts

Melissa & Doug Alphabet & Stacking Blocks 

If you’re looking for high-quality construction and developmental toy, look no further. These cute alphabet stacking blocks feature ten different sizes and letters that can help with word recognition, stacking, sorting, and other skills. 

Melissa & Doug offers Montessori-friendly, screen-free toys for all ages. 

Electronic Gifts

Dog Night Light By Mubarek

Many 4-year-olds fear the dark, but any child can use a cute reading light, too. This light offers USB charging and doesn’t require batteries. The light can cycle through 16- colors automatically, or you can use the remote control to change the color manually. The light is made of 100% heat-safe silicone and won’t become hot with long-term use. Furthermore, the light includes a 30 and 60-minute shutoff option if you want it to auto-shutoff once your child is asleep. 

Educational Insights Design & Drill Robot 

If you want to inspire curiosity and interest in engineering, get this kid-friendly, fun robot! Your preschooler can explore STEM learning by drilling bolts with a (kid-friendly) screwdriver. You can also add custom decorative stickers. It’s a unique opportunity to build your toy and helps children work on their critical thinking and coordination.

Sgile Magnetic Drawing Board

This magnetic drawing board is a great way to help your child hone their art skills – little ones can express their ideas through drawings and practice writing through doodles. The board is BPA-free and has curved edges to prevent cuts or other injuries. The best thing about magnetic drawing boards is there’s no need for paint, pencils, paper, or other materials, and you can easily wipe off your art and start again.  

Hexbug Nano Nitro 

The HEXBUG Nano Nitro is a new installment with a unique twist on a popular favorite. Hexbug nano’s are tiny, collectible micro-robotic creatures that use vibrations to explore their environment. These cool critters can quickly fly through the most complex mazes. 

HEXBUG Nano allows your child to cover more ground than ever, with more speed and range than the Nano V2. This special edition 5-piece set has a bonus glow-in-the-dark Nitro nano, and you can collect other sets by pairing them for exciting races.

Tonka Steel Classics 4×4 Pick-Up Truck 

This cute little pickup truck is ready to clear away and demolish everything in its way. With the workable blade, your little one will enjoy moving dirt, sand, gravel, and other materials. It’s made with real steel and includes a Bonus Tonka collector card. Suitable for age 3+. 

EagleStone Dinosaur Shooting Toy

This cool shooting set is a unique, novel way to introduce your child to a toy gun. The set includes one shooting target, 24 foam bullets, and one pump air gun. A digital LCD records the score and helps keep track of the multiplayer competition, meaning this can provide carnival-style shooting fun for the whole family! 

The balls are made of EVA foam, which is safe. 

Refasy Piggy Bank

Teaching children the importance of good money management is crucial – you’re never too young to start! Studies show that children introduced to their budgeting tools from a young age have fewer issues managing money. To set your child up well, consider purchasing a piggy bank like this one to help them keep track of their savings and enjoy the satisfaction it can bring.

Kitchen Gifts 

TP Deluxe Wooden Mud Kitchen

Play kitchens are a great way to teach your child life skills – and encourage them to learn through play and imagination. This play kitchen is the ultimate experience with various great play features. 

It’s a complete starter kit with four hob rings, an oven, a blackboard, a removable water bowl, and other storage options. It’s made from 100% FSC-certified wood. 

Outdoors Gifts for Four Year Old Boys

Sport Balance Bike By Strider

4 is the perfect age to get a little one their first bike! Balance bikes are the easiest to ride and can be used without training wheels/stabilizers. This bike can hold a child securely, allowing them to learn how to ride a bike without compromising their safety. 

This balance bike can teach a child balance and steering, making it easier to transition to a bicycle later. There are various safety features, including mini grips and safety pads to stop your child from falling forward and protect them if they do. 

Kinetic Sand, Construction Site

This Kinetic sand construction set gives you everything you need to create your own building site – there’s a dump truck, working crane, 2lbs of sand, and excellent bucket attachments. Kinetic sand is moldable and fascinating sensory sand that never dries out. The sand is nontoxic and anti-allergen. 

With assistance from the crane and two site attachments, you can dig, build or crush at your leisure. Children can experience hours of fun by exploring and moving kinetic sand before demolishing it with a wrecking ball. The dump truck includes working wheels and a 3-brick mold. The construction site is contained in a portable sandbox that easily stores away for mess-free fun and storage. 

Airplane Launcher By Aiencsai

The glider plane toy is equipped with three foam planes in orange, red, and blue. You can fly them by hand or with the assistance of the airplane launcher. This is a great screen-free activity for all ages. They are easy to assemble and have fun, colorful LED lights. These toy airplanes have an impressive range of up to 8-10 meters as a glider. They are easy for kids to assemble/disassemble, which is another way to foster their hands-on skills. 

Play-Doh Bulk Winter Colors

Play-Doh is a fun way to create new things and enjoy arts and crafts activities. This 12-piece Play-Doh kit includes a set of winter shades, including green, red, and white.

 It’s a festive collection that can make a great birthday or Christmas gift. Play-Doh is one of those gifts you can always count on, and you can never have too much play-doh. 

Sensory Snuggle Oval Swing By HearthSong

This is a great gift if you’re looking for an attractive sensory swing. The Snuggle Tree Swing helps children 3+ develop muscle tone, balance, motor skills, and eye-hand coordination. The solid steel frame can support children and petite adults up to 120lbs, and it’s safe for outdoor use as it’s weather resistant and made of lycra-baked neoprene and canvas. The rope length is adjustable and requires assembly by an adult. 

Sports Gifts

Franklin Sports Badminton Racket Set

Badminton is a great game if you’re looking for a new sport to play with your little one. This Smash Minton brings a fun, youth twist to the traditional badminton game. The set offers two short-neck badminton racquets that make it easy for kids to hit/control the birdie and foam-tipped birdies that are soft and safe for youth play. 

Franklin Sports Baseball Batting Tee

The 2-1 Grow-with-me baseball tee set is designed for mini-athletes looking to play baseball or tee-ball. The set is designed as a ”grow with me” set, offering a multi-step process. Your little one will begin with the Hanging Tee and eventually work their way up to a traditional tee trainer. The hanging tee suspends the ball in the air for inexperienced, smaller players, and the traditional tee is adjustable from 25 to 36 inches. The set is completed with one bat and four baseballs. 

Other Gifts

Play Brainy 101 Pieces Magnetic Cubes

Building games are a perfect way to hone fine motor skills and spark creativity. This 101-piece magnetic cube set will allow children to build awesome 3D projects, including vehicles and animals. Each set is nontoxic and easy to use. In addition to being fun and child friendly, this is a STEM-approved learning toy that can foster a child’s interest in engineering and maths. 

Magformers Basic Set

This 30-piece set of rainbow-colored magformers is made of high-quality ABS plastic. You can use Magformers to construct various shapes to aid in early learning – most children start with squares, cubes, and triangles, but you can make a variety. Magformers are great fun but also provide educational/learning benefits – they’re a popular toy for classroom use. 

Idea Nuova Marvel Spiderman Bean Bag Chair

Spiderman is a popular interest for young boys – and most four-year-olds have heard of him. Bean bags are great for toddlers and adults alike – this portable sofa chair is easy to maintain and eye-catching. If your child loves spiderman, they’re sure to love this chair. It’s made from polyester and can be spot cleaned with wet wipes or a soapy cloth. 

Mudpuppy Dinosaur Dominoes

Dominoes is an educational strategy game that can help your child develop their cognitive abilities, and this is a great fun domino set. This colorful dinosaur set is made with nontoxic soy-based paints and includes 28 double-sized oversized dominoes with illustrated dinosaurs and numbered footprints – two ways to play. Suitable for ages 3+.  

Play Fort Playset By Crazy Forts

Building forts can create some of the most precious childhood memories. Crazy Forts offer a variety of tools for you to build sturdy, interesting structures. 

You can piece this crazy fort together in several ways – you can make your own durable, portable structure. You can arrange it into an Igloo, pirate ship, castle, cave, etc. Put the pieces together in various configurations, cover them with a sheet, and you’re ready to go! This provides fun for kids – especially indoors on a rainy day. 

National Geographic Glowing Marble Run 

This 80-piece kit will be a source of fascination and endless fun for your little friend; the kit includes 15 action pieces and 45 track pieces; there are endless configurations, and the marbles glow in the dark with rechargeable UV. The learning guide, suitable for slightly older children, includes explanations of aerodynamics and the science of motion. Includes a storage pouch and bag. 

National Geographic STEM kits are high-quality educational tools that provide fun experiences alongside valuable learning. Younger and older children can find value in this kit, but carefully supervise young ones due to potential choking hazards. 

Migargle Wooden Castle Building Blocks

Beautiful wooden castles can harness your child’s creativity and give them a sense of achievement – you can build bridges, turrets, etc., with this 69-piece set. Your child will also develop their logical reasoning skills. This durable set can be used on lawns, patios, or kindergartens. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each piece is made of 100% smooth sanded wood and coated with vibrant, water-based paints. 

Tomy Pop Up Pirate Game

This PopUp Pirate! Provides hours of fun – little ones will love seeing the pirate shoot out of the barrel. The game is simple, and the pirate is stuck into the brown barrel, which contains a spring mechanism for its launch. Each player has a turn pushing colorful swords into the barrel until the pirate is launched into the air, thanks to the spring mechanism. This game set includes a blue base, barrel, 24 swords of various colors, And some fun decorative stickers.  

Crayola Kids Wooden Easel

If you want to inspire your little one to take up art, you should consider buying them an easel set. It’ll inspire them to learn new things and improves their hand-eye coordination and imagination. This Art Easel set includes one easel, three paint pots, 12 washable dry-erase markers, one eraser, and more. The paint and easel are safe and nontoxic for children 3+. You can purchase anti-dust white chalk separately. 

Wrapping Up 

Four is a unique developmental age, and you’ll want to get them the perfect gift! In addition to buying fun gifts, it’s a good idea to purchase something with sentimental and educational value. There are various Montessori-friendly toys on this list, including possible first-bike options and STEM learning toys. If the child doesn’t have clearly defined interests yet, you can look at toys aimed towards creativity, décor, or skill building – regardless, you’re sure to pick a great gift if you keep this list in hand while you shop.

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