Birthday Gifts for Seven-Year-Old Boys

As seven-year-olds fully settle into grade school, their development has reached a new level, even compared to six. Meaning there’s a whole host of new toys and games you can get for their birthday. 

At this age, they’ll be wanting some more independence, to challenge themselves more, and to develop their skills even further. Don’t panic though – they’re still young enough that they’ll enjoy doing all of this through toys and games! 

This year, board games, puzzles, books, STEM and craft projects, writing, creating, and building toys will be winners as your little boy turns seven. With our guide, you’ll find gifts that are both fun and educational that your seven-year-old is going to love opening on his birthday. 

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

Though dressing up and role playing may not be their favorite thing to do anymore, there are still plenty of clothes, shoes, jewelry, and watches that your seven-year-old boy would love to receive. 

We’ve selected the best and most popular clothes and accessories out there at the moment that your little boy would be overjoyed with on his seventh birthday. 

American Trends Fuzzy Slipper Socks

The thing about socks is you can never have too many. These American Trends Fuzzy Slipper Socks are not just any socks, either. They are super-soft, skin-friendly, and perfect for keeping small feet toasty warm. Inside they are lined with fleece, while the outer soles have an anti-slip grip. These cozy socks have a dinosaur pattern to catch the eye of a seven-year-old boy. 

Simple Joys Cotton Pajama Set

The Carter’s PJ T-shirt reads “Heroes never sleep.” However, a seven-year-old can’t help but float off to dreamland in these comfy pajamas. Carter’s Simple Joy’s Cotton Pajama Set contains three mix-and-match PJ outfits. These pajamas include two short-sleeve T-shirts, one long-sleeve, and three pairs of sleep pants. A child can enjoy sweet sleep in these PJs at any time of the year.

Voovix Kids LED Light-Up Shoes

These Voovix Kids LED Light-up Shoes are like a party on the feet. The black sneaker looks like the average shoe until you press a button to turn on the lights. When the lights start to dim, you can recharge them using a USB. A child can pick his favorite color light or try out a flashing strobe. This gift may be the hit of the party!


Educational gifts are actually what a seven-year-old is probably going to enjoy playing with the most. At this age, they can read instructions, understand rules, and are looking to plan and strategize in games. 

Your little man would love games that challenge them and help them learn more (both mentally and physically). Don’t be overwhelmed – we’ve tracked down the top educational gifts a seven-year-old boy will love opening on his birthday. 

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

The 140-piece Crayola Kids Art Kit includes everything an aspiring artist needs to create colorful drawings. The set comes with 64 crayons, 20 colored pencils, 40 markers, and extra-large sheets of paper. A seven-year-old can pack these supplies in the art case and take them with him. This gift is a great way to encourage a young artist’s artistic abilities.

Monopoly Junior Board Game

The Monopoly Junior Board Game has all the fun of the classic Hasbro game. However, this Junior version is faster and easier for young players. The set includes four plastic game pieces, including the classic Mr. Monopoly top hat. In this game, the properties are familiar and easy to read. Instead of Mediterranean Avenue and Luxury Tax, kids find locations like Pizza Place and Ice Cream Parlor.

Magic Tree House Boxed Set

The Magic Treehouse series can spark early readers’ interest in history and different parts of the world. Your child can learn with the characters Jack and Annie as they interact across the globe with pirates, Vikings, dingoes, mummies, dinosaurs, and more. These fiction books can teach historical topics at a seven-year-old boy’s age level. With 28 books in the set, a child has many adventures waiting for him.

National Geographic Slime Kit

Many little boys seem to be obsessed with slime! This National Geographic Slime Kit contains eight different kinds of slime to keep a seven-year-old boy occupied with sensory play. From premade magnetic putty to color-changing putty, this set is all about slimy fun. Also, a boy can make his own slime by using the DIY glow-in-the-dark slime packet, container, and mixing stick.

Pokemon GO Elite Trainer Box

The Pokemon GO Elite Trainer Box combines game features from Pokémon GO with the Pokémon Trading Card Game. This set includes booster packs, damage-counter dice, a coin-flip die, VSTAR markers, 45 energy cards, 65 sleeve protectors, a foil Mewtwo V promo card, and much more. A boy can keep up with all the game pieces in the hardy collector’s box.

Hasbro Guess Who? Board Game

The game, Guess Who? has had a new look since the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. This version includes several updated characters and drawings. However, the classic rules remain unchanged. With 24 mystery cards and 48 face cards, a child will have his work cut out for him. Kids can build descriptive vocabulary as they ask yes/no questions and make guesses.

Kapla 100 Octocolor Case

The KAPLA 100 Octocolor Case is full of mini wooden planks. A seven-year-old boy can use these colorful pieces to build houses, roads, and other structures. This set can stimulate a young imagination and refine a child’s fine motor skills. All the building planks can fit back into the wooden box when it is time to put away the toys.


At the age of seven, you may have already had discussions or challenges facing screen time. So the thought of giving your child electronics might not be on your mind, but there’s loads of tech out there that’s educational and doesn’t involve screens. 

We’ve hand-selected electronic gifts that your seven-year-old boy will find fun, educational, and engaging while keeping him safe. 

Orrente Remote Control Car

The Orrente Remote Control Car can go forward, backward, and do tricks off-road. It can get traction on rocky and sandy terrain and climb over small obstacles. The bright LED lights let a child play with this car until after dark. A seven-year-old can have fun playing with this car independently, or he can have a remote control car race with friends.

Nintendo Switch Lite – Blue  

This blue Nintendo Switch Lite lets a seven-year-old play all his favorite games. Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Legend of Zelda, and many other classics are ready to go on this handheld device. All the controls you need to play a game are positioned on the sides of the screen, meaning they can easily play at home or on the go.

Midola Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

A seven-year-old can listen to his favorite tunes through this Midola Kid’s Headset. These headphones come pre-programmed with a low-volume setting to preserve a child’s hearing. However, this setting can be adjusted as a child grows. Kids can plug these headphones into a device, or connect to Bluetooth for more freedom of movement. The headphones have an adjustable headband for a comfortable fit on a child’s ears.

Wiszodet Smart Watch

If your seven-year-old enjoys snapping photos, setting a stopwatch, and playing games, he will love the Wiszodet Smart Watch. This watch includes a selfie cam, video camera, 24 pre-loaded games, music, a voice recorder, a pedometer, a stopwatch, and many more features. Also, a boy can store over 10,000 HD photos to look back on later. This watch encourages a child to tell time and make memories.  

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Home, Garden, & Tools

It’s likely that your seven-year-old spends most of his time at school and in extra-curricular activities, which can make time spent at home even more important. 

The home will now become a place where they can rest after challenging themselves daily at school. It’s also a safe space where they can practice or develop skills they’ve been learning. We’ve selected gifts that your seven-year-old is going to look forward to coming home to play with every day. 

East Point Sports Hockey Game Table

If your kid can’t wait to play air hockey at the Arcade, you can bring his favorite game home with this Air Hockey table. This table game comes with two air hockey pucks and two pushers. After each goal, the electronic scorekeeper automatically adds a point to the appropriate side. A seven-year-old can build hand-eye coordination while he enjoys friendly competition.

Pressman Charades for Kids

A rousing game of charades is a way to bring family and friends together for a light-hearted challenge. This game is designed so early readers and non-readers can still join the fun. Each card comes with three different levels of difficulty. The easiest level provides both a word and a picture for a young player. This birthday gift may turn into a party game, so brush up on your acting skills before you go!

Naturally Kids Husky Backpack

A dog-loving seven-year-old boy can enjoy toting around this Naturally Kids Husky Backpack. This denim backpack has a soft, plush husky dog strapped into a special pouch on the bag’s exterior. The gray and white husky has golden eyes and a loveable smile. Padded straps make it easy to carry around – even when it is stuffed full of toys and supplies. 

Kids & Babies Toys

Though the “toys” section is a little shorter than it is for six-year-old boys, they’ll still love the comfort of switching off and playing with games. 

There are also plenty of toys out there that are super fun but will be challenging them without them even realizing it! Our recommendations for the best toys will have your seven-year-old boy eager to hold on to the comfort of his childhood. 

Hasbro Gaming Battleship Classic Board Game

Hasbro’s Battleship is a classic game of strategy kids have enjoyed for generations. Now it’s time to introduce this game to the seven-year-old boy in your life. A boy can enjoy searching and destroying a playmate’s battleship to win the game one strike at a time. This version also includes the advanced Salvo feature for launching multiple attacks against an opponent. 

Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower Track Set

The Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower is an extreme racing game for toy cars. This two-foot tall race track allows kids to set multiple cars in motion to race and crash toward the finish line. When the race is over, a child can store over 20 cars in the tower. This Hot Wheels birthday gift is a car fanatic’s dream! 

Lego Creator 3-in-1 Mighty Dinosaur

The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Mighty Dinosaur birthday gift is perfect for an imaginative seven-year-old boy. A child can put together a T-rex, a Pterodactyl, or a Triceratops using the same LEGO building blocks using detailed instructions. Once a child has played with one dino, he can disassemble it to make a different dinosaur. This 3-in-1 LEGO set never gets old! 

Lego Mobile Crane Toy Set

A seven-year-old boy can add to his LEGO City collection with this LEGO Mobile Crane Set. He will get access to a digital LEGO building guide to see how to put each piece in the correct position. The multifunctional mobile crane comes with two construction workers and a road plate. The crane can lift the road plate and put it in place to connect to other LEGO City sets, making for hours of imaginative fun!


After being cooped up at school all day, boys aged seven are still going to be keen to be getting outdoors, stretching their legs, and breathing in that sweet fresh air. 

If you’re also keen to get them away from screens a little more, we’ve picked out the best outdoor gifts for your seven-year-old boy that will get them racing to play outdoors in no time.

Kicksy Wheels Scooter

A kid can have fun riding around the neighborhood with this vibrant Kicksy Wheels Scooter. This scooter has an extra-wide, non-slip deck so kids can keep a secure footing while they ride. The durable aluminum and steel construction can withstand regular use and is lightweight. Adjust the height of the handlebars to fit your child. This birthday gift can grow with a seven-year-old boy.

Waliki Hopper Ball

This blue Waliki Hopper Ball is a great way for a child to release excess energy in a healthy way. A seven-year-old boy can use this ball to exercise indoors on a rainy day. However, the hopper is durable enough to withstand outdoor surfaces if the weather is right. The Waliki Hopper comes with a double-action pump for inflating the ball in five minutes or less.

Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set  

Water play is a great way for kids to stay cool and have fun in the summer season. These Foam Water Shooters look like short pool noodles and can blast water at high speeds. Since they come in a six-pack, a boy has plenty of shooters to share with friends. These water cannons float in water, so they are perfect for poolside fun.

Bandle B. Liquid Chalk Markers

The Bandle B. Liquid Chalk Markers come in eight vibrant colors and can bring out your son’s artistic side. These liquid markers go smoothly on primed chalkboards, whiteboards, windows, and other non-porous surfaces. Also, they never screech as you write! A boy can erase and start again as often as he wants. Seven-year-olds can enjoy creating art with these chalk markers.

Kelty Mistral Kids 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

The Kelty Mistral Kids Three-Season Sleeping Bag is perfect for camping or a night in the backyard under the stars. The mummy-style sleeping bag protects a child’s head from dew and insects. The sack is filled with CloudLoft insulation to keep the little one warm from head to toe. A seven-year-old can enjoy getting back to nature with this warm and comfy sleeping bag.

Mini Explorer Nature Explorer Kit

Encourage a child’s interest in nature with the Mini Explorer Nature Kit. The set includes binoculars, a compass, a thermometer, a self-energizing flashlight, a whistle, and a handheld fan. These tools are not just for child’s play – each piece really works! All these educational tools fit into a gift tin so they are easy to take camping, hiking, or in the backyard.

Springfree Trampoline Medium Oval

This medium-sized trampoline is large enough for a seven-year-old to enjoy, and the flexible safety net makes it a safe place for jumpers. With this trampoline, you don’t have to worry about kids getting caught in large metal springs. Instead of springs, it uses composite rods that are hidden underneath the jumping surface. This Springfree Trampoline can give the birthday boy hours of safe fun.

Stomp Rocket The Original Rocket Launcher

A child can launch a rocket into space with a stomp launching pad. No batteries are required; the birthday boy can just run, jump, and stomp to send it flying. The rocket can fly up to 400 feet in the air at an amazing speed. This stomp rocket is a fun outdoor activity for a seven-year-old. It can teach a child about gravity and force and spark an interest in STEM subjects.


Kids aged seven are still keen to develop their spatial awareness, motor skills, and interactive skills to help improve their sports abilities. Trying their hand at things that challenge them a bit more like bikes, scooters, and trampolines is a great way to go. 

Check out our recommendations of the best sports gifts for your seven-year-old boy on his birthday.

Royal Baby Freestyle Kids Bike

The Royal Baby Freestyle Kids Bike is ready to take a birthday boy for a ride. It comes 95% pre-assembled with instructions and tools to finish it. This shiny blue bike has a durable steel frame and wide tires for a smooth ride. Removable training wheels can help new riders feel confident riding. With this sporty bike, a seven-year-old can is ready to go for a spin with his friends.

Wrapping Up

Though seven-year-olds are becoming more independent and looking to expand their learning, they’re still fun bundles of joy that enjoy playing games. Which makes shopping for their birthday super fun! 

They’re at a great age where they’re looking to challenge themselves with more complicated games that might involve planning and strategizing. One-and-done projects involving the likes of crafts and STEM will have them well and truly engaged too. 

There are loads of fun, educational games and toys out there. We’ve pulled together the best ones hitting the shelves that a seven-year-old boy is going to love opening on his birthday. Happy shopping!

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