Birthday Gifts for Six-Year-Old Boys

Six is a wonderful age to buy birthday gifts. 

By this age, they have a really good mix of interests and skills. School will make them more confident when it comes to complex projects and they’ll have better-developed concentration to focus on books and games for longer than two minutes. But at the same time, they’ll still love playing outdoors, exercising, and using their imagination. 

Your little boy will also be more aware of what they like, don’t like, and what they see as “cool”. But while they may have preferences, it’s still important to get them gifts that expand their horizons a little. 

To help make your life a bit easier, we’ve hand-selected all of the top gifts that a little boy is going to love opening on his sixth birthday. 

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

Though parents may not want to hear this, by the time children turn six, they usually know their own minds and are increasingly aware of what’s “cool” when it comes to clothes, shoes, jewelry, and watches. 

To avoid any fashion faux pas, we’ve selected the top clothing and accessory gifts for six-year-old boys that will they’ll be proudly debuting in the play yard. 

Carhartt Boys’ Hooded Active Jacket

This Carhartt Hooded Jacket allows an active boy to play outside, whatever the weather. The outside of the jacket is 100% cotton canvas in olive green. On the inside, a quilted polyester lining will keep a child warm. With a comfy hood and pockets to carry rocks and trinkets, this jacket will get lots of wear from a six-year-old.

Simple Joy’s Cotton Pajama Set

These 100% cotton pajamas by Carter’s are soft and comfy for a boy to wear to bed at night. He’ll love the colorful monsters, dinos, and robots stitched onto the PJs. The nightwear sets include short and long-sleeve shirts, PJ pants, and a pair of shorts. Whether a boy sleeps hot or gets cold, he can find the right combo in this set for the most comfortable sleep. 

Voovix Kids LED Light-up Shoes

When it’s time for a six-year-old boy’s birthday, these Voovix Kids LED Light-up Shoes will bring the party! On the outside, they look like sleek black sneakers. However, the rubber soles can light up with the touch of a button. They can choose between seven static colors or four flashing strobes. Recharge the lights with a USB so the shoes can keep shining!


At the age of six, children are now quite confident with reading, writing, maths, and science. However, they’ll still find educational gifts fun and will continue getting huge benefits from them.

Six opens up a world of independent play and trying to follow instructions themselves. They’re also ready to tackle games that require some skills and patience, which they’ll love trying to master. We’ve selected the best games that will challenge your six-year-old boy in the most fun way. 

Boalord Wooden Letter Piggy Bank

Teach a child the value of money with this educational gift. The Boalord Wooden Piggy Bank comes in the form of a letter of your choosing. It also has small sticker letters so he can spell his name on the front of the bank. The acrylic face means your six-year-old can see how much money he has saved to date. 

Meland Marble Run

With Meland Marble Run, a six-year-old can build the ultimate marble track. This set includes 102 building pieces and 30 glass marbles. Since the parts are interchangeable, a child can use his imagination to try out different formations. The translucent pieces allow them to watch the marble race all through the track. He can practice hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills while playing with this set.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Six-year-olds can enjoy creating art without inhibitions. This Crayola Kids Art Kit is a dream come true for an aspiring artist. The 140-piece set includes crayons, colored pencils, markers, and paper for the imagination to go wild. All the pieces come in an art storage case, so the colors stay organized. This Crayola art kit is a gift that keeps on giving!

Winning Moves Games Classic Trouble Board Game

Trouble is a fun game for all generations. This classic board game has a Pop-O-Matic dice popper, so the die never gets lost. Also, the board has a durable plastic cover with built-in places for the pieces to move, so you don’t have to worry about pegs falling over. A six-year-old can enjoy playing this game with friends to see who reaches the finish first. 

Hapinest Glow In The Dark Puzzle

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures – especially to six-year-olds! This Hapinest Glow-in-the-Dark Puzzle lets a child learn about dinosaurs through activities. He will have to pay attention to detail and use problem-solving skills to fit each of the 100 pieces together. When he is done, the dinosaurs glow in the dark. This set also includes dinosaur fun fact cards and a LED flashlight. 

Magic Tree House Boxed Set

The Magic Treehouse series is perfect for beginner readers. This set is full of adventure in different parts of the world and various time periods. A reader can follow Jack and Annie from the dinosaur age to pyramids, pirates, and on to Hawaii. This gift set with 28 books can encourage reading and open a child’s mind to grand adventures.

World of Reading Star Wars Boxed Set: Level 1

Young Star Wars fans can combine new reading skills with their love for a galaxy far, far, away in this World of Reading Boxed Set. Classic characters such as Darth Vader, Luke, Leia, and newer personages like Rey and Finn make their way into these stories. The reading level is appropriate for six-year-olds, and the illustrations make the pages come alive. 

The Don’t Laugh Challenge Book By Billy Boy

The Don’t Laugh Challenge Book Six-Year-Old Edition is a perfect birthday gift for a boy turning six. This book goes beyond the knock-knock jokes and allows a kid to have silly fun with a friend. Children can act out scenes and tell jokes to see who laughs the hardest. This book encourages children in their reading, speech, and acting skills. Next stop – Hollywood!

Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure

Peaceable Kingdom Race to the Treasure is a game that two to four children can play. The game consists of a board, one die, 37 cards, token keys, and an ogre snack. To win, a team collects keys and builds a puzzle pathway. Kids need to learn to work together to beat the ogre to the treasure and become winners. 

Orrente Remote Control Car

The Orrente Remote Control Car can do more than just go forward and backward. This car can also go off-road on rocky, sandy, or grassy areas and pull stunts. It can tumble and flip and speed at over four miles per hour. The LED headlights allow your boy to steer the car even at night. This birthday gift is sure to impress a six-year-old boy.

Nintendo Switch Lite – Blue

This blue Nintendo Switch Lite allows gamers to take their games on the road. The handheld device has a control system that is built into the design. Kids can play Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Legend of Zelda, and other classic games using this Nintendo Switch system. This gift can be the perfect travel buddy to keep a six-year-old entertained.

Home, Garden, & Tools

Now that your six-year-old will be spending most of their time at school, they’ll treasure their time at home more than ever before. 

We’ve found the gifts that will make playing at home or spending time in the garden more enjoyable than ever. With our top recommendations, they’ll be racing home from school to play! 

Naturally Kids Teddy Bear Backpack

This denim backpack lets a six-year-old take his favorite toys on a road trip, to the park, or to Grandma’s. On the outside, an extra-soft plush bear is strapped in and ready to go, while the inside is big enough to hold an iPhone XS Max, Galaxy Note, or iPad Mini. This backpack is a perfect birthday gift for a boy transitioning from little to big.

Waliki Horse Hopper Ball

If he wants a pony as a birthday gift, this Waliki Horse Hopper Ball is the next best thing. The adorable plush horse has a hopper ball inside so a child can go for a ride indoors. It is large enough for kids six to nine years old to use. This brand also carries adult sizes if you want to join in on the action! 

Waliki Horse Hopper Ball
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Dream Factory Dinosaur Boys Comforter Set

You can brighten up a six-year-old boy’s room with this colorful dinosaur bedding. The comforter and sham are decorated with different types of friendly dinosaurs and their names, while the sheets have dinosaur tracks on a white background. A child can learn the names of his favorite dinos with this adorable bedding while giving a boy’s bedroom a whole new look!

Kids & Babies Toys

Luckily, six-year-olds are still at an age where they love playing with toys. But what’s better is that games are now a two-way street – they’ll love the challenge of figuring things out independently, but they’ll enjoy trying to strategize against friends and grown-ups too. 

We’ve handpicked toys that are designed to be fun, engaging, developmental, and imaginative – all critical skills for a young boy to be continually developing. He’s going to love opening these toys on his sixth birthday. 

Lincoln Logs

If you loved playing with Lincoln logs as a kid, your six-year-old can share this same childhood experience. The 100th Anniversary Edition is a throwback to one of the first sets created. It comes in a large gift tin with 111 pieces and instructions to build three unique plans. Or, a child can use his imagination to create an entirely new creation.

Playmobil Pony Farm

Whether your six-year-old lives on a farm or in the city, this Playmobil country set can bring him hours of joy. Inside the box are three figures, ponies, a barn with a loft, fences, a pond, cats, and much more. A boy can play alone or enter an imaginative world with friends. This set can be a great talking point to learn about domestic animals and occupations.

Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Pack

Many six-year-old boys are already Marvel fans – but which hero is their favorite? With this Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Pack, they don’t need to pick! It includes popular characters such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Hulk. These 5-inch plastic figures can sit, stand, move their arms, and be fitted with included accessories like webs and shields.

Lego Classic Creative Brick Box

This medium-sized LEGO Classic Creative Brick Box is a great starter set for a six-year-old boy. It has 484 pieces in 35 unique colors and includes windows, eyes, 18 tires, and wheel rims. A child can build figures, animals, cars, houses, trains, or whatever his imagination dictates. When playtime is over, all the pieces can fit back into the durable yellow brick container. 

Tiny Land Rocket Ship Tent

This Tiny Land Rocket Ship Tent can take a child on new adventures. In this quiet space, a six-year-old boy can play creatively or relax with a book. This tent stands five feet and six inches tall and is large enough for up to five kids and one adult to join playtime. Kids can enjoy pressing the rocket launch button to hear a countdown as they prepare for take-off. 

Lego Jurassic World Toy Set

The LEGO Jurassic World Building Toy Set combines a child’s interest in dinosaurs with imaginative play. This 181-piece set includes the famous characters Maisie and Rainn Delacourt and the two dinosaurs, Blue and Beta. A six-year-old boy can enjoy the challenge of building the jeep, bike, dino cage, and bait by following the step-by-step LEGO instructions. This set is a perfect introduction to the world of LEGO.


Though six-year-olds will be enjoying tackling STEM projects, exploring independent play, reading, or trying their hand at a board game, it’s still important for a little boy to be enjoying the great outdoors. 

Exercise and games that encourage open-ended play or the use of imagination are still incredibly important skills to develop during this time. That’s why we’ve picked the top outdoor gifts that your six-year-old boy is going to love. 

Create A Castle Sandcastle Kit

Your six-year-old can build the ultimate castle with the help of this Create A Castle Sandcastle Kit. The detailed casts allow kids to build castles in sand or snow. Instead of lifting the mold off, these castle molds use hinges. This split-away design makes sure you don’t knock corners off the roof. A kid can build awesome castles at home or on vacation easily with this kit.

Kicksy Wheels Scooter

The Kicksy Wheels Scooter can grow with a six-year-old boy until he is 12 years old. This brightly colored scooter has a non-slip, wide deck giving learners plenty of foot room to feel secure. Also, it is lightweight and folds up so you can tote it around. This scooter can be a meaningful birthday gift that a kid can use for years to come.

Max Liquidator 6-Pack Water Blaster Set

Kids can go wild with water play in the summer with this Max Liquidator Water Blaster Set. These water shooters look like innocent pool noodles on the outside. However, if you stand too close to one of these, you may be the next one to get soaked. If your child decides to have a pool party this year, this 6-pack of water blasters can make perfect party favors. 

Bandle B. Liquid Chalk Markers

A kid can have fun using these Bandle B. Liquid Chalk Markers to create his own style of art. These chalk markers come in eight different colors and each has two tips. You can use these markers on primed chalkboards, dry-erase boards, window panes, glass, and many other non-porous surfaces. The bright colors make drawing and writing fun for kids. 

Ecr4kids Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar Tunnel

Kids can develop muscle coordination, balance, and other motor skills during sensory play. This vibrantly colored Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar Tunnel is perfect for climbing, crawling, and creativity. You can change the order of the pieces to keep this play structure interesting. The hardy, fade-resistant plastic parts can withstand the sun and rain. They’ll love having their own section of the garden for play.

Kelty Mistral Kids 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

The Kelty Mistral Kids 20-Degree Sleeping Bag can withstand the temperature changes of three seasons. This mummy-style sleeping bag covers the head and tapers at the feet to retain heat. It is filled with CloudLoft insulation to keep a kid warm and cozy on serious camping trips or backyard slumber parties. This birthday gift can pass the travel bug on to the next generation.


Children turning six are typically very social and will likely enjoy the challenge of testing their hand-eye coordination in real-life sports games. They’ll also be increasingly aware of fairness and rules, making sports a perfect way for them to learn more. 

Sports games are a really fun way to get your six-year-old boy outdoors and develop their skills more. That’s why we’ve selected the best sports games for your little boy to play as he turns six.

Franklin Sports Grow-with-Me Baseball Tee

You can hit the ball out of the park when you give a six-year-old this Grow-with-Me Baseball Tee. This set includes a batting tee, a 21-inch plastic bat, and four baseballs for a child to practice his swing. First, he can use the self-stick with a hanging ball. Then he can advance to the regular tee stand. Soon, this little slugger will be ready for Little League.

Wrapping Up

Six is such a great age to be buying the little man in your life a birthday gift. 

Six-year-olds are great fun, developing their own little personalities, and are now enjoying being challenged by more difficult games. But they’ve also not lost the magic of roleplay and silliness that makes them a kid. 

There’s a huge range of gifts out there for six-year-old boys. We’ve made your life a lot easier by tracking down the best gifts that he’d love playing with and learning from on his sixth birthday.

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