Birthday Gifts for Thirteen-Year-Old Girls

Becoming a teenager is such an exciting time in a young girl’s life. However, getting her a present to celebrate such an occasion is a different matter. Between puberty, mood swings, and fast-paced trends, it can be impossible to know what to get the new teen.

To help you out, we’ve found the best gifts across a range of departments that a teenage girl is going to absolutely love receiving for her birthday. Whether you want to pamper her, help her spruce up her room, or really treat her to the latest tech, we’ve got gift ideas for every interest and every budget. A thirteen-year-old girl will have a birthday to remember with our gift recommendations. 

Beauty & Health

Becoming a teenager comes with a whole host of self-image complexities. Their skin might be breaking out due to hormone changes, they might be starting to take an interest in makeup, and they might be incredibly self-conscious around this time. 

That’s why health and beauty products make a great gift for a thirteen-year-old girl. We’ve found the gifts that will treat her to a pampering session as well as gifts that teach her the importance of self-care and positive self-image. A thirteen-year-old girl will be feeling on top of the world on her birthday with these health and beauty gifts. 

MyPartyTees Terry Makeup Bag

Whether a teen is packing for a family vacation or a sleepover with friends, this MyPartyTees Terry Makeup Bag is an adorable way to bring beauty products along. This 100% cotton terry cloth bag has a velvet lining and a zipper closure to keep make-up, shampoo, or skincare products safe while traveling. It comes in two colors: Sand or Dusty-Peach. You can personalize this bag with the birthday girl’s first name initial.

PureChakraCo Happy Birthday Gift Box

This could be a great gift for those who won’t see the birthday girl on her special day. You can send her this PureChakraCo Happy Birthday Gift Box. This gift is like a spa in a box and comes with 10 special gifts. It includes a live succulent, a scented soy candle, bath products, and a natural lip balm, among other treats. Include a special message in the birthday card to complete this sweet gift. 

Revlon 2 in 1 Hair Styler & Brush

You can get a salon-style blowout in half the time with this Revlon 2-in-1 Hair Styler & Brush. This hair styler uses ionic technology to smooth hair and add volume. You can add curls or flips and boost the roots while they dry. A teen girl will have fun experimenting with different hairstyles for seeing friends using this quality Revlon Hair Styler and Brush.

Stntus Bath Bombs

This artistic bath bomb set is skin-friendly for all ages and can make self-care fun. Each bomb comes in a shape of a sweet treat and has a unique long-lasting fragrance. Drop one into the tub and enjoy aromatherapy while it fizzes into the bath water. The scents range from relaxing lavender, rose, and coconut to energizing scents like citrus and mint.

Stntus Bath Bombs
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Zicoto All-in-One Journaling Kit

Keeping a journal is a great way for a teen to stay on top of her activities, express her thoughts, and keep special memories. The Zicoto All-in-One Journaling Kit comes with 61 accessories for the best journaling experience. It includes a lovely 128-page journal, 10 sticker sheets, 9 stencil sheets, 6 washi tapes, 15 pens, plus 20 envelopes. A thirteen-year-old can enjoy decorating this notebook and making it her own.

TrueSooth Self-Care Accessories

A teen will enjoy resting and relaxing with this TrueSooth Self-Care Accessories set. The satin pillowcase is gentle on the skin and hair and is embroidered with the inspirational message, “Always remember, beautiful, you can do amazing things.” A silk eye mask means she can sleep anytime. This mask has a lavender insert for those who struggle to sleep and a cold/hot gel insert to soothe tired eyes.

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

At thirteen, many girls start experimenting with make-up. This Urban Decay Naked3 Palette is perfect for those just getting started or those who already wear makeup. It comes with 12 eye shadows from shimmering rose hues to dusky earth tones, so she can try different color combinations. These eyeshadows feel luxuriously soft on the skin and blend well. A vegan double-ended brush comes with this eyeshadow color palette.

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

Around the age of thirteen, girls might become more interested in the latest fashion trends and brands. As friendship groups tighten and they approach high school, it’s likely they’ll start caring about their appearance.

Wondering what on earth is “cool” to thirteen-year-old girls? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve found clothes, shoes, jewelry, and watches that a teenage girl will absolutely adore, and that will get mom and dad’s approval too! She’ll love debuting these on her thirteenth birthday. 

UGG Women’s Fluff Collage Slipper

These UGG Women’s Fluff Collage Slippers look cool and funky while feeling luxurious on the feet. The slippers are made from dyed sheep fur with a sheepskin lining and insole, while the rubber outsole prevents slips and falls. The Pink Jasmine Bling slippers have the UGG logo printed in rhinestones on the elastic heel strap. These UGG slippers combine fashion with comfort.

UGG Women's Fluff Collage Slipper
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Sisosock Thick Fuzzy Socks

These Sisosock Thick Fuzzy Socks are perfect for staying cozy on cold days. These socks contain wool, cotton, and a synthetic fiber lining, so they are soft and warm against your skin. You can wear them with shoes, boots, snow boots, or just for lounging around the house. This sock set includes six pairs in different hues to match any outfit.

FamilyFairy Faux Fur Slippers

These FamilyFairy Faux Fur Slippers are magical when you slip them on your feet. Their faux fur uppers are soft and comfy against the skin. The coral fleece lining is designed to wick moisture away, keeping feet dry and warm. With their flexible rubber soles, you can wear these slip-on faux fur sandals around the house or on the porch.

SkyWiseWin Earrings Set

After a girl gets her ears pierced, she will be excited to wear earrings that match her attire. This SkyWiseWin Earrings Set has 12 pairs of earrings to match a variety of outfits and moods. The studs include unicorns, cupcakes, pandas, golden stars, faux pearls, and mermaid scales, among others. These eco-friendly, hypoallergenic stud earrings are gentle on sensitive skin.


As girls turn thirteen, education and learning might become a total drag when they could be spending time with friends or listening to music in their room. To keep them interested or give those who aren’t interested a little push, we’ve found the best educational gifts for their birthday.

With our enlightening gift ideas, they’ll be having so much fun that they won’t even realize that they’re learning at the same time. A thirteen-year-old girl will be super excited to delve into these educational gifts on her birthday. 

Harry Potter Paperback Box Set

A thirteen-year-old will enjoy stories of magic, muggles, and wizards in this Harry Potter Paperback Box Set by J.K. Rowling. The boxed set contains the complete seven-book series that has captivated the imaginations of hundreds of millions of readers to date. These stories can encourage a new teen to set the electronics aside and enjoy a fantastical world through reading.

Divergent Series By Veronica Roth

The Divergent Series By Veronica Roth includes the #1 New York Times bestselling Divergent trilogy and the companion book to the series. These young adult science fiction stories follow Tris and Tobias in a dystopian society in Chicago. The trilogy includes the titles, Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant. While the book, Four, is a series of four short stories from the perspective of the popular character, Tobias.


Electronics are a solid choice when it comes to gift ideas for thirteen-year-old girls. You really can’t go wrong with the latest tech, or gadgets that support her interests like music, photography, reading, or gaming. 

We’ve found the top electronic gifts across a range of budgets that a thirteen-year-old girl will be charging up instantly on her birthday. 

2021 HP Stream 14″ HD SVA Laptop Computer

This 2021 HP Stream 14″ HD SVA Laptop Computer enables a thirteen-year-old girl to stay on top of school projects and keep up with her friends. The 14-inch HP computer has an Intel Celeron N4000 Processor, and its compact size makes it easy to transport. A girl can access files through the USB ports, media reader, and HDMI 1.4 jack. Or, she can listen to music through the headphone jack.

Soundcore Anker Wireless Earbuds – Green

These green Soundcore Anker Wireless Earbuds allow you to listen to music while you exercise, jog, or practice yoga. You don’t have to worry about a cord holding you back while you listen. The earbuds can limit background noise or cancel it out entirely depending on your preference. A teenager will enjoy the high-quality sound and freedom of movement these Soundcore Anker Wireless Earbuds provide.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

A thirteen-year-old girl can enjoy recording instant memories with this Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera. This pink Fujifilm camera has a retro charm but uses modern technology such as a transparent ring light and a front-facing mirror for selfies. Also, it has automatic exposure to adjust the shutter speed to the lighting. These miniature instant photos are perfect to include in a journal or share with friends.

Yoxinta Wireless Charging Station

Instead of dedicating the surface of your nightstand to charging cords and devices, this Yoxinta Wireless Charging Station can organize your electronics while they charge. This charging station is universally compatible with iPhones, Androids, Airpods, and Apple Watches. It also has fast-charging capabilities for many devices. You can prop your phone on the stand to watch a movie or interact with friends.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition makes it possible for a girl to carry an entire library in her backpack. The Kindle Paperwhite has a non-glare display that reads like real paper. It includes 32 GB of storage, wireless charging, and an auto-adjusting front light.

A thirteen-year-old who loves to read will be excited to receive this compact Kindle for her birthday. 

Home, Garden, & Tools

A girl’s room will become her haven throughout her teenage years. From being the place she hangs out with her friends, to a space where she can decompress after a day navigating teenage life.

Gifts that give her room some personality, help her unwind, or practice her hobbies will all be much appreciated. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for the home that a thirteen-year-old is going to truly adore. 

Super-Cute Self-Defense Kit

When girls start becoming more independent in their teen years, you want them to have everything they need to stay safe. This Super-Cute Self-Defense Kit comes with an alarm, an LED safety light, and pepper spray. These self-defense tools look like cute and girly charms, but they can provide protection should the need arise. Clip them onto a purse or a keyring to be in easy reach.

Songmics Swivel Jewelry Cabinet

A girl will feel like a princess with this Songmics Swivel Jewelry Cabinet. This jewelry cabinet has a full-length mirror and a shelving unit at the back. Open the mirror door to reveal a bracelet rod, two zipper bags, 12 necklace hooks, an earring rack, space to keep makeup, and other accessories. This cabinet can keep jewelry and beauty products safe and organized.

Reduce 50oz Mug Tumbler

When a teen spends time in sports, dance, yoga, or other types of exercise, this pink Reduce 50oz Mug Tumbler can keep her hydrated. This extra-large mug is insulated to keep drinks cold for up to 36 hours, or warm for 12 hours. The 3-in-1 BPA-free lid comes with a reusable straw. This handy stainless steel mug is durable for regular usage.

Onsoyours Frog Plush Pillow

A thirteen-year-old girl will enjoy cuddling up with this Onsoyours Frog Plush Pillow. This pillow is filled with elastic cotton making it extra soft and comfy. It is the perfect size to prop up while reading a book or to snuggle against at night. This frog is cute enough to kiss, but we can’t promise that it will turn into a prince.

Leclstar Photo Clip String Lights

Create a twinkling fairy light photo wall with these Leclstar Photo Clip String Lights. This light string contains 50 LED lights and can stretch up to 17 feet. You can add up to 50 transparent photo clips to the string to show off some of your favorite memories, special notes, memorabilia, or your best artwork. You add this string to accent a bedroom wall or string the lights up outside for a festive occasion.

Leclstar Photo Clip String Lights
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Valusin Ring Light

This affordable Valusin Ring Light allows a new teen to take fabulous selfies, put on makeup to perfection, and provides the perfect lighting for video calls with family and friends. This 10” ring light has three different modes: warm, white, and natural. You can also adjust the brightness level or choose from seven colored lights. This ring light includes a phone holder for photo and video fun.

Valusin Ring Light
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Happy Teen Gift Card

You can let a teen go on a shopping spree and discover her own style and taste with this Happy Teen Gift Card. This gift card lets you buy in-store from Panera, Ulta, Regal, Jamba Juice, Under Armour, Barnes & Noble, Sephora, and American Eagle. A thirteen-year-old can pick out an item of clothing or makeup, and pick up a sweet treat on the way back.

Primrosia 100 Dual Tip Marker Pens

A budding artist will enjoy getting this Primrosia Dual Tip Marker Pen set as a gift. This set includes 100 shades of color. You can use one side as a watercolor brush to paint, fill in color, or add shading. On the other end, the fine tip is perfect for line drawings and detailing. This set comes in an adorable cottage box with a lid.

Artistro Watercolor Paint Set

A thirteen-year-old can wind down after a busy day and lean into her creative side with this Artistro Watercolor Paint Set. This keepsake tin box is full of everything a teen will need to start painting. It contains 40 non-toxic watercolor paints, 10 sheets of watercolor paper, a brush, a drawing pencil, and more. You can pack the set into its compact tin and take it with you anywhere.

Amazon Gift Card

When the gift you know your teen wants is out of stock, you can give her an Amazon gift card. Amazon gift cards don’t expire, and in many areas, you can receive extra perks like one-day shipping. This Amazon card is gift-ready in a black Amazon box with a gold ribbon. With this gift, a thirteen-year-old can enjoy shopping for herself even after her big day is over.

Amazon Gift Card
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NoJo Little Love Cloud Pillow

A girl can add a spark of fun to her room with this NoJo Little Love Cloud Pillow. This cloud-shaped pillow has a sweet embroidered face that she’ll definitely want to cuddle. The soft exterior is perfect to use as a travel pillow or for sleepovers. Also, it can be a cute throw pillow to place on an armchair or bed.

Kids & Babies Toys

Though toys may result in an eye roll from the teenage girl in your life, they’ll still love playing games. They’ll especially love games that they can play with friends. 

Girls turning thirteen still have a lot of that kid-like fun in them, so if you’re looking to keep that joyous side alive, we’ve found the best games that a thirteen-year-old girl is going to be super excited to play with her friends on her birthday. 

Hasbro Gaming Girl Talk Truth or Dare

Introduce your teen to Hasbro’s Gaming Girl Talk Truth or Dare to enjoy with her friends. This edition is inspired by the original 1980s board game with a large spinner in the middle and over 200 cards. The questions are updated for modern teens with questions like, “how many selfies do you take a day?” or “have you ever eaten a bug?” Teen girls can have silly fun and bond with this Girl Talk game.

Wrapping Up

Turning thirteen is such an exciting milestone in a young girl’s life. And while their need for independence and their hormones might make them a little difficult to talk to right now, don’t forget that they’re going through a heck of a time with all those physical, emotional, and social changes! Thirteen-year-old girls definitely deserve some great birthday presents to help make this time a little easier.

To help you out, we’ve scoured the internet to find the best gifts across a range of departments, interests, and budgets so that no matter what the new teen in your life is into, they’re going to have the best thirteenth birthday ever with our gift recommendations.

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