Birthday Gifts for Three-Year-Old Boys

Birthdays are an exciting milestone and third birthdays are no exception – it’s one of the first birthdays a toddler can understand and revel in. They’re starting to talk, enjoy stories, they can throw, run and even begin learning to ride a bike. When it comes to gift giving, there are more options as small pieces and other hazards are less of a concern, and they can explore a wider range of toys and gifts. While supervision is required, there’s a sense that every three-year-old is becoming their own person. Let’s look at some of the best gifts you can buy for a three-year-old.

Clothing Gifts

 CozySnugz Cozy Crocodile Animal Tail Blanket 

This warm, cozy sleeping bag has never looked better – or more amusing. It’s machine washable, eco-friendly, and can be used by 3-year-olds, though even teenagers will have fun with this super soft and warm novelty item. It’s a particularly great addition to a family camping trip.

Educational Gifts

An Anthology of Intriguing Animals By DK

Exploration is a beautiful gift, and the Anthology of Intriguing Animals is a gorgeous, decorated encyclopedia for young minds to explore. Young learners can explore a world of fascinating information, facts, stories, and myths behind their favorite animals. The descriptions are written in a fun, storybook style with detailed photographs and illustrations. While this book is marketed for 7+, you could read it to younger children to encourage their interest in animals.  

Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera

The Seckton Selfie Camera is a great toy to inspire budding photographers. Kids love electronics, and this is a gentle way to introduce them. The Seckton camera has a 32GB storage capacity, timelapse function, and a light, fun design.

Sports Gifts

Best Choice Toddler Basketball Hoop

The adjustable basketball hoop can provide little boys with their first steps into the world of sports. The set allows you to alternate between 3 games with your little one, including soccer and basketball. You can adjust the settings to allow it to ”grow” with your child. Overall this is a great investment and will provide sporty children with a few years of great fun. 

Outdoors Gifts

Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Kit By Essenson

One of the most fun things to do is explore the world around you; kids love it! This fun little outdoor kit provides everything a kid needs to have an adventure, with powerful binoculars, magnifying glasses, a critter case, a whistle, a backpack, and more. This is a great option for encouraging a love of the outdoors. It also supports scientific exploration and can be used in the backyard or on camping trips. 

Play-Doh Makin’ Animals Create It Kit

Play-Doh is one of those toys everyone has at home, but additional kits can open a new door into the world of play. It’s a 20-piece set featuring 15 animal cutters, three rollers, and other tools. This playset gives kids a creative boost, helping them to create animal shapes, including sea animals, lions, and more. It’s All play-doh is non-toxic and comes in fantastic assorted colors.

Bruder Excavator Backhoe Toy Truck

Most toy trucks have a limited function – but this is the exception. This backhoe is more realistic with a fully usable and detachable front bucket and backhoe unit. The driver’s seat has full 360-degree motion and can be used with all Bworld figures. 

This versatile vehicle combines a wheel loader, tractor, and mini digger all in one to give your little contractor everything he needs to satisfy his imagination. 

Slippery Racer Downhill Snow Sled 

Tobogganing is a great way to enjoy winter – especially if you enjoy somewhere that gets good snow coverage. Race all day down snow hills with this sprinter sled. The pull-rope offers easy transportation; this is a great first sled for young ones. This sled includes heavy-duty flexible plastic and IceVex cold-resistant treatment for safety reasons. 

Ookkie Kids Learner Skateboard 

If you want your child to try skateboarding but are worried about them hurting themselves, a learner skateboard is a great compromise. This skateboard will grow with your child without compromising their safety. 

Blast Zone Magic Castle Bounce House

The blast zone magical castle is a great set for little ones, featuring a velcro entrance, safety net, and slope slight. It’s eye-catching in bold shades and comes with entertaining turrets and commercial-grade vinyl floors for extra durability. This inflatable castle comes with an approved blower and can be packed away tightly for storage purposes. 

Climbing Dome & Play Set By HearthSong

If you’re looking for an excuse to get your child outdoors – this is it! This excellent outdoor play station will allow your child to crawl, climb and hang onto bars before traveling down a slide for a great fun boost that’ll keep them busy for hours! This set is worthy of a playground and makes a great choice. 

Best Choice Kids Ride On Truck Car

Ride-ons are a great new option for a child turning three – most ride-ons can’t be used below the age of 3. This remote-control truck includes AUX Port, anti-deflate wheels, and spring suspension. You can teach the child to drive it – or you can use the remote control to drive them around. 

Other Gifts

PicassoTiles Magnet Building Tiles

This vibrant 100pc tile building set will help a child dream – and build – big. There are no limits, and it’s an exciting way to introduce your child to new geometrical stripes. It’s suitable for all ages (3+), and multiple people can partake, allowing them to bond through play. This fun educational set is sure to be a hit. 

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tabletop Town

This tabletop town offers colorful scenery, 18 fun play pieces, and built-in tracks to foster young imaginations. This set is portable for a great addition to a playdate; you unfold the wooden case to reveal an illustrated play area with built-in road tracks for wooded emergency service vehicles and a rescue chopper. Your child can have hours of fun building a bridge, buildings, and other parts of town and customizing it to their liking. All pieces store easily for convenient clean-up. 

Intelex Warmies French Lavender Scented Plush

Warmies plush teddies are loved by millions globally; they are soft toys safe for all ages and can be microwaved for warmth. In addition, they provide a calming scent due to the french lavender and flaxseed stuffing. A warm plush toy is a great comfort for children, mimicking cosleeping for a restful night’s sleep. Warmies may be useful for autistic or neurodivergent little ones who need sensory stimulation for relief. All ingredients are microwave safe, and you follow the directions before use. 

Melissa & Doug Wooden Train Cars

This 8-piece train set is painted in vibrant colors and comprised of sustainable, quality wood. The cars include a caboose, coal car, passenger car, and steam engine, all painted with beautiful non-toxic paint. Suitable for ages three and up, these adorable toy trains are perfectly sized and compatible with other Melissa and Doug products, such as train tracks and activity mats. 

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

If you’re looking for more creative, screen-free gift options, this is great. This easel kit includes a chalkboard, child-safe paper cutters, easy clip grips, and plastic trays, plus a dry-erase board. You can support a child’s creative and fine motor skills. All Melissa & Doug toys and products are covered by a 100% happiness guarantee. 

Melissa & Doug Food Truck Play Tent 

This “two-in-one” food truck & play tent has service windows and a large fabric playhouse to help little minds immerse into an imaginative game. The truck’s exterior has detailed, realistic artwork, and the tent has plenty of space for several kids to play, at more than three feet tall and four feet long.

The play tent packs away easily for storage or playdates. Children 3+ can enjoy hours of fun with this piece of kit. 

Playmobil Mars Space Station

Most of us can remember wanting to be an astronaut at some point – and thanks to this fun Playmobil kit, your little one can. Children will enjoy adventures into undiscovered worlds with the Mars space station kit. The crew is ready for a successful mission! Astronauts can monitor missions, enjoy the station’s fitness center, relax or collect samples. The set includes a robot, a space station, food supplies, space crystals, two astronauts, a telescope, and more.

Marvel Action Figure Multipack

Most young boys have a pretty good idea of their favorite superhero at age 3. Posing figures and imagining exciting scenarios is a great way to develop a child’s imagination. This six-piece multipack is sure to contain at least one favorite, featuring Iron man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Thor, Captain America, and Spider-Man. 

Marvel Action Figure Multipack
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Fisher Price Little People Farm 

Kids will learn and enjoy all kinds of fun on the farm. It’s an action-packed scenario playset that lets toddlers care for their pets, from hatchlings to horses. Smart Stages technology helps playtime grow and your little one’s confidence and communication skills.  

Robud Wooden Play Tool Workbench

This wooden play tool bench is made of sustainable solid wood and is easy to assemble – including a shelf that sits underneath the table to hold tools and other items. It’s a great first toy set for little ones interested in building things. This toy set includes a play hammer, screwdriver, drill, and more. 

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are a great toy for children to play crashing and smashing imaginary games with. The trucks come in various colors and decorations and are ready for instant action. Each package includes a name, type, strength, and extras for storytelling fun. Ideal gifts for ages 3-6.

Lego Duplo Classic Brick Box

Lego is a great way to foster creativity, hand-eye coordination, and critical thinking skills. This easy-to-handle 65-piece lego set promises to teach your little one how to build various structures in their own imaginary world. This developmental toy is fun-filled and packed with ways to encourage a toddler to explore imaginative play hands-on. 

Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor’s Kit

Another great option for hands-on screen-free play is this 25-piece doctor’s kit. This realistic cut includes a play stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, reflex hammer, activity cards, a nutrition booklet, thermometer, and more. 

Pieces are stored in a handy doctor’s bag for easy storage and transportation. It can be a great way to motivate nervous children about doctor’s visits. Suited for ages 3-6 years. 

Tiny Land Kids Teepee Tent

This cute Teepee tent is made of 100% natural cotton, and the tent is easy to assemble. The tent has small inside storage pockets for books, toys, or other small objects. You can use the teepee to make your child their own private ”Den” area for them to read, play or enjoy a nap. 13-ft of star lights are included. 

Little Tikes Real Wooden Train & Table Set

This XL activity set includes 80 wooden pieces, including railway tracks, cars, buildings, and decorations. The wooden table allows you to decide between countryside and city settings, the roll-in trundle and easy storage prevents pieces from missing and protects the overall integrity of the set. 

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow

Fostering creativity is a great goal, but painting can be messy. Thankfully there are zero-mess painting tools available – including this one. The themed pads (Animals, Safari, Sports, occupations, adventure, under the sea) in this paint-with-water coloring set include reusable pages and a refillable (water) pen. This great on-the-go or mess-free activity promotes motor skills, visual discrimination, and art skills.

Bouncy Inflatable Animal Jump-Along

Toddlers can burn-off endless energy with this friendly inflatable friend. Four feet and two ears give stability to each hopper, and the heavyweight PVC is secure for toddlers and children up to 150lbs. You’ll need to inflate this animal buddy before use, but it’s a great playmate and can help boost your child’s confidence and balance.

The Nugget

The Nugget is a child’s indoor couch that doubles up as a den-builder, toy, or even building blocks to be used to craft indoor structures. Cushions can be deconstructed and machine-washed. In addition, they can provide an additional spare bed in the case of sleepovers. 

Wrapping Up

A child’s birthday is exciting anyway, but when they turn three, it’s even better! Three-year-olds are expanding their horizons and can understand more of the world and how they fit in it, and there are fewer safety risks compared with a young teething baby. Still, they’re young enough to use comforting plush toys such as Warmies but old enough to appreciate outdoor gift sets, slides, and camping bags. 

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