Birthday Gifts for Five-Year-Old Girls

A girl’s fifth birthday is such an exciting one to be celebrating. At this age, children have really grown their own little personalities and are full of intrigue and excitement about almost anything. 

However, it can still be tricky to know what to buy them. They’re no longer babies, but not yet a big kid who knows exactly what they like and don’t like. Five is also an age where you want to be encouraging them to develop their intellectual skills, but also make sure it’s still fun. 

We’ve picked the top gifts that the five-year-old little girl in your life is going to love opening on her birthday.  

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches 

Dressing up and role-playing are a huge part of a five-year-old’s life. They want to imitate characters, their parents, and even animals. Though they won’t realize it, it’s important to let them express their creativity and develop their communication skills through this activity.

We’ve found some of the best child-friendly clothing, shoes, jewelry, and watches that are going to have a kid so excited to try out. Let’s see who or what she’ll be imitating next! 

Aucma Pop Purse

This purse is fun, functional, and great for fidgety kids. Shaped like a colorful rainbow with a smaller unicorn purse attached, your child can store all of their favorite toys on the go. The bag is made up of silicone bubbles that make a slight popping sound, keeping your five-year-old entertained. It also works as anxiety relief. 

Aucma Pop Purse
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Sprinkles Toyz Purse Make Up Kit

Does your five-year-old girl love unicorns and playing dress up? If so, this Sprinkles Toyz kit will be the perfect gift for them. The pink unicorn sparkly bag is filled with lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, nail varnish, brushes, and more. The makeup used is non-toxic, paraben-free, and uses safe ingredients, so your child can experiment without harming their skin. 

Heritage Kids Rainbow Sleeping Bag

Make sleepovers more fun with this slumber bag designed to look like a bunny. The cute design in a peach color features a rabbit’s smiling sleeping face on the hood, complete with little bunny ears that your little one will love. It’s also made of soft faux fur fabric that they’ll enjoy snuggling into at night. 


Though kids who are five can walk and talk by this point, it’s still an age where educational toys are hugely important. They’re learning how to spell, how to count, and might even be showing an interest in science and tech. 

Any way you can help your child learn more about these things outside of the classroom is sure to be a huge benefit to their development. We’ve found the top educational gifts for your five-year-old that will help them learn, but that are still so much fun to play with.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell Learning Toy

This See & Spell toy is fun and educational on so many levels. The set encourages your five-year-old to spell three- and four-letter words using colorful wooden puzzle letters. Featuring pictures of animals and objects to spell out, this toy helps develop her sight-reading, vocabulary, spelling, and fine motor skills. It also comes in a handy portable wooden case. 

Solmod Crystal Growing Kit

Help your child experience the wonder of science with this crystal-growing kit. They’ll learn how to grow five vibrant crystal flowers within 5-10 days – a perfect experiment for a five-year-old! The instructions are super simple to follow and this kit will encourage your little one to develop their hands-on ability, improve their patience, and stimulate their curiosity. 

Solmod Crystal Growing Kit
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Though you might be nervous to introduce your child to electronics at the young age of five, there are a huge number of gadgets that can help develop their learning or that are just fun to play with, without being detrimental. 

We’ve selected the top electronic products that are five-year-old friendly. These birthday gift ideas are fun, educational, and will help them develop a number of skills. She’ll love opening these up on her birthday!

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch is a great gaming console for ensuring your little one is playing safe, suitable games for their age. They’ll love playing popular, friendly games like Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. The Nintendo Switch Lite is optimized for handheld play and is small and light, making it perfect for on-the-go entertainment. 

Obuy Walkie Talkies

What kid wouldn’t love a walkie-talkie? These can either be used as a fun game for children to play with, or to keep an eye on your kids. It has clear sound and a range of up to 3km indoors or outdoors. They’re small, easy to use, and have a built-in flashlight too, making them perfect for five-year-olds!

Gilobaby Robot

This remote control toy is a brilliant opportunity for your child to learn more about how things work and develop their hand-eye-coordination and motor skills. The robot can move around on its tank tracks, move its arms and head, and even dance under your little one’s control. This adorable robot is sure to provide hours of fun. 

Gilobaby Robot
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Kids & Babies Toys 

Toys are what a five-year-old girl’s birthday is all about! But there are so many out there that it can be hard to know where to start.

A kid this age would love something that focuses their boundless energy, lets their imagination run free, and engages their brain with something a little more challenging. 

Whether it’s crafting, tackling a puzzle, or learning how to win a board game, we’ve hand-picked toys that she’s going to love and help her learn (without her even knowing it!).

Big Joe Plush Bean Bag

This compact bean bag chair is perfect for giving your little girl a comfortable place to play or read. Made up of fluffy beans and covered in super soft plush fabric, this bean bag is really comfy and cozy. It has a structured back to offer stability, and a handle to easily pull the lightweight chair to wherever she’s playing! 

The Memory Building Company Musical Ballerina Jewelry Box

If she loves ballerinas, she’ll adore this keepsake jewelry box. When opened, a gorgeous ballerina spins around to the Nutcracker’s Waltz of the Flowers. It also comes with a rose gold ballerina bracelet and necklace. This sturdy jewelry box is designed to last and features drawers and compartments for her to store jewelry she collects over the years. 

Lego Disney Storybook

Any little girl who enjoys role-play is going to love this Lego Disney Storybook! What looks like a storybook magically opens to reveal a two-sided castle play area. They’ll get four classic LEGO Disney characters – Cinderella, Tiana, Belle, and Ariel – alongside their playful companions. It also comes with stickers and play starters so your child will have hours of imaginative fun. 

Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Disney Princess Edition Board Game

Disney princesses and adventures are combined in this wonderful board game any five-year-old will enjoy. She’ll get to play as one of her favorite Disney princesses – Cinderella, Rapunzel, or Ariel – and will draw colorful cards to guide her princess along the rainbow path to the castle. This simple game is great for learning through play. 

The Nugget

The possibilities are endless with The Nugget. Your child’s imagination will be running free with this configurable play couch. It has four foam pieces (a base, cushion, and two triangle pillows) that can be switched and moved depending on how they want to play. The fabric is durable and machine-washable, and this set features a pattern inspired by Disney Pixar’s Coco

Just Play The Original Slinky

It’s been a staple children’s toy for over 75 years and for good reason. The original Slinky is a classic toy that will still delight children to this day. Its metal coiled body means it can stretch, wiggle, jiggle and walk – even down the stairs! It’ll have your child endlessly fascinated and has educational benefits like honing their motor skills and creative thinking. 

Lego Disney Encanto

Immerse your child in the magic of Disney’s Encanto with this LEGO set. Open the storybook door with its lock and key to reveal the flower room from the latest Disney film. Your five-year-old can play with LEGO figurines of Isabel, Luisa, and Mirabel alongside birds and butterflies. They’ll also get stickers to really let their imagination run free. 

Tiny Land Princess Tent

If your little girl loves pretending to be a princess then this fairytale tent will be a dream come true. This dreamy pink tent sparkles with fairy lights and glow-in-the-dark stars to keep the magic alive at night. They’ll love playing, drawing, or reading in their magical nook, but see-through tie-back curtains mean you can keep an eye on them too. 

Hasbro Mouse Trap Board Game

Mouse Trap is a longtime family favorite board game that the next generation will enjoy just as much. Kids collect pieces of cheese with their mouse pawn while trying to avoid getting trapped in the mouse trap. It’s a super fun game with lots of zany action that will have your child laughing endlessly. 

Barbie Beach Cruiser Barbie Doll & Ken Doll

Your little girl will have so much fun taking Barbie and Ken on adventures with this Beach Cruiser car. Buckle the iconic duo up in their hot pink open-top car and take them on the ride of their life! Barbie and Ken are dressed for summer, but we’re sure your child’s imagination will run free with where she can drive them. 

Tiny Land Ice Cream Cart Playhouse

What kid doesn’t dream of owning their own ice cream shop? Make her dreams come true with this adorable pretend ice cream parlor. She’ll be able to practice math and develop her social skills with this pastel-colored booth that has a menu and comes with four ice cream plushies. There’s also plenty of space for several children to join the fun.

Tomy Pop-Up Pirate

Your five-year-old will get so excited at the suspense that comes with this classic game. The aim of the game is to stick plastic swords into the pirate’s barrel. But beware – if the pirate pops up, you’re out! The slot that makes the pirate pop up changes every time, so your little one will be endlessly kept on their toes.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Kids love surprises, and they won’t be able to wait to crack into this egg to see which Hatchimal family is inside. Nestled in the egg, they’ll find two characters and two toy figures with a playdate scene like a spa or movie theater. There are eight families and a multitude of scenes so your child is going to want to collect them all! 

Dan&Darci Rock Painting Kit

The crafty kid will have endless fun with this rock painting kit. The set comes with a huge range of supplies such as paints, metallic paints, glitter glues, transfer stickers, googly eyes, sticky gems, and paintbrushes. Your child will be able to unleash their creativity and transform ten smooth rocks into whatever their imagination desires! 

Melissa & Doug Farm Cube Puzzle

Does your five-year-old love farmyard animals? They’ll get to create six of their favorites with this fun puzzle. 16 wooden cubes feature a piece of the puzzle on each side, meaning they’ll be really developing their problem-solving skills to create one of the six animals. It comes in a wooden tray so no pieces go missing either! 

Hasbro Gaming Clue Junior Board Game

The classic game of ‘Clue’ has been made much more child-friendly with this junior edition. There are two versions of the game where characters can either solve who ate the cake or who broke the toy. The gameplay remains the same, but it’s been made simpler and more fun for younger children to get involved. 

Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats Playset

Serve up a scoop of fun with this kinetic sand playset. Your five-year-old will be able to create strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate “ice cream” that is delightfully scented! The set has everything they need to create sweet treats such as a freezer tray, scoop, sundae cup, ice cream cone, waffle press, and six topping accessories. The sand is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and gluten-free.


Girls who are five will love playing outdoors, and we know you’ll be keen to encourage this as much as possible too. There are loads of benefits to children playing outdoors: self-confidence, independence, agility, balance, interest in nature – the list goes on! 

We’ve found the top gifts your five-year-old girl is going to love opening on her birthday that will get her outdoors, exploring, and running around. 

Giftinbox Outdoor Explorer Kit

If your little girl loves nothing more than playing outdoors, then this explorer kit would make a great birthday gift. The set has everything she’ll need to collect insects, observe bugs, and catch butterflies while staying safe. It contains 20 perfect accessories for exploring outdoors, including binoculars, insect containers, a butterfly net, magnifying glass, tweezers, and fake insects.

Byonebye Slime Making Kit

This is the perfect gift for the five-year-old who loves nothing more than getting messy with slime. This jumbo kit contains a huge array of supplies so your child can create many different types of slime, such as glitter powder, sugar paper, foam balls, animal models, glow-in-the-dark powder, and much more. The slime is non-toxic and 100% safe for children.

Petimini Bike

You’re not going to find a more adorable bicycle than this one for your little lady. It’s pastel pink with cream-colored wheels and brown leather accents. She can also carry around her favorite toys with the wicker basket on the front. It comes with removable training wheels, so it’s perfect for if she’s just starting to learn.

10Leccion Pool Float with Water Gun

Water babies will be thrilled with this princess yacht pool float. They’re sure to feel like royalty floating around in this pink yacht adorned with flowers and a crown flag at the back. Better yet, it comes with a removable built-in squirt gun. The gun draws water directly from the pool meaning they never have to stop the fun to reload! 

Dan&Darci Paint & Plant Flower Kit

Boost your child’s creativity with this fun, educational gift. They’ll get to sow and grow marigold, cosmos, and zinnia flowers, which are colorfully vibrant and have a lovely scent. Not only do they get to grow the plants, but they’ll get to paint the tin planter and plant markers to really make this fun project “them”. 

Wrapping up 

Buying for a five-year-old girl is an exciting time. They’re energetic, imaginative, and so excited about the gifts that they’ll get to play with – no pressure! 

But it’s also an important time in their life when they’re like a sponge – absorbing and learning from everything they see and do. So, it’s important to get a gift that’s both fun and educational. 

Whether the little girl in your life loves solving puzzles, getting messy with crafts, or observing bugs in the garden, we’ve handpicked the gifts she’s going to love – and learn from – on her fifth birthday.

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