Birthday Gifts for Four-Year-Old Girls

Buying for a four-year-old girl’s birthday is an exciting time. They’re at that age where they understand what’s going on and what birthdays are all about for them – presents! 

However, it can also be a tough task. Children at that age are only just starting to negotiate boundaries, develop their physical skills, and learn how things work. This means toys need to be engaging, educational, and robust enough to handle a four-year-old figuring it out!

Fear not – we’ve handpicked all of the best toys that the little girl in your life will love playing with and learning from as they turn four on their birthday. 

Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry Gifts

Having your kid dress up as their favorite animal or roleplay as a character they love is not only adorable but a really important stage in their life. 

Dressing up is your four-year-old learning more about personalities and acting out social situations. It’s their chance to explore behaviors they’ve seen whilst doing so creatively. 

So, we’ve chosen the top clothes, shoes, and jewelry to get your little one acting the part on their birthday. 

Kkones Princess Jewelry Boutique

Who needs a fairy godmother when you have a princess jewelry boutique set in a box? This set is exactly what an aspiring Cinderella needs. It includes two princess crowns, two sparkly necklaces, earrings, rings, magic wands, and four pairs of royal slippers. The pink storage rack allows a girl to organize her prized possessions. This birthday gift set can be a dream true for a budding four-year-old princess.

Naturally Kids Unicorn Backpack

This Naturally Kids unicorn backpack is just the right size for a girl turning four. She can fit the necessary items for a day at preschool or a sleepover at Grandma’s. This gift also includes a purple plush unicorn with gold accents and a rainbow mane. The furry friend fits neatly into the outer pocket so that your little girl can always have a friend in tow.

Sulifeel Light up Roller Skates

If your four-year-old is always on the go, these Sulifeel light-up roller skates can be a perfect birthday gift. Not only do the skates reflect shiny rainbow colors, but the wheels also light up as you roll. Each skate has four wheels for stability and a brake at the toe. These colorful roller skates can motivate a child to learn a new skill, and stay active outdoors. 

Electronics Gifts

While introducing your four-year-old to the world of electronics might fill you with dread, there are plenty of gadgets out there that will help your child develop skills without just sitting in front of a screen.

We’ve selected some of the top tech gifts that the kid in your life is going to love playing with and learning from as they turn four. 

Best Choice Ride on Truck

With this pink ride-on truck, your little girl is ready to take on the world. She can drive it herself, or a parent can guide her steering with a remote control. The truck’s realistic design includes an adjustable seatbelt, headlights, and traction tires for off-roading. An AUX outlet allows your child to jam to her favorite tunes. Your four-year-old can enjoy hours of fun testing out her driving skills.

PlayZoom Smart Watch

The PlayZoom Smart Watch is a great STEM learning tool for a growing girl. It can be a fun way for a four-year-old to learn about time and play pre-loaded educational games. She can also listen to audiobooks and take her own photos and videos. Recharge the battery as needed via a USB charging cable. A girl can learn and have fun with this educational Smart Watch.

Home, Garden, & Tools Gifts

The home is undoubtedly where your four-year-old spends most of their time. So you want to make sure it’s a place where she’ll be able to have fun, expand her horizons and stay safe. 

There are loads of great birthday gifts you can get that will make her life at home that much more enjoyable and educational with our top picks. 

Pottery Barn Chelsea Kitchen Collection

If your little lady enjoys helping in the kitchen, she will be thrilled to have a kitchen of her own. With this Pottery Barn Chelsea Kitchen Collection, your daughter can prepare tea parties for her plush friends. The set comes with three wooden kitchen essentials: a sink, refrigerator, and oven. A budding chef’s creative imagination can go wild in this charming retro kitchen set.

Outdoor Gifts

At the wonderful age of four, children are little balls of energy that love nothing more than playing outside. They’ll probably be exploring lots of outdoor activities at this stage, such as riding a bike, attempting sports, and becoming curious about their surroundings.

Being outdoors is so important to a four-year-old’s development too as they learn independence, pushing boundaries and improving skills like agility and balance. We’ve found the top toys you can get for her birthday that is going to have the little one racing outside to play with. 

Hapinest Girls Toy Golf Set

You can bring the fun of mini-golf home with the gift of this Hapinest toy golf set. This pink set is perfect for a little girl turning four. It includes four golf clubs in a wheeled golf bag, eight balls, golf tees, flags, and two golf holes. Also, a strip of green allows her to practice her putting skills like the pros.  

Paris Bike By Joystar

This Joystar Paris Girls bike has a sweet style and practical design. Its 12-inch wheels and low gearing make pedaling easy for beginner cyclists. Removable training wheels and coaster brakes allow a four-year-old to build confidence on wheels. The basket on the front is perfect for a young girl to share the ride with a plush friend. You can adjust the seat and handlebars as your child grows.

Razor Pink Scooter

This Razor scooter is lightweight, durable, and simple for your little one to use. It comes with adjustable handlebars to match her height and can fold up so it’s easy to transport. The urethane wheels and rear brake offer a smooth ride on any terrain. This chrome Razor with pink accents would make a great first scooter for a four-year-old.

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Blast Zone Bouncer House

Instead of renting a bounce house for one birthday party, why not own one you can use on any special occasion? This Blast Zone Bounce House comes with its own blower and is 15 by 12 feet when it is fully inflated. It can hold up to 600 pounds, so six kids can comfortably jump at once. This inflatable house can make birthdays a blast for years to come! 


Toys are such an exciting part of a four-year-old’s birthday. They’ll be eager to get them open and start playing with them straight away.

But that doesn’t make your job of buying a gift any easier… It can be difficult to know what to get a child that age. They’re just starting to form their own personality, develop physical skills, and question everything around them. 

We’ve made your life a little easier by tracking down all of the toys that are super fun but also educational at the same – not that your four-year-old will realize that! 

Melissa & Doug Sweet Hearts / Butterfly Bead Set

Instead of buying ready-made jewelry, you can let a child create her own. With this Melissa & Doug Sweet Hearts Bead Set, a girl has over 120 wooden beads at her disposal to design up to five necklaces. She can mix and match colors and practice fine motor skills in the process. A helpful wooden tray keeps beads from rolling away while she is working. 

Cricket – Ladybug

A year’s subscription to Cricket’s Ladybug magazine is the gift that keeps on giving. This magazine is full of charming stories and fun activities. It is the perfect way to get a small child excited about reading. It can take six to ten weeks for the first magazine to arrive. So if you want an edition in time for a birthday, make sure you order in time.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie

The Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari Tub Animal set lets kids enjoy coloring and waterplay while learning about safari animals. The set comes with a giraffe, elephant, monkey, lion, and six markers. It also includes a waterfall washing station with a slide. A child can color these fuzzy animals, wash and brush them, and color them again. Add more animals by purchasing an expansion pack.

Polly Pocket Unicorn Playset

The party starts when this Polly Pocket Unicorn Party playset opens up! Pull the tab of the unicorn case and confetti and surprises pour out. Inside is a wonderland for Polly Pocket and friends. It features a castle with turrets, a throneroom, a bedroom, and a water park. This gift is perfect for girls four and up who enjoy the magical world of princesses, castles, and unicorns.

Barbie Chelsea Camper Playset

A girl can enjoy hours of fun adventuring with Chelsea and her puppy. This plastic camper has everything a doll could possibly need. The camper has a kitchen set and two bunk beds. Accessories include a firepit, a guitar, two sticks for roasting marshmallows, and more. When Chelsea is ready to pack up for a new location, hitch the camper to the convertible and she is ready to go. 

The Princess & the Pony By Kate Beaton

In the book, The Princess & the Pony, Princess Pinecone has definite ideas about her birthday gift. Like many young girls, she wants and needs a pony. However, her wish doesn’t come true exactly as she planned. Little girls can identify with the main character, laugh at the mishaps, and relish the happy ending. This can make a great bedtime story for a girl who is having a birthday.

Lego Friends Horse Training & Trailer

A child can combine a love for animals with construction skills with this LEGO Friends Horse Training and Trailer set. It comes with a car, horse trailer, stables, wheelbarrow, two equestrians, a horse, and foal. Your little girl can then build a stable and grounds by following picture instructions. The LEGO app also offers tools such as zoom and 360 rotation to make the building process simple and fun.

Teuvo Pet Care Play Set

Your four-year-old can learn how to take care of an animal with this pet care kit. Along with a travel-size pup, the kit includes a pet case, plastic scissors, a hair dryer, and more. When you open the case, it becomes a complete veterinary setup with hooks for accessories. The stuffed dog and all tools fit neatly inside when playtime is over. 

Melissa & Doug On the Go Magic Velvet Pattern

This Magic Velvet coloring book is a fail-proof way for a four-year-old to learn to color designs. The set comes with six different velvet-flocked butterfly themes and six color choices. As your little girl colors with the felt-tip markers, different patterns appear under her strokes–just like magic! These sturdy cardboard designs will be worthy of a frame when she is done.

The Nugget

Does your child love to use the sofa as a springboard? This Lolly microsuede Nugget is designed exactly for your child’s acrobatics. As it folds up, your child can use it as a regular couch. When it flips open, a kid can use it as a tumbling mat. This soft piece of furniture has no sharp edges and the covers are machine-washable.

Marble Genius Marble Run

You can make the ultimate track for marbles with this Marble Run set. It includes 80 see-through pieces and 19 action pieces to make different configurations. The connectors are easy for small hands to fit together. A free app provides further inspiration with challenges and instructions. This intricate marble track with at least 50 marbles to race is sure to inspire a little one. 

Green Toys Dump Truck 

A four-year-old can have fun indoors or outdoors with this pink and purple dump truck. The truck can carry and dump sand to dig a moat or build sandcastles. Or, it can cart around a load of toys inside. It is made from recycled materials, has no sharp metal pieces, and is BPA-free. This dump truck is friendly to the environment and safe for your child. 

Hasbro Gaming Hungry Hungry Hippos Unicorn Edition Board Game

This fast-paced game is a twist on the classic Hasbro Hungry Hippos game. The Unicorn Edition still has the same goal as the original – to eat as many marbles in your color as possible. However, the pearly pastel colors, rainbows, and unicorns add a layer of fun for a unicorn-loving girl. Up to four players can join in on the excitement.

Janod Bunny Piggy Bank

You can teach your child the value of money early with this Janod bunny bank. This friendly and durable bank has a see-through front so a child can see how much progress she is making. Birthday money and rewards fit easily in the top slot. Simply pull on the rabbit’s tail to open the bank when it is time to spend. 

Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Activity Books

A little girl can enjoy quiet play with this set of three Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Books. Each book includes reusable puffy stickers and has its own theme. A four-year-old can learn about habitats and animals in Safari and On the Farm. She can also design a 2D home in Chipmunk House. This can be a great activity to keep a small child entertained while on the go.

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors

A child can build and create different models with these STEM-approved Magna-Tiles. One set comes with 100 pieces in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Even small children can fit the pieces together to build towers, pyramids, castles, or whatever they have in mind! Display her creations on a window ledge to see colored light reflecting through these translucent tile designs. 

Little Partners 2-Sided Art Easel

This Little Partner’s art easel is the perfect gift for a budding artist. On one side of the easel is a magnetic whiteboard. On the other side, is a traditional chalkboard to write and erase. Or, you can also cover the easel with a paper roll so she can paint. After her artwork is complete, store all the supplies in two handy bins.

Melissa & Doug Bunny Rabbit

This Melissa & Doug Burrow bunny stands at nine inches and will quickly find its way into a child’s heart. Its floppy ears, realistic features, and soft fluffy body make it a perfect companion for play or nap time. Add a bow around its neck, and this furry friend is ready for a little girl’s birthday party. He might just steal the show!

Janod 4 Progressive Jigsaw Puzzles

These four puzzles depict children having fun in each season. From six to sixteen pieces, the puzzles slowly increase in difficulty. Once a child successfully accomplishes one puzzle, she is ready to move on to a more complicated one. This gift can build a child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The puzzles come in a case with a handle so a girl can take them on the go.

Play-Doh My Little Pony

A My Little Pony fan can make her own pony collection with this Play-Doh set. The set contains nine Play-Doh colors, four pony bases, a pony mold, and an extruder to create classic characters. Or, a child can create new friends by using her favorite colors and designs. This sensory-rich gift lets your four-year-old experiment with art, design, and her imagination.

Wrapping up

While buying a gift for a four-year-old girl might sound easy – they’re excited by pretty much anything at this age – it’s actually difficult to find the right present. You want something that will keep them engaged, won’t frustrate them, and that will help them develop skills at this crucial age. 

Whether she loves playing outdoors, solving puzzles, or hasn’t found something that’s just “her” yet, we’ve got gifts across a whole range of departments that the four-year-old in your life is going to love playing and learning from. 

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