Birthday Gifts for Three-Year-Old Girls

The little girl in your life turning three is such a wonderful and exciting time. But while you might be eager to wave goodbye to the “terrible twos”, age three also comes with its own set of challenges for buying a perfect birthday present.

At this preschool age, their own little personalities are starting to shine through – they’ve got relentless energy and a huge imagination. Birthday gifts that can help them develop socially, foster imagination, and play to their physical dexterity would make great gifts for three-year-olds.

Don’t worry! We’ve handpicked the best toys that will keep your toddler entertained, help them develop skills, and also be something they’ll treasure for years to come. Your girl is going to have the best third birthday with our gift recommendations. 

Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry Gifts

As kids turn three, this is when they start interacting with other children and really start developing their social skills. A gift that helps them explore this would make a great birthday gift for just before they start school. 

Dressing up and role-playing is a super important time in a three-year-old’s life for exploring social situations and group interactions in a comfortable setting. So, we’ve selected some of the top clothes, shoes, and jewelry that your little girl is going to love playing with and learning from as she turns three. 

PinkSheep Little Girl Jewel Rings

For a little girl who loves to play dress up, this box of colorfully designed jewel rings is an excellent gift choice. The plastic rings consist of a variety of unique styles, ensuring a compliment to any outfit. Not only are these accessories durable and can easily be adjusted in size, but they’re also fashionable enough to have any little princess smitten.

Magical Unicorns Backpack

This backpack adorned with intricate unicorn designs is the ideal gift for any three-year-old who wants to impress her schoolmates. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded for comfort, while the bag is waterproof and made from a polyester fabric that’s easy to clean. This carry bag would make a great school bag or travel bag.

GoldieBlox Animal Purse

For a girl who is both fashionable and crafty, this purse-building kit serves as the ultimate gift. With a flexible and reusable building system, kids will be vastly entertained and able to bring their designs to life. This gift invites creativity, introduces children to construction planning 

and essential problem-solving skills, all while they have fun playing!

Effeltch Fuzzy Slippers

Cozy, warm, cute, and fuzzy – there’s nothing more a girl could want, making these plush slippers the perfect gift for her birthday. The rubber soles act as an anti-slip solution, assuring your little one doesn’t fall on tiled floors. The classic cotton blend, memory foam, and soft lining material will keep your kid’s feet snug during fall and winter. 

Effeltch Fuzzy Slippers
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Electronics Gifts

While gifting your child electronics might fill you with nerves, you should know there are heaps of tech gifts out there designed to develop your child’s skills, rather than just distract them.

We’ve selected the top electronic gifts for your three-year-old girl that will keep her entertained while ensuring she’s learning safely ahead of her big years at school. 

Bravokids Writing Tablet

This electronic drawing tablet is the ideal gift for any child looking for a creative outlet. It encourages imagination in a fun and educational way. The tablet is durable, portable, and because there’s no paper going to waste, it’s extremely environment-friendly. Without radiation or glare, kids can safely doodle for hours on end while their eyes remain protected.

Home, Garden, & Tools Gifts

It’s likely that the three-year-old girl in your life spends most of her time playing at home. It’s a safe space where a toddler can explore limits and push boundaries. So it would make sense to get her a gift that would make her time at home more enjoyable and educational. 

We’ve found the best birthday gifts that she can play with at home that will not only be fun, but developmental and contribute to her discovering her own little personality more. 

Masthome Wooden Kid Cleaning Set

This cleaning play set is a fantastic gift for the curious and helpful child. The tools are realistic and vibrant, which makes them appealing to inquisitive youngsters. While stimulating their motor skills and coordination, a gift like this would not only teach kids basic cleaning habits but offer a fun way for you to interact with your child while getting some daily chores done.

Blue Squid Arts & Crafts

An absolutely necessary gift for any girl who loves to create DIY crafting projects. This Arts & Crafts chest contains loads of art pieces and crafting materials; ranging from sewing needles, to buttons and plastic beads. With all the tools stored neatly inside a sturdy case, this gift offers endless possibilities to your child’s creativity and initiative.

Outdoor Gifts

Kids turning three are much more physically confident now. They’ll be wanting speedier, more agile toys, like bikes and scooters. They’ll also want to push their boundaries and start exploring the great outdoors more. 

We’ve hand-selected the top gifts that your three-year-old girl is going to love opening on her birthday that will get her running around outside in the fresh air in no time. 

Hide N Side Ball Pit

This multicolored tent featuring a ball pit and crawl tunnels is the dream of every energetic kid. You can easily set up this jungle gym play tent outside and efficiently encourage them to enjoy the fresh outdoors. The polyester fabric and thick steel wiring of the tent make for a lightweight and safe obstacle course that children will have fun exploring.

Maxx Bubbles – Bubble Blower Bottles

A simple gift that makes for hours of fun, this set of bubble blowers will expand your child’s imagination by encouraging traditional playtime in the sun. The bubble solution is non-toxic and made with purified micro-filtered water. The bottle design is vibrant and easy to handle, ensuring that your kid can have a blast creating the best and biggest bubbles.

Step2 Unicorn Up & Down Roller Coaster

This Unicorn Coaster will delight any little girl who loves unicorns and fun rides, making it a stellar gift choice. Completely secured with a high back, easy-grip handles, and a recessed retainer that holds the coaster car in place until your kid is ready to roll. The structure utilizes motion-activated lights and sounds, providing a thrilling, magical ride.


Three is a wonderful age to be buying the little girl in your life toys. They understand more now than last year – they’ll be more excited, expressive and interested in the presents that you’ve bought them – no pressure! 

That’s why we’ve helped you find the perfect toy for them as they turn three. We’ve handpicked toys that will have the three-year-old girl in your life excited and engaged, and ones that will help develop those all-important developmental skills (but they’ll be having too much fun to notice that!)

Kidoozie Six Pin Bowling Set

The perfect gift for any kid who loves sportsmanship. This Six Pin Bowling Set is an innovative toy that encourages problem-solving and inventive play while stimulating developmental skills like coordination and balance. The foam pins are vibrantly colored and the bowling ball is made heavy enough to knock down the pins effectively, replicating the genuine sport.

Monobeach Princess Tent

This cute fairy house tent is a gift that every little princess dreams of. Beautifully made from quality polyester which is easy to clean after messy tea parties. The tent can accommodate up to three kids, and the playhouse comes with a set of pretty starlights, so your little girl can have her own private space to read and relax.

Disney Bedtime Storybook

Disney plays a big role in almost every childhood, and gifting this storybook will exhibit to any child the magical adventure that is Disney. The book consists of eighteen unique bedtime stories and over two-hundred vivid illustrations that your child can admire. Each tale is short and delightful, making it easy for your little one to understand and steadily read along.

Pre-World Tea Party Set

This tea party set is the ultimate gift option for a little girl who adores the concept of pretend play. The decorated pink box carries a lovely polyester tablecloth, teapots, plates, and plastic dessert accessories. All of which is made from harmless materials, guaranteed to last. Through playing, this gift offers children the opportunity to socialize with family members and friends.

Barbie Closet

Every girl who loves Barbie will love to receive this portable Barbie closet as a gift. Enchantingly realistic, this gracefully garnished fashion closet comes with multiple clothing accessories like shoes, coats, necklaces, and handbags. There are also additional fold-out racks and tiny hangers to accommodate the wardrobe. Translucent windows allow for a glimpse of the style inside.

Disney Frozen 2 Petite Adventure Dolls Gift Set

This dainty set of Disney’s Frozen dolls would make an excellent gift for any little girl who is obsessed with Frozen. Featuring the lovable snowman, Olaf, the two favorable princesses, Anna and Elsa, and even Kristoff with his charming reindeer, Sven. The dolls are clothed in their signature outfits and the princesses have rooted hair for recreational play.

Play-Doh Starter Set

A simple set of Play-Doh is all that’s needed to inspire the imagination. This reusable tote bag filled with Play-Doh and tools would be the ideal gift for a young and creative mind. Included is a collection of pigmented Play-Doh and various tools like shape cutters, rollers, and more – any child would be delighted to partake in visionary play.  

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow

This On-the-Go Water activity book would be a terrific and beneficial gift for kids who love to color paint. The pads are uniquely designed to be reusable and tidy. Simply add water to the refillable pen and watch the hidden pictures and colors appear with every stroke, then let the pages dry to erase any markings and fill it in again repeatedly! 

ArtCreativity Bubble Lawn Mower

For an energetic little girl, this bubble lawn mower is an excellent gift. The toy comes with three bottles of bubble solution, so assembly is convenient and quick. A barrage of bubbles will amuse your kid while the lawnmower generates realistic sound effects to further amplify the fun. Designed with durable plastic, this toy is built to withstand the most enthusiastic playtime.

Unicorn Pencil Case By Amitie Lane

This pencil case filled with sparkly, fruit-scented markers would make an outstanding gift for a creative girl who dotes on unicorns. The charming pencil case is embellished in reflective glitters and contains jumbo markers, twistable crayons, gel pens, and fine markers – each individually scented. As a bonus, sheets of scented stickers are added to every set.

The Color Monster By Anna Llenas

Filled with dazzling illustrations that pop up in 3D on every page, the Color Monster book is an ideal gift to help young kids communicate their emotions. With the use of various colors, numbers, letters, and shapes, this book demonstrates common feelings in fun and distinctive ways. Kids would love reading through the pages and learning how to discern basic emotions.

JC Toys Baby Doll

This baby doll toy is a faultless gift choice for a cuddly little girl. Wrapped up in a cute gift set box, this doll comes with a variety of accessories like a pacifier, rattle, and an extra outfit. The realistic vinyl doll is soft and aesthetically detailed, making it the perfect toy to hug and love.

Aitey Jigsaw Puzzles

To encourage education in a fun way, this great jigsaw puzzle set would make a wonderful gift. The pack contains six adorable animal puzzles, vibrantly colored and ideally sized at nine pieces each. Kids will love practicing their problem-solving skills and enjoy the satisfaction of completing a full picture to perfection.

LEGO Duplo Disney Frozen Toy

A classic gift for little girls who love Disney’s Frozen, this LEGO set features Elsa and Olaf at a fun tea party in an icehouse. The starter set contains the characters, a teapot, cakes, and more! It’s the perfect introduction to great developmental benefits. Your child will have fun safely assembling complex pieces while their mind processes practical skills.

My Little Pony Toys Meet The Mane

This collection of My Little Pony dolls is a wonderful gift for any girl who watches the television show. Each figure in the set of six ponies is modeled after character-inspired aspects, from expressions to signature displays. Standing at 3-inches tall with plastic framed hair, these dolls would make beautiful additions to any little girl’s unicorn or pony collection.

KidKraft Grand Mansion Dollhouse

Every little girl wishes for a dollhouse, but being gifted a grand mansion would be even better. This wooden dollhouse stands at an impressive four and a half feet tall and comprises multiple rooms and many accessories. From the kitchen to the garage and all of the additional thirty-four furniture pieces, this house is a gift that can provide endless fun.

KidKraft Wooden Princess Vanity

For a little princess in need of a make-up station, this pink wooden vanity set is a worthwhile gift. The dressing table has a spacious platform that can accommodate many trinkets and holds up an elegant three-paneled mirror and a small storage drawer. The addition of the small pink stool completes a room fit for royalty.

Gojmzo Number & Letter Flash Cards

These wooden flash cards would brighten the day of any youngster. Multicolored and artistically designed to help teach your toddler numbers and the alphabet, it makes for a quality gift that keeps on giving. Children can learn by playing – the bright colors are attention-grabbing and the adorable animal illustrations will keep your kid effectively engaged for hours.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set

This Tegu set is a great gift for any little girl with a love for construction. The building system is simple but invites elaborate creativity. The set has forty-two wooden pieces of magnetic blocks and shapes, all of which come in various sizes. And without the strain of manual instructions, the curious child is free to explore their imagination.

Gymnic Pastel Pink Rody Horse

For a little girl who longs to have her very own pony, this pastel pink Rody Horse is the best solution. Made from the toughest latex-free vinyl, the play horse is secure and will not only set your child on imaginary rides through lush fields but will also help to develop their balance and coordination skills.

Wrapping up

Buying a gift for a three-year-old girl on their birthday is such a wonderful and magical time. They’ll be so excited to have all of their favorite people there and at all the gifts they’ll receive. It’ll be the first year they properly understand what their birthday is, which is lovely to be a part of. 

However, buying for a three-year-old girl isn’t easy. They now have their own little personality, interests, and opinions. It’s also a critical time for social and physical development before they hit school. 

But don’t worry! We’ve found the top birthday gifts that will keep the three-year-old girl in your entertained whilst being educational and something she’ll be able to remember and treasure for years to come. Happy shopping! 

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