Birthday Gifts for Two-Year-Old Girls

A two-year-old’s birthday is such an exciting time. They’re at an age where they’ve grown leaps and bounds in terms of development, so they’re able to play with lots more toys. 

However, it can still be tricky to buy for a two-year-old – they don’t have enough motor coordination for complicated games, and there are still a lot of safety considerations at this age too. Toys that encourage role-play, develop motor skills, and encourage imagination are great gifts for children turning two. 

We’ve done the hard work for you and found the best gifts that are fun, but also help develop those all-important skills without them even realizing it. With our recommendations, the two-year-old girl in your life is going to have the best birthday ever.

Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry Gifts

Dressing up and roleplaying is a hugely important part of a two-year-old’s development. They’re just starting to discover that they’re individuals with their own thoughts and feelings, as well as learning about others as well. 

Giving the two-year-old girl in your life the chance to play out some of the things they’re learning about in a safe space would make a great gift. We’ve found the top clothes, shoes, and jewelry that she’s going to love playing with as she turns two. 

Critter Slippers By Hanna

These slippers are the perfect gift for two-year-old girls that love animals or get chilly feet in cold months. They’re made with memory foam insoles making them super comfortable, and they have slip-resistant soles to prevent slipping over. They are available as either a dragon, reindeer or pink cat – which means there’s something for every child’s preference.

Educational Gifts

Educational gifts are incredibly important for a two-year-old girl. She’ll be learning so much at this age and developing many different skills, which certain toys can be really helpful with progressing. But that doesn’t mean that educational presents can’t be fun too! 

We’ve picked out all of the best educational toys that the two-year-old girl in your life is going to love playing with on her birthday. 

Disney Minnie Mouse

This read-along sound book is the ideal gift if your little girl is starting to read. They’ll love reading stories about Minnie Mouse and her friends on their adventures. The 10 interactive sounds and easy-to-follow large print will have your child learning to match spoken and printed words as Minnie narrates the story. 

Melissa & Doug Wooden Sorting Barn

Two-year-old girls will enjoy this wooden take-along barn toy, with fun animals such as a horse, pig, chicken, and tractor to play with. Children will need to fit the 10 farm-themed animals into the correct holes, helping to tune fine their motor skills and making this an ideal birthday gift for a little girl who loves farmyard animals. 

Mudpuppy My First Words Ring Flash Cards

These ring flash cards are a great birthday gift for toddlers that are learning to sound out different words. The cards feature illustrations on each side, with the corresponding word written beneath. A re-closable ring is used to hold the cards together, and the cards can be removed so a small child can easily sort through them.

Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Activity Books

A great birthday gift for two-year-old girls that love playing with stickers. This Melissa & Doug sticker book comes with over 60 reusable stickers and four scenes to enjoy. It’s perfect for traveling in the car or public transport as it comes with convenient carrying handles. These fun stickers books are available in princess, mermaid, and fairy themes.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car

This crawl-around car would make the ideal birthday gift for an active little girl. It has an interactive dashboard that allows children to turn the key, switch on the lights and honk the horn. It also features 120 songs and sounds. This car encourages early role-play and grows along with a child from sitting up, to crawling to standing.

VTech Bluey Bluey’s Book of Games  

This interactive book is great for small children that like to play pretend. Children can explore Bluey’s house and look for different items, with 14 interactive pages to navigate through. It’ll engage a little girl for hours with its different sound buttons, and several play modes such as “Story”, “Play Together”, and “Music”.

VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

This cute pet carrier will be on every little girl’s birthday list. Featuring an adorable cuddly-toy puppy and a pink interactive carry case, children can take their toy pet anywhere with its robust handle. The carrier comes with a bottle, comb, ball, and food bowl so that a toddler can learn to properly care for her new puppy. 

Electronics Gifts

While two might seem young to introduce your little girl to the world of electronics, there are actually lots of tech products that can help them develop crucial skills without involving them sitting in front of a screen. 

Our top recommendations for electronic gifts will have your two-year-old girl having the most fun while learning in a safe way. 

Sgile Magnetic Drawing Board

This magnetic drawing board is for a creative two-year-old. They’ll be able to doodle on the large drawing board to their heart’s content, and simply wipe it away and easily create something new. It comes in three vibrant colors, has an easy-carry handle, and everything is attached to the board so you won’t lose the pen or the stamps any time soon. 

Toniebox Audio Player

Little girls that love to listen to their favorite characters will really enjoy this audio player, with Cinderella, Belle, Moana, Tangled, and Playtime Puppy included in the bundle. Kids can use it independently by simply placing the character on top of the Tonibox for the audio to play – it’s great for bedtime stories, music, and education screen-free. 

Toniebox Audio Player
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Outdoor Gifts

Now that they’re thoroughly familiar with their home, age two is when children find themselves wanting to toddle around the outdoors and explore. 

Getting the two-year-old girl in your life playing outside in the fresh air can help with many developmental skills like balance and agility. Whether they’re looking to learn to ride a bike, love swings or need a trampoline to burn off their energy, we’ve selected the top gifts that will get your two-year-old girl racing to play outdoors. 

Step2 Water Table

This water table will make an excellent birthday gift for a small child, with a spinning wheel and waterfall making playing with water a lot of fun. Both easy to clean and bright in color, this ideal gift comes with a 13-piece accessory set including a cute frog that is perfect for little girls to play with. 

Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike & Tricycle

A toddler would be delighted to receive this balance bike for her birthday. It has five different colors to choose from and three wheels to help transition from a tricycle to two-wheel riding. It’s super comfortable with an adjustable seat and soft-padded handle-bar grips and is perfect for little girls who want to try ride-on toys. 

Step2 All Around Playtime Playhouse

This patio playset is perfect for small children that love playing outside. This would be a great birthday gift if a child often has friends over to play, as it’s big enough for multiple children to enjoy. It will provide hours of fun with a snack table, grill, and sink, plus a large canopy for ample sun protection.

Accmor Toddler Harness Safety Leash

A two-year-old girl that enjoys butterflies would love to receive this harness for their birthday. Available in pink or purple, this gift will make a child feel like a real butterfly while keeping them safe and secure. It comes with a handy wristband feature and is completely adjustable, providing an exact fit for a little girl.

Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

The perfect birthday gift for a toddler that has lots of energy, this trampoline is great to help little children bounce safely. With a big jumping surface and stable handlebar, a child can have a great time on this trampoline while keeping safe too. This toy is for indoor use only.

Gym 1 Deluxe Doorway Swing Set

This indoor swing set will be so much fun for a two-year-old girl that loves visiting the local park. It’s available in blue and red and is made from professional-grade steel making it safe for holding weights of up to 300 pounds. It fits most door frames and can switch from a swing set to a pull-up bar.


No toddler would say no to getting toys for her second birthday. While they’ll likely be excited by most toys at this age, you still want to get ones that are age appropriate. Toys for a two-year-old will ideally be safe, help with development, and robust enough to survive a toddler trying to work it out. 

We’ve done the research to find the top gifts you can get for the little girl in your life as she turns two. She’ll find our recommendations endlessly enjoyable, but they’ll subtly help her develop some crucial skills at the same time too. They’ll also be sturdy enough to last until her third birthday.

Robud Wooden Dollhouse

If your little girl likes to play with dolls, this beautiful wooden dollhouse would make the perfect birthday gift. It comes in both pink and purple colors and features three stories with a 20-piece furniture set, including a toy pet and toy food. There’s also a simulated elevator to encourage child role play and it’s very easy to assemble.

Piggy Bank By Pjdrllc

Help your two-year-old girl save her pennies with this piggy bank. The perfect birthday gift for a child that likes to play with money, this piggy bank comes with a built-in plastic stopper so they can keep their coins and notes safe. It’s available in nine different vibrant colors and is made using unbreakable, non-toxic plastic.

Lego Duplo Classic Brick Box

If your toddler enjoys toys that involve building, this educational LEGO Duplo Brick Box will be a great birthday gift. This set includes 65 vibrant bricks and comes with simple instructions for building different items. A car with moving wheels, figurines of people, flowers, and a window is also included to motivate a little girl’s imagination.

The Nugget – Hello Kitty

This configurable play couch is a fantastic birthday gift for a two-year-old girl that loves soft play and Hello Kitty. It is covered in a machine-washable fabric and can be configured into different sets, with a base, two triangle pillows, and a cushion. The set is super soft made from microsuede and features a fun Hello Kitty design.

Animal Adventure Unicorn Plush Chair

A little girl would be over the moon to receive this unicorn plush chair. It’s lightweight, making it easy for a toddler to move around her room, and the fun unicorn cover is both removable and easily washable. The zipper closure is also child-safe and adults can remove it using a paperclip.

Step2 Ball Buddies Tunnel Tower

This fun tunnel tower is a great birthday gift for a small child that enjoys playing with trucks and balls. This colorful toy provides hours of fun moving the trucks through the tunnel and features a hinged release feature to help children learn cause-and-effect play. It’s easy to clean and great for tuning motor skills in toddlers.

Edostory Ball Pit

Small children that love ball pits would love nothing more than having one in their own home! This ball pit is available in five different colors and is super durable with an innovative memory foam design. It comes with 200 plastic balls and is easy to detach and clean, making it fun and safe for toddlers.

Learning Resources Hide-N-Go Moo

This farm animal toy would make a great birthday gift for a little girl that is smitten by animals. The set includes a plastic barn with eight farm animals and is great for enhancing sensory awareness as children feel inside the barn for the differently shaped animals. It’s vibrant in color and is both fun and educational.

Peaceable Kingdom Monkey Around

This Monkey Around game is brilliant for cheeky toddlers. It is perfect for improving gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination, with 40 movement cards that encourage children to do actions with others such as hugs, high-fives, balancing, marching, and hopping. It’s also good for improving a little girl’s vocabulary. They’ll be wiggling, giggling, and learning lots with this game.

little dove Play Tent

This children’s play tent would make a great birthday gift for a small child that likes to role-play. It can fit two children at once, and even adults can fit inside too. This play tent is made from durable material and doesn’t require any tools for set up, and includes one large door and three windows with curtains.

PicassoTiles Mini Diamond Series

A little girl that enjoys puzzles would love to receive this magnetic building block set for her birthday. It comes with 40 colorful tiles that can be built into many different shapes and figures. This toy promotes child brain development and encourages creativity, making it the perfect gift for a toddler that loves building and stacking. 

Fisher-Price Disney Princess

This Fisher-Price princess set is perfect for a two-year-old girl that enjoys figurines and role-play. Each princess is holding a different object in her hand, helping to improve fine motor skills and story development. Six princesses are included in each set and their size is perfect for a toddler to hold.

Cenove Flower Garden

A little girl that enjoys gardening will love receiving this flower garden-building toy for her birthday. This 130-piece set helps a toddler learn about the different parts of plants, and comes with a green carry box to keep everything inside. This toy helps to promote creative development as they match different parts of the flowers together.

Costzon Rocking Horse Slide

This slide rocking horse toy is a great birthday gift for a little lady that enjoys being active and going to the local park. This 5-in-1 toy features a slide, rocking horse, basketball hoop, stool, and ring game – improving throwing and coordination skills. It comes in Blue Penguin or Green Bear designs and is easy to install and clean.

Wrapping up

The possibilities are endless when buying for a two-year-old girl. They’re at such a lovely age where they can do lots more and are learning loads too. 

However, that doesn’t make buying her a birthday gift easy. There are many choices out there, but you want to make sure you’re getting something fun, educational, and robust. 

Don’t worry – we’ve hand-selected all of the top gifts that the two-year-old girl is going to love playing with. We’ve sourced presents that will provide endless hours of fun, help their crucial developmental skills, and that expand their imagination as they turn two. 

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