Birthday Gifts for Nine-Year-Old Girls

Nine-year-old girls are a joy to buy birthday presents for but they can also be challenging! No longer a little kid, but not quite a tween means it can be hard to know whether to go for cute toys or cool tech…

Whether the nine-year-old girl in your life is still holding onto stuffed animals, becoming interested in how they dress or expressing themselves by creating, we’ve got the gifts that every young girl will love receiving for her birthday. 

We’ve made sure to include gifts for every interest and every budget in our handy birthday gift guide for nine-year-old girls. 

Beauty & Health 

At a time when your little girl might be becoming more independent, a great birthday gift would be teaching her about self-care. It’s never too early to show young ones the importance of looking after themselves and taking time out for themselves. We’ve found the top birthday gifts that the nine-year-old girl in your life is going to enjoy pampering herself with thoroughly.

Mineral Me California Unicorn Bath Bombs

The Mineral Me Unicorn Bath Bomb set is full of surprises. A girl can relax in a tub and enjoy the fun scents and colors the bath bomb adds to the water. After the ball bubbles away, a girl will find a piece of jewelry. Once all the bath bombs are gone, use the sturdy gift box to organize a new jewelry collection.

Epielle Character Sheet Masks

A girl can start a fun skin-care routine with these fun Epielle Character Sheet Masks for kids. This set includes a llama, cheetah, panda, mermaid, unicorn, and otter mask. Apply one to the face and enjoy the sweet scent and purifying effect it has on the skin. Each mask has a different scent and purpose. This amusing skin-care set is perfect for a nine-year-old sleepover.

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

At age nine, girls start becoming more aware of their peers and what’s considered ‘cool’. Not sure what is fashionable in the world of nine-year-old girls? Don’t panic, we’ve done the research for you to make sure they’re a hit in the playground. 

Girls this age will also love anything that shows off their personality – whether it’s something they can personalize or symbolizes an interest they have. Check out our clothing, shoes, jewelry, and watches that you can’t go wrong with as your nine-year-old girl celebrates her birthday.

Fnovco Cartoon Animal Socks

A nine-year-old birthday girl can follow the fashion standard (or set it) with this knee-high sock set. Each pair of socks comes in a different pattern with a unique dog breed at the top seam. These stretchy socks are made from cotton and spandex for a comfy, breathable fit. A dog-loving girl will wear these adorably funky socks with pride. 

Lcfun Mini Backpack

Pack all the necessities in this stylish mini backpack purse. The cream faux leather exterior is waterproof to protect a girl’s things in any weather. Inside, the backpack is surprisingly spacious. It has two inner pockets to organize makeup and other small items. The back of the purse has a zipper pouch to hold cash and I.D. cards secure, while the front pocket can keep a phone in easy reach. 

Lcfun Mini Backpack
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Fettero Gold Initial Heart Necklace

Personalize a piece of jewelry for the birthday girl with this Fettero Gold Initial Heart Necklace.  This 14K gold-plated necklace has a minimalist, dainty style and can match any outfit from the birthday girl’s wardrobe. Choose the letter from A to Z to represent a special nine-year-old’s initial. This piece of jewelry will be treasured for many years to come.

Lands’ End Kids Hooded Fleece Solid Robe

With this Lands’ End Fleece Robe for kids, a girl can have a spa experience at home. This thick fleece robe is extra-soft and is perfect for relaxing after a refreshing bath. It covers the knees and comes with a hood so a child can stay warm from head to toe. This robe has extra deep pockets to keep entertainment or snacks close.

The Children’s Place Denim Jacket

Cool days call for a light jacket. This denim jacket from The Children’s Place can keep a girl comfortably warm and goes with just about any outfit in a nine-year-old’s wardrobe. The material is a cotton blend, so it is soft and durable with some stretch. Unlike many stiff denim jackets, this jacket from The Children’s Place allows a girl to move freely. 

Crocs Unisex-Child Crockband Clogs

Crocs are arguably some of the most comfortable footwear around. These girl’s Croc shoes have the classic clog shape with a retro color combination. The light blue crocs have a pink and white stripe running around the sole and a pink heel band. A girl can slip these clogs on to play or go out. They wipe down easily to stay bright and colorful. 

Crocs Unisex-Child Crockband Clogs
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Jessica Simpson Girls Slippers

Once a nine-year-old girl walks in these Jessica Simpson Girls Slippers, she may never want to take them off! These faux fur slippers have a warm and fluffy memory foam base. The exterior microsuede material is soft and won’t rub a girl’s feet. This pair of slippers is perfect for lazy days spent lounging at home.

Scrapheart 9th Birthday Bracelet

This adorable birthday bracelet is perfect for a girl turning nine. Scrapheart’s 9th Birthday Bangle Bracelet comes with a Swarovski Crystal Pearl, a cupcake charm, a number 9 charm, a crystal heart, and a birthday cake that reads “Happy Birthday.” This unique bracelet is gift-ready in a velvet drawstring pouch. A new nine-year-old can pair this birthday bracelet with other bangles to compliment her look.


Young girls turning nine are typically full of new ideas and are fascinated about the world around them, which can make educational gifts a real winner. They’ll be keen to develop skills learned at school, such as reading. Or they may even be looking to replicate careers they know about like baking or musical instruments. 

We’ve handpicked all of the best educational projects, toys, and games that a nine-year-old girl is going to thoroughly enjoy tackling on her birthday. 

Just Between Us: Sisters ― A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal

This gift allows a girl to journal alongside a sister or best friend to share thoughts, stories, and opinions. The Just Between Us Sisters journal provides prompts on each page to encourage creative thinking. However, there are no set rules! This book allows a girl’s creativity to take over by providing areas to jot down ideas and add drawings or photos. 

GirlZone Unicorn & Mermaids Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t just for little kids! Tweens, teens, and even adults enjoy coloring pictures and patterns to calm anxious thoughts and create something beautiful. This GirlZone Unicorn and Mermaids Coloring Book contains 114 illustrations waiting for a nine-year-old to bring them to life in full color. A girl can enjoy coloring cupcakes, unicorns, mermaids, and other magical drawings in detail.

The Complete Chronicles of Narnia

What’s inside a wardrobe? In The Chronicles of Narnia, a wardrobe opens into a whole new world of magical lands filled with fantastical creatures. A girl can follow the four Pevensie children throughout the seven chronicles and watch them as they struggle, conquer, and grow. This boxed set contains the complete paperback series with pages full of adventure and mystery. 

Klutz Kids Magical Baking Activity Kit

A budding chef will enjoy exploring her skills in the kitchen with this Klutz Kids Magical Baking Activity Kit. The set includes tools every girl needs to get started, including a spatula, measuring spoons, baker’s twine, a piping bag with decorative tips, and decorations to top off baked goods. These tools come with a 60-page book full of step-by-step instructions and full-color photos.

Adm Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar

Let a girl explore her musical side with the gift of this Adm Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar. This small-scale guitar set has everything a girl needs to get started, including a guitar, a case, picks, a shoulder strap, a tuner, and more. The package includes one month of free guitar lessons so a girl can learn her way around her new guitar.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Give an artistic kid everything she needs to let her creativity run wild with this Crayola Inspiration Art Kit. This 140-piece set contains crayons, short colored pencils, and washable markers in a myriad of colors. Also, the 15 oversized pieces of paper allow an artist to get straight down to business. With this giant set of colors, a girl is ready to draw a masterpiece.

Canterwood Crest Stable of Stories

Encourage a child to read with this boxed set of Canterwood Crest Stable of Stories series. The first four titles about Sasha Silver and her horse, Charm, are Take the Reins, Chasing Blue, Behind the Bit, and Triple Fault. Watch Sasha face common challenges as she makes new friends and expands her experiences – perfect for a girl on the brink of the “tween” stage.


As nine-year-olds head toward their pre-teen years, they might be becoming more interested in electronics. Though some parents might be wary, there’s a ton of tech out there that can be super beneficial and educational to kids at this age. 

We’ve hand-selected the best gadgets that a nine-year-old girl will absolutely love getting her hands on, but that is – more importantly – safe without too much screen time. 

Souleather Moon & Stars Night Light

You can add a calm glow to a little girl’s room with this Moon & Stars Night Light. The acrylic plaque is personalizable to include the birthday girl’s name. When the light turns on, the clear plate shines brightly, revealing a whimsical moon and star design. This custom night light can be a sweet accent piece for a girl’s bedside table.

Gotrax Electric Scooter

The Gotrax Electric Scooter allows a nine-year-old to get around quickly and stylishly. This scooter uses safe start technology for a kid to easily learn to ride. Using her foot on the front button and kicking off to start, she can engage the motor by placing her other foot on the back button. The colorful LED wheels are a fun accent for this high-tech scooter.

Nintendo Switch V2 Game Console

The Nintendo Switch V2 Game Console allows a child to play their favorite games at home or on the go. Dock the console to play on the TV, or remove the Nintendo Switch to continue a game in handheld mode. A girl can play against friends or enjoy the single-person play. This versatile system lets a nine-year-old master game levels at her own pace. 

Digeehot Kids Fitness Tracker

This Digeehot Kids Fitness Tracker has several of the amenities similar to an Apple watch, but it’s much less expensive. In addition to showing the date and time, this digital display can also keep track of fitness, sleep quality, and calories, and run 11 sports modes. The purple wristband is perfect for fitting small wrists. This water-resistant watch can encourage a child toward active play.

eKids Disney Princess Karaoke Machine

Make a girl’s dream come true with this Disney Princess Karaoke Machine. This speaker can connect with a Bluetooth device to listen to hit songs. A girl can record her performance by plugging a USB device into this boombox. Disney tunes are readily available with just the touch of a button. A nine-year-old can pick up the microphone and let her voice be heard!

Home, Garden, & Tools

Girls are typically becoming more independent around the age of nine and the home is the perfect place to safely help them explore their independence. They’ll love gifts where they can come home from school and have space to journal, start a project, or take care of themselves. 

We’ve rounded up the top gifts that are going to have the nine-year-old girl in your life super excited to come home and play with. 

Iron Flask Kids Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential for the health of a growing girl. This double-wall insulated Iron Flask can keep drinks cold for 14 hours. Flip the built-in straw up to drink, and close it for a leak-proof seal. The durable stainless steel flask is full of unicorns and rainbows in its design. A girl can tote water around using the flask’s built-in wristband.

Razee Kids Play Tent

A girl can enjoy her own quiet space with this enchanting Razee Kids Play Tent. This playhouse has a high, five-foot peak so there is enough room to fit a friend or two. Kids can play house, watch a movie, read books, or study for school in this cozy tent. Add a fuzzy blanket and some pillows for the perfect environment for a nine-year-old girl.

Razee Kids Play Tent
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Kids & Babies Toys

The beauty of nine-year-old girls is that while they’re becoming more independent and interested in educational gifts, they haven’t lost their childish nature yet. Especially after long days at school, they’ll love coming home to unwind and get lost in their imagination. 

Toys and games like Barbie, LEGO, and crafting kits will still be top birthday hits for a little girl as she turns nine. Check out our top recommendations for kids’ and baby’s toys. 

Barbie Color Reveal Doll Set

The Barbie Color Reveal doll is full of surprises for the birthday girl. This set includes 25 surprises, many color transformations, and a Barbie who can take on two entirely different looks. This doll has two color-changing long-haired wigs and two pets that transform when dipped in water. Each Color Reveal Barbie has outfits and accessories to accent her changing looks.

LEGO Magical Caravan

The LEGO Magical Caravan has a vintage charm and modern accessories. This caravan opens to reveal a fortune teller’s tent on wheels. Inside, you’ll find a magical crystal ball, a table, a stove, and even a private toilet. Two mystical LEGO women take part in this scene, along with their owl and horse companions. This birthday gift is full of magic and creative fun.

Klutz Mini Clay Pet Adoption Craft Kit

Help her learn about a valuable cause through play with this Klutz Mini Clay Pet Adoption Craft Kit. This step-by-step kit shows a girl how to make up to 15 animal models. She can then bake the models to make them permanent – perfect for displaying her puppies, kittens, bunnies, guinea pigs, and more on the papercraft adoption truck. This kit includes pet blankets, grooming supplies, and other accessories.

Schleich Farm World Barn

The Schleich Farm World Barn has realistic details for a child to learn more about farm life.  The 27-piece set includes a farmer, a cow, a calf, plastic veggies, a wheelbarrow, a gate, and a fence. A girl can set up the scene using the large barn model as a backdrop. This Schleich barn can be paired with other rural play sets to create a miniature animal-centered world.

Schleich Farm World Barn
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Stuff2Color Fuzzy Coloring Poster Pack

Young artists can enjoy the gift of this Stuff2Color Fuzzy Coloring Poster Pack. These fairytale-themed coloring pages allow a girl to decorate magical princesses and fantasy characters. Each poster has a black velvet background, making it impossible to color outside the lines. Once a girl has finished coloring a piece of art, she can hang them up in her room for others to enjoy.

LEGO Ginger Tabby Cat Set

With this gift, a nine-year-old girl can build a LEGO BrickHeadz model of a cat and her kitten. The 269-piece LEGO set includes the instructions for two adorable ginger tabby cats with matching teal scarves. Once a girl finishes building the two models, she can set them inside the purple LEGO cat basket as a fun miniature decoration in her room.

Wrapping Up

Nine-year-old girls are at a lovely age – they’re full of excitement, energy, and wonder for the world around them. However, they’re also at a tricky age where they’re in between baby-ish toys, but not quite hitting those tween gifts either. 

We’re here to help make your life much easier. We’ve handpicked the best gifts across a huge range of departments that a nine-year-old girl is going to love. 

Whether role play is still her favorite game, she’s trying her hand at STEM projects, or she’s becoming interested in the latest fashion trends, we’ve got the birthday gifts that the nine-year-old girl in your life is going to simply adore getting for her birthday.

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