Birthday Gifts for Ten-Year-Old Girls

Double digits are a huge time in a young girl’s life! They’ve officially hit their tween years and with that comes a lot of changes. They’ll have a need for independence, they’ll have firm interests, and their friends will become super important. 

We’ve found the best gifts for every interest – from the STEM enthusiast to Little Miss Sporty, to the computer whizz. Not sure what exactly they’re into? Don’t worry! We’ve got gifts that all ten-year-old girls will enjoy – from expressing their creativity to fun games they can play with friends. 

No matter what they’re into or what your budget is, our gift guide will help you find the perfect birthday present for the ten-year-old girl in your life that will make you their favorite relative.

Beauty & Health

As friendship groups become more important, there’s no doubt a ten-year-old girl will be starting to care more about how she’s seen by her peers. Now is a super important time to teach her the importance of self-care and self-image. 

We’ve found the best gifts to safely introduce her into the world of health and beauty. From exploring make-up to pampering herself, or expressing herself through journaling. Our top recommendations for beauty and health gifts will have her feeling confident and glamorous as she turns ten on her birthday.

Mineral Me California Mermaid Bath Bombs

The Mineral Me California Mermaid Bath Bomb is six surprises in one box. The birthday girl will enjoy watching these bombs fizz away while releasing a sweet scent and fun color. When the ball dissolves, each one releases a fun mermaid-themed jewelry surprise in the water. When all the bath bombs are gone, she can store her new bracelets in the sturdy jewelry box. 

Epielle Character Sheet Masks

Pamper a ten-year-old girl with these fun Epielle Character Sheet Masks for kids. The six masks in this set include Blue Narwhal, Mermaid Scales, Pink Shark, Cat, Dalmatian, and Zebra masks. Each face mask has its own scent and rejuvenating properties. A girl can have a relaxing spa experience at home by applying one of these magical Epielle character masks.

Luna Star Naturals Klee Girls 7-Piece Kit

A girl can have fun exploring makeup with this Luna Star Naturals Klee Girls 7-Piece Kit. The set includes two organic shimmery lip glosses, mess-free, peel-off nail polish, two shades of eyeshadow, blush, and body shimmer. Also, a girl receives a bonus bamboo brush to apply her makeup. These natural mineral face products come in fun, glittery colors that a ten-year-old girl will love. 

Poshieca Personalized Locked Diary

A girl can write down her hopes and dreams for her year as a ten-year-old in this Heart-Lock diary. The diary has stunning gold-gilded edges and durable hand-sewn binding. It comes with a lock and key, so her innermost thoughts are safe. You can personalize this PU leatherette diary with a girl’s name and favorite color to make this gift even more special. 

Maitys False Nails Press On

Each of the ten boxes in this Maitys False Nails set includes 24 nail covers in a color and design theme so a girl can easily mix and match. These non-toxic, mess-free nails don’t require paint or glue and are easy to press on a girl’s fingernails. A girl can remove them and try other fun colors whenever she wants. With 240 colorful nails, a girl has plenty of options. 

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

We’ve selected the best clothing, shoes, jewelry, and watches that any young girl would love getting on her tenth birthday. 

Whether she wants to be the most stylish kid on the playground, loves nothing more than snuggling up in comfies, or wants the world to know she’s officially a tween, you’ll find something for every ten-year-old birthday girl with our top recommendations. 

Lcfun Mini Backpack

A stylish mini backpack purse can help a ten-year-old girl keep up with her money, keys, makeup, and more. The light blue faux leather backpack-style purse has a sleek and sophisticated look with a bow on the front. It has two inner pockets to hold small necessities and exterior pockets on the front and back of the purse to keep important items handy. 

Lcfun Mini Backpack
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Jessica Simpson Marshmallow Slippers

These Jessica Simpson Marshmallow Slippers with oversized bows are fit for a ten-year-old princess. The fuchsia pink slide-on house shoes have soft plush material covering a memory-foam sole to relax busy feet and keep them warm. The outer sole is non-slip to prevent falls. When these slippers get dirty, you can toss them in the washer for a thorough cleaning.

Fettero Gold Initial Heart Necklace

This sweet Fettero Gold Initial Heart Necklace is a perfect personalized birthday gift for a ten-year-old girl.  The 14K gold-plated necklace looks elegant and dainty with its delicate heart-shaped pendant that sports her initial. This necklace pairs well with a Sunday dress, or a girl can wear it with a T-shirt and jeans. She’ll love adding this personalized piece of jewelry to her collection.

Lands’ End Kids Hooded Fleece Solid Robe

A spa-like experience awaits with this Lands’ End Fleece Robe for kids. This Lilac Thistle robe will keep a girl warm from head to toe with its long hem and hood. It is perfect for wrapping up after swimming at the pool, relaxing in a bath, or lounging around the house. The extra deep pockets are perfect for keeping a handy snack, remote, or handheld game close.

C7 Pink Roller Skates

Rollerskating is a fun way for a preteen girl to let off steam and get in some refreshing exercise. These cherry blossom pink rollerskates have a sweet retro style. The urethane wheels are perfect for picking up speed indoors or outdoors. With four wheels, a one-inch heel, pink laces, and plenty of ankle support these rollerskates are ready to roll. 

Customerica 10th Birthday Shirt

Let everyone know a special someone is turning ten with this Customerica 10th Birthday Shirt. The shirt has a peace sign emblem that reads: “Peace out, single digits, I’m 10. This heather peach shirt with black lettering is a fun way to start a birthday morning. A girl will enjoy getting showered with some love and attention on her special day.

Scrapheart 10th Birthday Bracelet

Commemorate a special double-digit birthday with this Scrapheart 10th Birthday Bracelet. The elegant charms include a Swarovski Crystal Pearl, a cupcake charm, a number 10 charm, a crystal heart, and a festive birthday cake charm. This bracelet expands but does not open, so you don’t have to worry about losing charms. A girl can cherish this elegant bracelet for years to come!


No matter whether the ten-year-old girl in your life enjoys school or not, we’ve found educational gifts that will be so much fun for those with an inquisitive mind to tackle. 

A tween girl will enjoy any gift that lets her express her creativity, personality, and makes her feel good. That’s why we’ve done the research to find the most exciting educational gifts that she won’t even realize she’s learning from as she turns ten on her birthday. 

Just Between Us: Mothers & Daughter: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal

In the tween years, mother-daughter bonding is more important than ever. This Just Between Us: Mothers & Daughter Journal keeps the lines of communication open between a growing girl and her mom. A daughter can learn some of her mom’s thoughts and memories, while a mom can understand more about her girl’s hopes and dreams. This delightful journal is a stress-free way for a mother and daughter to grow their relationship.

STMT DIY Crystal Terrarium

A D.I.Y. Hanging Garden can add some zen relaxation to a 10-year-old’s room. This kit allows a girl to design her own miniature terrarium using a fake plant, colorful gemstones, and sand. Add a few drops of lavender oil for relaxation or use lemon oil for alertness. This hanging garden can be a beautiful addition to a girl’s room.

Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit

Have a fun-filled time creating slime with this Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit. The kit includes everything you need to make several fabulous batches of slime. Simply add glue, ink colors, and unicorn beads for different textures. Then, store the slime batches in containers to keep them fresh for later. A ten-year-old girl and friends will enjoy some sensory-rich craft time with slime.

Made By Me Ultimate Bead Pets

A girl can get creative with this Made By Me Ultimate Bead Pets gift. This set allows a girl to follow patterns and create personalized pendants and key chains. It includes 437 Pony Beads, alphabet beads, key rings, lanyard clips, and 20 yards of satin cords. The storage box makes organizing beads easy. The full-color instructions allow girls to build pets and create up to 26 designs.


Many parents might have been dreading introducing their kids to electronics. However, as ten-year-old girls pursue their interests, join more clubs and spend time with friends, tech might make both of your lives easier. 

We’ve sourced the top gadgets that a ten-year-old girl is going to enjoy playing with while keeping her safe at the same time. 

Digeehot Kids Fitness Tracker

This Digeehot Kids Fitness Tracker can tell the time and keep track of a child’s fitness, sleep quality, heart rate, and calories. It also comes with 11 sports modes. The watch’s batteries can fully charge in one hour and last up to one week. The trendy green and black wristband fit even small hands. This water-resistant fitness tracker can keep a child healthy and active.

Belkin Wireless Headphones

This two-tone pink Belkin Wireless Headphone set has a microphone so a girl can listen to music or converse on video calls. The adjustable headband and plush cushion cups make them comfy to wear. Also, these headphones work through Bluetooth connection, so a girl doesn’t have to deal with a pesky cord. These headphones are a fun and practical gift for a ten-year-old girl.

Apple iPhone SE

A girl can keep in touch with family and friends when she uses this Apple iPhone SE. This cell phone comes with a SIM removal tool, a charger, and a charging cable. A girl can download her favorite apps and games for entertainment on the go. This renewed phone is in excellent condition and ready for a new life with a ten-year-old.

Apple iPhone SE
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Agoigo Kids Waterproof Camera

With this Agoigo Kids Waterproof Camera, a girl can take pictures up to 98 feet underwater. This digital camera includes 28 frame styles and six filters to add personality to photos. It shuts down automatically to preserve its battery life. A tween can practice her artistic photography skills and make special memories that will last with this waterproof kids’ camera.

Nintendo Switch Lite

A girl can take her games virtually anywhere with this coral-colored Handheld Nintendo Switch Lite. This handheld device has a built-in plus Control Pad and is lightweight, portable, and travel-friendly for long road trips. However, despite its size, it is still compatible with many Nintendo favorites. This colorful birthday gift can give a ten-year-old girl many hours of entertaining play.

Home, Garden, & Tools

Now that the ten-year-old girl in your life is likely spending more time out of the house, it’s important that they have creature comforts when they come home. 

Products that help them relax after a busy day of learning and socializing will always be a great treat. Classic games and presents that help them be independent at home will go down a storm as your little girl turns ten too. 

Iron Flask Kids Water Bottle

Help a girl to stay healthy and hydrated with this Iron Flask. This durable stainless-steel tumbler keeps drinks cold for as long as 14 hours. It has a built-in straw that flips up to drink. When the straw is closed, the bottle is fully leak-proof to prevent spills in a purse or backpack. The winged unicorn llamas and rainbow design can brighten a girl’s day. 

Monopoly Unicorns vs. Llamas Board Game

Monopoly is a fun board game. However, it’s even more fun when llamas and unicorns are involved. This Monopoly Unicorns vs. Llamas Board Game creates a friendly rivalry between two furry species in a magical world. The playing cards include rainbows, candy, and fun facts about these adorable friends. Kids can play this game in teams, or every girl for herself. Who will triumph?

Beautyrest Ultra Soft Heated Throw

This Beautyrest Ultra Soft Heated Throw is perfect for staying cozy when the weather gets cold. The snuggly wrap includes heating elements that are spaced evenly for overall heat. A girl can control how warm she wants her blanket to be by choosing from the three heat settings on the attached controller. This electric wrap has an automatic two-hour shut-off safety feature to ease your worries!

Kids & Babies Toys

Though there are fewer presents in the “Kids and Babies Toys” section as children get older, they still take great comfort in playing with classic toys and expanding their imagination. Products that help them roleplay and act out social scenarios can actually be very educational at this age too.

They might seem like they’re growing up fast but their eyes will still light up at the likes of LEGO, cuddly toys, and arts and crafts. Take a look at our top toy recommendations for a ten-year-old girl on her birthday. 

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Organic Cafe

A girl can build her own cafe brick by brick with this LEGO Heartlake City Organic Café kit. This set comes with everything a coffee shop needs including a shop window full of goodies, an outdoor patio with a table and chairs, a food cart, mugs, cold cups, and more. The characters include a woman, a grandpa, and a little girl to make for hours of fun.

Breyer Deluxe Country Stable & Horse Playset

A ten-year-old will enjoy building this Breyer Deluxe Country Stable & Horse Playset. The set focuses on a realistic buckskin quarterhorse model. The large three-stable barn has plenty of room for friends from other sets to join in the fun. Accessories include a ladder leading up into the barn loft and fencing to create a warm-up pen. A girl’s imagination can run wild with this life-like set.

Small Fish Fidget Toy Pack

A complete sensory experience awaits with this deluxe Small Fish Sensory Fidget Toy variety pack. The 72-piece set includes some fidget favorites such as infinity cubes, stress balls, and pop-its. However, there are many fidgets that a sensory-seeker may not have seen before. These fidget toys can help relieve stress and anxiety, and enhance a child’s problem-solving skills through play.

Squishmallows Official Kellytoy Box Set

The Squishmallows Official Kellytoy Box Set includes eight small squishable friends. These Squishmallows come in a food and drink theme and include ice cream, fruits, a cinnamon roll, avocado toast, and more. A girl can cuddle these little characters or squish them to relieve stress. Each miniature plush toy has a friendly expression to wish a 10-year-old a happy birthday.

Hapinest Wall Collage Arts & Crafts

Let a pre-teen girl express herself with the gift of this Hapinest Wall Collage Arts & Crafts kit. The set includes cutouts, letters, inspirational quotes, markers, double-sided tape, string, and foam squares. Some of the designs are blank so a girl can add her own artistic touch to the artwork. She can choose to make one large collage on a wall or spread the art around the room.

LEGO Dalmatian Dog & Puppy Set

The LEGO BrickHeadz Dalmatian set has 252 pieces to build a dog and puppy in a pet bed. These two four-legged friends come with matching red collars and adorable expressions. The set comes with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. It’s perfect for display once finished too. A ten-year-old can enjoy building other LEGO BrickHeadz animal characters to add to her collection.

Wrapping Up

Turning ten is a huge birthday for a young girl. Double digits mean they’ve officially hit their tween years. With that comes strong interests, tight friendships, and a need for independence. 

This can make it quite tricky to know what to buy for her birthday! To help, we’ve found the top birthday gifts across a range of departments, so no matter what she’s into – arts and crafts, STEM projects, or watching movies – we’ve got something for her. Or if you’re not sure, we’ve got gifts every ten-year-old will love. 

We’ve made sure there are presents for every interest and every budget in our guide so that the ten-year-old girl in your life has the best birthday ever! 

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