Birthday Gifts for Seven-Year-Old Girls

Seven-year-old girls are an absolute delight to buy for. They typically develop massively in terms of creativity, imagination, and new ideas around this age as they start to see the world around them in a new and exciting way. 

She’ll be really finding her own interests at seven, which will be great to help her delve deeper into. Or if you’re not sure what her passions are, there are still a ton of gifts that she’ll be super excited to explore, especially if they’re gifts she can play with friends. 

We’ve handpicked the best birthday gifts across a huge range of departments that the seven-year-old girl in your life is going to love receiving on her birthday. 

Beauty & Health

Teach the seven-year-old girl in your life how to look after her health and well-being with fun gifts that have an element of self-care to them. 

She might also be taking an interest in beauty and health around now, so it could be a nice time to safely introduce her to this world with age-appropriate gifts. We’ve found the top health and beauty items that the seven-year-old girl in your life is going to love pampering herself with on her birthday. 

Yekery Kids Bath Bomb Set

A girl will have a lovely surprise every time she uses a Yekery Kids Bath Bomb. This set contains 20 bath bombs with a variety of colors and scents. After the bath bomb bubbles and dissolves, a seven-year-old will find a small animal friend inside. The ingredients in the bath bomb are skin-friendly and include baking soda, citric acid, coconut oil, and essential oils. 

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

As your seven-year-old girl settles into school, she’ll be starting to form friendships and learn from her peers. This results in them typically really starting to develop their own little personalities around now. 

A great way to help your seven-year-old girl explore more about herself is by introducing her to clothing, shoes, jewelry, and watches that will deepen how she expresses herself. Treat your seven-year-old girl to our top picks of clothing and accessories for her birthday that she won’t be able to wait to debut. 

Jewelkeeper Musical Jewelry Box

When a girl opens up this magical jewelry box, a pink and white unicorn begins to spin to the tune of Beautiful Dreamer. This unicorn music box has two drawers and a deeper storage area at the top with a ring holder. The velvet-like lavender liner protects jewelry from scratches and she can try on all her favorite jewelry pieces in front of the heart-shaped mirror.

Happy Lolli Birthday Gift

Give eight gifts in one with this Happy Lolli birthday gift. Each gift comes wrapped in purple paper with a bow. Before a girl can open them, she has a few motivational tasks to do that encourage her self-worth. She’ll receive a plush unicorn purse, a keychain alarm clock, three frames for her bedroom wall, and friendship necklaces, among other gifts. 

Meetbelify Backpack Set

A girl can have the coolest back-to-school gear around with this shimmery, shiny, glittery pink Meetbelify Backpack Set. The backpack can fit a 14” laptop, iPad, and folders. There is a small inner pocket to keep pens and sticky notes, and an outer pocket keeps essentials at the ready. This set also includes a matching pencil case and a lunch box.

Meetbelify Backpack Set
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UniquelyImprint Personalized Necklace

Commemorate a girl’s seventh year with a special birthday necklace. This UniquelyImprint design includes three unique charms with a girl’s name, birthstone, and age. The name bar is made from 14k gold-filled metal, while the chain is gold-plated with a secure lobster clasp. This personalized necklace can be an exciting gift for a seven-year-old as she enters a new year.


Your seven-year-old girl will likely be an excitable fountain of knowledge at this age as her education continues to grow. Any chance to test this knowledge or expand it further will be a much-appreciated gift. Especially if it comes in the form of a fun toy. 

Books, crafts, writing, and STEAM projects are a great way to go in this category. We’ve hand-selected the best educational gifts that the seven-year-old girl in your life is going to love playing with and learning from. 

Unicorn Academy: Rainbow of Adventure Boxed Set By Julie Sykes

Beginner readers can enjoy this boxed set of books from The Unicorn Academy series. The set includes four Rainbow of Adventure books. Each story follows the tale of a girl who has her own unicorn friend. The unicorns possess a secret skill that a girl will discover after bonding with her winged companion. These easy-reader books will inspire a young girl to read.

The Never Girls Collection #1: Books 1-4 By Kiki Thorpe

Fans of Peter Pan can enjoy more adventures in Never Land with this Never Girls book series. The boxed set includes the first four books of the series including In a Blink, The Space Between, A Dandelion Wish, and From the Mist. However, instead of the four Darling children, or the Lost Boys, these stories follow four girls who are best friends.

All the Animals: How to Draw Book By Alli Koch

All the Animals: How to Draw Books for Kids is a great introduction to proportions and form. This beginner art book shows a child how to draw all different kinds of animals step-by-step. The kid-friendly instructions make these art lessons quick and fun. A seven-year-old will be encouraged by the realistic drawings she can achieve by using simple shapes and lines.

Workman Publishing Paint by Sticker Series

Paint by Sticker allows a child to make professional-looking art pieces by creating different figures and scenes using stickers. This book allows a girl to create ten different fantastical images including unicorns, a princess, a dragon, a mermaid, and more. Each mosaic design has a special set of stickers and numbers. After the images are complete, a girl can use them to decorate her room. 


Seven is a great age to introduce your little girl to electronics. She’ll have improved cognitive thinking, better motor skills, and a lot more patience than a year ago to try out new technology. 

Parents can be wary of electronics for fear their children will sit in front of a screen all of the time. However, our recommendations of the best electronic gifts are handpicked with fun and education in mind. Your seven-year-old will love safely tinkering around with these gadgets on her birthday. 

Original Tamagotchi

The Original Tamagotchi is a pet that doesn’t make a mess and is small enough to go everywhere with its owner. With seven Tamagotchi characters, they’ll watch it grow from an egg to an adult. A girl can feed and nurture this digital creature and even teach it tricks. She can take her miniature pet anywhere with its mini chain attachment. 

Sisigad Hoverboard with Bluetooth

A hoverboard is the new, cool way to get around the neighborhood. This Sisigad Hoverboard has front lights, light-up wheels, and a built-in wireless speaker system. This means a girl can listen to music or learn from an audiobook while she enjoys the fresh air. She’ll be able to practice her balance to direct the handle-less hoverboard to where she needs.

Gofunly Kids Camera

A seven-year-old girl can record special memories and practice her composition skills with this Gofunly Kids Camera. She can take photos and videos, try out fun filters and frames, and play games on this child-friendly camera. The purple shock-proof silicone case protects the camera from wear and tear. This gift can encourage a birthday girl to make memories that will last. 

Gofunly Kids Camera
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Puro Sound Labs Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones

A girl can enjoy her favorite tunes with these Puro Sound Labs Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones have a full studio sound and limit the volume to protect young ears. The built-in microphone allows a child to participate in online courses and talk to grandma via video phone. With one touch, you can pair these Bluetooth headphones with your device for wireless communication.

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Tablet

The Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Tablet allows a child to study for homework, play games, take photos, and more. It comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ which allows a child to read her favorite stories ad-free. The tablet can be used safely with its parental controls and it comes with a slim case to protect the tablet and a 2-year guarantee.

Home, Garden, & Tools

After spending most of their time at school, the home will become a safe haven for your little one. There are unicorn pillows for the girl wiped out after a day at school. For the writer, we have a journal to help her express her thoughts. Or if your little one is starting to fear the dark, we’ve got night light recommendations to help them sleep. 

Your seven-year-old is going to love every minute spent at home with our picks of top gifts for her birthday.

Perfectto Unicorn Pillows

These oversized Perfectto Unicorn throw pillows are cuddly companions for a seven-year-old unicorn-lover. One white unicorn and one pink furry pillow can stand guard while a girl reads a favorite book, watches a movie, or builds a castle out of blankets and pillows. These accent pillows are the perfect gift for a little princess who is turning seven years old. 

Perfectto Unicorn Pillows
$36.98 ($18.49 / Count)
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Choose Friendship My Friendship Bracelet Maker

The My Friendship Bracelet Maker allows a seven-year-old to pick up a new hobby. This kit includes 20 colorful pre-cut threads to make up to eight bracelets. The bracelet maker allows her to keep the strings separate and in order. By following the directions, a seven-year-old can make a variety of bracelet designs to hand out to her friends. 

KidKraft Wooden Heart Table & Chair Set

This wooden KidKraft Heart Table and Chair Set is a great size for setting tea for two, playing with LEGO, or doing homework. The four pink and purple bins can hold necessary supplies and are angled to be easy to reach. This table is sturdy and can provide a great work area for a little girl’s play area or bedroom.

Amitié Lane Light Up Unicorn Terrarium

Create a special world for a miniature unicorn with the Amitié Lane Light Up Unicorn Terrarium Kit for Kids. Inside the kit, a girl will find everything she needs to design her magical garden. The set includes two succulent plants, pink and green preserved moss, stones, and crystals. Once the terrain is ready, add the mushroom lights and the unicorn’s home is ready. 

YourNameYourLight Personalized Night Light

Sweet dreams are on the way with this friendly, personalizable night light. You can choose a unicorn design, a moon with stars, or a butterfly, along with the child’s name. This comforting image has a soft warm glow and its sturdy wooden base makes it easy to switch on or off. A seven-year-old can sleep well with this nightlight designed just for her.

RejoiceInCreation Ballerina Personalized Pillow

Ballerina lovers will simply adore this RejoiceinCreation Personalized Pillow. You can choose from a multitude of ballerinas so that they have the same skin color, hair color, hair type, and eye color as your seven-year-old girl. Personalize it with their name, and watch her brush the sequins of the pink pillow to reveal the secret ballerina image and her name. She’ll be truly delighted!

Aberlls Journal Set

This 50-piece DIY Journal Set includes 90 journal pages plus 10 scrapbook pages for a girl to record her special memories. She can decorate the pages with 143 stickers, 8 cardboard design cutouts, 8 paper frames, a tassel charm, and more. The gel pens, highlighters, sticky notes, ruler, and glitter tape give a girl everything she needs to get started making memories! 

BigNoseDeer Ceramic Unicorn

A magical experience awaits each time a girl drinks out of this colorful unicorn mug. This light blue mug has an embossed unicorn design. The unicorn has a multi-colored mane and a shiny gold horn. The 13-ounce mug comes with a white decorative lid to keep a drink warm for longer, and a useful spoon. This fantasy gift set is perfect for a girl turning seven.

BigNoseDeer Ceramic Unicorn
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Kids & Babies Toys

Though seven-year-old girls can be a fountain of knowledge at this age, they still haven’t lost the art of having fun and losing themselves in imagination. Toys and games are a perfect way for them to keep expanding their mind through roleplay and make-believe. 

LEGO, plushies, and LOL dolls will still be a firm favorite and actually important in helping them develop social skills in a safe setting. We’ve hand-selected the top kids and baby’s toys that your seven-year-old girl is going to love creating worlds with on her birthday. 

Schleich Horse Barn & Stable Playset

A seven-year-old horse-lover will appreciate the realistic play-pieces of this Schleich Horse Barn & Stable Playset. The foot-tall horse stable and barn can turn into a riding arena by removing the roof and side walls, perfect for the rider figurine and her two horses to show off their skills. This set comes with accessories such as water troughs, hay bales, a tack holder, and more.

Blue Ribbon Champions Horse Grooming Set

This dappled gray Morgan horse can take home a prize with some care and grooming. The 14-piece play set comes with accessories such as brushes, hoof picks, a feed sack, a blue ribbon, and a trophy. The horse also makes realistic whinnying and trotting sounds. A girl can brush the horse’s platinum mane and saddle him up for the show ring. 

LOL Surprise Fashion Doll

The Cherry BB LOL Tweens fashion doll is full of surprises. She has a funky, retro style that a seven-year-old fashionista will love. The sturdy box opens to reveal a colorful doll-size bedroom complete with a fold-out bed and storage space for accessories. This gift comes with 15 surprises for the birthday girl to dress and style the six-inch doll. 

Flybay Kids Makeup Kit

This Flybay Kids Makeup Kit allows a budding fashionista to explore the world of makeup. It includes everything a seven-year-old girl needs to get started including lipstick, eye shadow colors, mascara, lip gloss, eye pencils, and face powder. She can complete her pamper with nail polish and nail art stickers. The makeup is non-toxic and washes off easily and comes in an adorable unicorn case.

Flybay Kids Makeup Kit
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Pomkinz Unicorn Stuffed Animals

Five loveable unicorn plush animals come in the Pomkinz Unicorn Stuffed Animals set. Besides the classic rainbow unicorn, the set includes a llama, Shiba dog, dinosaur, and sloth with unicorn horns. Each animal has a birth certificate that you can download as a PDF. Also, a girl receives a mini rainbow sequin pet carrier to take her cuddly plush friends around.

LEGO Disney Cinderella’s Royal Carriage

The LEGO Disney Cinderella’s Royal Carriage set is a great birthday gift idea for a girl who loves hands-on activities and princesses. This set includes Cinderella and her fairy godmother as well as the horse-drawn coach, a pumpkin patch, glass slippers, and more. She can act out some of her favorite scenes from this classic movie with this creative LEGO set. 

Squishmallow Laura The Cat Plush

Squishmallow’s Laura the Pink Cat is a fun birthday gift for a cat-loving seven-year-old. This soft, plush toy is cuddly and squeezable. Its soft furry belly and embroidered eyes make this toy the perfect cuddle companion. The glittery ears and catty smile add a spark of fun. A girl can play with this Squishmallow cat, hug and squish it, or use it as a pillow. 


Getting your little one to play outdoors is so important. There are loads of benefits to kids getting fresh air – they learn to become more independent, develop their motor skills, and learn about their limits. There are huge mental health benefits too. 

To help your girl get out into the great outdoors, we’ve sourced the top gifts that your seven-year-old girl is going to be desperate to play with outside on her birthday. 

Schwinn Elm 18in Bike

A girl can enjoy riding this pink and teal Schwinn Elm 18-inch bike through the neighborhood. It has a lightweight frame and SmartStart technology to make pedaling easy for young cyclists. The coaster brakes and handbrake give a child options for safe stopping. The bike seat is adjustable to grow with a child meaning she’ll make memories that will last with this colorful Schwinn bike.

Schwinn Elm 18in Bike
$219.99 $166.57
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Wrapping Up

Seven is a wonderful age. The little girl in your life will be fascinated by the world around her, full of creativity, imagination, and curiosity.

Seven-year-old girls are starting to really find their interests at this age, as well as enjoy educational toys and games that help them socialize. However, they haven’t lost the ability to lose themselves in roleplay. This combination of education and fun makes gift-buying such a joy.

We’ve selected the best gifts in a variety of categories so that no matter what she’s into, you’ll be able to find something that a seven-year-old girl will love opening on her birthday.

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