Birthday Gifts for Six-Year-Old Girls

Six is such a fun age to be buying gifts for the little girl in your life. As they transition from kindergarten to first grade, they’ll now be developing a real interest and curiosity in the world around them. This makes gift buying so much easier. 

Reading, writing, math, and science open up a world of STEAM projects, books, and more complex games. Your little girl will also likely have interests too, which are great to encourage, but it’s important to introduce them to new hobbies as well.

We’ve handpicked the best gifts across a range of departments that will absolutely delight a six-year-old girl on her birthday. 

Beauty & Health

In an age where mental health is becoming more openly talked about, it can never be too early to teach your little girl about self-care. Becoming a first-grader can also be hard work – they’ve gone from spending most of their time playing to daily education. 

Your six-year-old girl will appreciate learning more about the importance of health, wellness, and beauty while being pampered on her birthday with our top gift recommendations. 

Yekery Kids Bath Bomb Set

This Yekery Kids Bath Bomb Set contains 20 bath bombs with a small surprise in each one. After the bath bomb fizzes and dissolves, she’ll find small animal friends inside such as owls, hamsters, swans, unicorns, dogs, dolphins, and more. The bath bombs use skin-friendly ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils and are individually wrapped so they don’t get wet before it’s time. 

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches

As a six-year-old girl starts school, she’ll likely be becoming more aware of her own personality and those of her peers. She may also be keen to show off her latest interest or favorite Disney character. 

Her sixth birthday could be a great opportunity to introduce her to clothes, shoes, jewelry, and watches that really showcase her individuality. We’ve hand-selected the top age-appropriate clothes and accessories that your six-year-old girl is going to have the most fun dressing up with. 

Amitié Lane Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box

Unicorns and jewelry are a winning combination for six-year-old girls. A unicorn figurine dances, and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” plays when this wooden jewelry box opens. Inside is a unicorn charm bracelet with pink rhinestone accents. Download the bonus Itsy Unicorn app so a girl can play with her unicorn while navigating technology. This multi-faceted gift comes gift-ready with a box and card.

Cosol Silver Unicorn Necklace

This sterling silver unicorn necklace has friendly, smiling eyes and is wearing a princess crown. Shiny pink and blue cubic zirconia stones accent the unicorn’s mane and crown. The hypoallergenic necklace is nickel-free and lead-free making it safe for sensitive skin. Adjust the cord length so it is the perfect fit for your six-year-old. This unicorn necklace comes gift-ready in a cute unicorn box.

Tara Toys Disney Princess Necklace Set

If your six-year-old is a fan of Disney princesses, she’ll love this. A little girl will be able to create up to six necklaces using beads and charms – ensuring she’s practicing her fine motor skills as well as being creative! It includes 150 glittery and colorful beads, six strings, and six rubber charms, including Princess Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, and other favorite princesses.

TowelSelections Robe

Whether it’s summer or winter, this lavender kimono fleece robe can come in handy. The lightweight robe is soft and comfy after a warm bath or a cold dip in the pool. It has a tie closure for the ideal fit. Also, the two deep pockets are handy for stashing toiletries or snacks. This robe is a practical gift that a six-year-old can use again and again. 

Babiators Sweetheart Sunglasses

Babiator sunglasses can be a fun accessory for six-year-olds to wear while protecting their eyes from the sun. These kids’ sweetheart sunglasses have white heart-shaped plastic frames. The pink lenses offer protection from UV rays with their UV400 polarized lenses and mirrored finish. A little girl will look like a fashion star in these sweetheart white and pink Babiator sunglasses. 


Young girls turning six will be starting to really take an interest in educational toys and games now that they’re hitting school age. Ease them into early learning toys that particularly help develop their reading, writing, math, and science. 

We’ve hand-selected toys that your little girl is going to love playing with and learning from as she turns six on her birthday. 

National Geographic Play Sand

National Geographic’s Sensory Sand is a perfect way for a little girl to experience fun in the sand with much less mess. This moldable sand sticks to itself, making it easy to pick up after playtime. A six-year-old can form sand castles and more using the six molds. The sand is non-toxic and stays wet in the container – lasting through multiple play sessions.

Amelia Bedelia Book Box Set By Herman Parish

Beginner readers will really enjoy the humorous escapades of Amelia Bedelia. This boxed set of Amelia Bedelia chapter books includes the first four books in the series. The books include black and white illustrations on each page to make the stories come alive. Also, there is a guide to all the idioms these stories use. These books are on level for six-year-old early readers.

Homicozy Unicorn Diary

This fluffy unicorn diary allows a six-year-old girl to begin expressing herself through words and art. There are 160 lined pages, so she can have plenty of space to record her thoughts and memories. A lock makes sure that all her secrets are safe. This set includes fun unicorn stickers, three magnetic bookmarks, sticky notes, a storage bag, and a multi-color pen.

Unicorn Adventure Scratch & Sketch By Lee Nemmers

Illustrate a book about unicorns with this Unicorn Adventure Scratch and Sketch activity book. The story is about a girl, her unicorn, and their journey to an enchanted castle. The scratch-art pages have preprinted outlines, making it easy and when she traces over the lines, a gold, silver, or rainbow outline appears. This story also includes 20 extra pages for her to create original art.


You may be thinking that you want to keep your six-year-old girl well away from electronics. But actually, there’s a ton of tech out there that the little lady in your life will be able to learn from or enjoy without sitting at a screen all day. 

We’ve picked out the top electronic gifts that a six-year-old girl is going to enjoy playing with, safely. 

One Fire Unicorn Night Lights

One Fire Unicorn Night Lights will add a lovely ambiance to a girl’s room. This LED unicorn-shaped light can change to up to 16 different colors with a simple touch. One touch changes the brightness level, and a second tap changes the colors. This silicone lamp lasts up to 10 hours, and you can recharge it with a USB port.

Noot Kids Headphones

These Noot Kids Headphones can last a six-year-old until she turns sweet sixteen. The headband is adjustable to grow with a child and they can fold up to fit easily into a backpack when they are not in use. Padded cushions make these pink headphones comfortable to wear, making sure a six-year-old can relax while listening to her favorite audiobooks and music. 

Gofunly Kids Camera

A girl can have hours of creative fun with this Gofunly Kids Camera. The camera uses high-speed definition, has a two-inch IPS screen, and includes a durable shock-proof silicone case for protection. A six-year-old can take photos, try out frames and filters, and play games on this camera. This birthday gift can encourage an artistic eye and spark an interest in photography.

Gofunly Kids Camera
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Home, Garden, & Tools

Kids will now be spending a lot of their time at school or kindergarten, making the home a safe haven. It’ll become a place where they can rest, recuperate, as well as learn more. 

Whether your little girl wants to snuggle up and watch a movie, expand their knowledge from things learned at school, or learn more about life at home (such as cooking or baking), we’ve got the gifts they’re going to love playing with at home on their sixth birthday. 

Boritar Sherpa Throw Blanket

This sherpa throw blanket is warm, soft, and comforting. It’s just the right size for a six-year-old. One side of the throw is covered in pink and blue unicorns, while the other is a soft fleece material. This throw-size blanket is lightweight and breathable. A girl will love curling up and relaxing in it while reading a book or watching a favorite movie.

Tovla Jr. Kids Cooking & Baking Gift Set

A six-year-old girl can enjoy using this authentic kitchen tool set to make homemade goods with a parent. The set has everything a budding chef needs to get started. It includes measuring cups & measuring spoons, a kitchen timer, a rolling pin, nylon knives, cookie cutters, and much more. A girl can put on the kid-sized apron and try out the four simple but delicious recipes.

Perfectto Unicorn Gift Set

These two plush unicorns can see the world with a six-year-old girl. The four-piece set includes a mother unicorn, a baby unicorn, a toy-sized blanket, and a faux fur purse that is over a foot deep. A girl can easily take these soft, furry friends with her in the extra-large carrying bag and still have plenty of room for other toys and necessities. 

Perfectto Unicorn Gift Set
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Kids & Babies Toys

Though six-year-olds are now taking an interest in educational toys, they’re still full of imagination and silliness, making kid and baby toys a solid option.

They’ll be keen to roleplay and create imaginary worlds, which toys are a perfect catalyst for. We’ve found the top kids and baby’s toys that your six-year-old girl is going to love playing with on her birthday.  

VTech Marble Rush Raceway Set

The VTech Marble Rush Raceway Set is fascinating to watch in motion. A girl can build this 73-piece set in three different configurations using STEM skills to piece together the color-coded blocks. Once the track is set up, she can watch the thrilling chase of five marbles running through the course. This set is a fun way for a six-year-old girl to think creatively and problem-solve.

Barbie Cutie Reveal Unicorn Plush Costume Doll

Give a gift that doubles the element of surprise with this Barbie from the Cutie Reveal Fantasy Series. The birthday girl can open the package to find a Barbie doll dressed in a plush unicorn costume. However, more surprises await. Which Barbie doll is under the full-body costume? What items are inside the four surprise packages? This birthday gift is full of mystery and fun.

Lego Disney Princess Ultimate Adventure Castle

The Disney Princess Ultimate Adventure Castle set includes 698 pieces to build a castle over a foot tall with four different levels. There is enough room for Ariel, Snow White, Moana, Rapunzel, and Tiana in this magical castle. Each princess figurine has a pet animal and her own bedroom. A six-year-old can enjoy building a princess dollhouse using clear directions. Then, it is time for imaginative play!

Pixie Belles Interactive Animal Toy

Pixie Belles Interactive Animal Toy is a fuzzy little animal that gives kisses and twirls in your hand. You can tell its mood by the color of its horn and it can go into nurture or dance mode. Magnets allow a girl to wear this furry friend on clothing and this gift also includes extra tails so a girl can wear one to match her toy pet.

Golray Unicorn Tea Party Set

A girl can set up a tea party for four with this unicorn kid’s tea set. The set includes a doll-size teapot and serving tray, four plates, and cups with saucers. All the serving pieces fit inside a carrying case to take to a picnic. Play food is also part of the package! The tea set is made from lead-free tin, and the play food is BPA-free for fun and safe play.

Squishmallows Series 2

Surprise a six-year-old on her birthday with a mystery Squishmallow Original. Each member of this Series 2 Squish Squad is five inches high and has a unique scent. A girl can play with it, squeeze it to relieve stress, or set up a Squishmallow collection. This adorable furry friend is super soft and cuddly. It’s travel-size, so a girl can take this plush toy wherever she goes.

Schleich Horse Barn & Stable Playset

A six-year-old girl can enjoy this multifunctional horse stable and barn. The barn stands over a foot tall and has a removable roof to double as a riding arena. Two horses and a rider can enjoy showing off their moves in the ring. This set is complete with water troughs, hay bales, a tack holder, and other accessories – perfect for a horse lover!

Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Secret Lock

Use a special combination code to open the lock on this Shopkins Pretty Petals Flower shop. The shop may have a glitter, pearl, fluffy, or metallic special finish. Inside, this tiny world, you find Daisy Petals and a mystery Shopkin. A girl can have fun playing with this mini dollhouse and tiny friends. It is the perfect size to take on the go!

Squishmallows Ilene The Pink Unicorn

Soft and squishy like a marshmallow, this unicorn is ready to be squeezed and loved. The pink and white friend stands one foot high with a golden horn and rainbow mane and tail. This squishable unicorn toy is perfect for nap-time cuddles or playtime fun. It is also washable and dryable, so a six-year-old can confidently take this toy with her wherever she goes.

PixieCrush Kids Makeup Kit

Girls can play dress up with this pretend makeup and hair styling play set. Inside the makeup kit are lipstick, lip gloss, a face powder compact, a hair straightener, a blow dryer, brushes, and a rainbow scrunchie. Each piece is perfect for relaxing sensory fun. The plastic makeup looks realistic, but don’t worry – this mess-free makeup set is for imagination only. 

Robud Wooden Dollhouse

This Robud Wooden Dollhouse can grant a six-year-old girl many hours of creative playtime. It stands over two feet tall and has three stories. The kitchen, bathroom, living room, library, bedroom, and balcony are ready to set up with pink and white furniture. The rooms are spacious and decorated with colorful wallpaper and designs. This birthday gift can be a dream come true for a young girl.

Blue Ribbon Champions Horse Grooming Set

A girl can learn how to groom and care for a horse with this Blue Ribbon Champions Horse Grooming Set. The playset contains 14 pieces, including a handle brush, hoof cleaners, a feed sack, a blue ribbon, and more. The painted horse makes realistic sounds, and its head can change positions. He is saddled up and ready to meet a six-year-old on her birthday! 

Lambs & Ivy Elephant Toy Plushie

This soft and fluffy plush elephant is ready to wish a special six-year-old a happy birthday. His gray polyester fur is accented with textured velour ears and feet. This elephant is perfect for cuddling since every part of him is soft. Even his jet-black eyes are embroidered. He is also machine-washable so a kid can take him outside to play care-free. 

My Little Pony Advent Calendar

This My Little Pony Advent Calendar comes with 25 miniature surprises. Each of the 25 doors opens to reveal a 1.5-inch My Little Pony character, a unicorn pet, or a set of stickers. Made in a colorful winter theme, this gift can be perfect for a winter birthday. A six-year-old can use it to count down to Christmas, or her birthday bash!

Wrapping Up

Turning six is an exciting time in a little girl’s life. They’re starting school which opens up a whole new world of development, interests – and toys of course! 

Six-year-olds are at a great age where they’ll love toys that help expand their newfound knowledge, understand more about their personalities, and develop new interests. However, they also haven’t left the joy of imagination and role-play behind. 

With our top recommendations of gifts across a range of departments, your six-year-old girl really is going to have the best birthday ever!

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