Birthday Gifts for One-Year-Old Girls

A one-year-old girl’s birthday is such a special milestone in their life. You’ll want to find a gift that will keep her entertained, help those early stages of development, and be one that she can treasure for years to come. 

So it can be tricky to even know where to start! Children turning one are just beginning to learn more about their surroundings and what their bodies are capable of doing. Toys that help develop their senses, physical development, and hand-eye coordination are so important. 

Luckily for you, we’ve hand-picked all of the top birthday gifts that a one-year-old girl is going to thoroughly enjoy playing with, all the while helping them learn that little bit more each day.

Clothing, Shoes, & Jewelry Gifts

Though children aged one might not yet understand role-play, or the latest in baby fashionwear, they’re incredibly intrigued by senses at this age. Textures, fabrics, and noises endlessly fascinate them. 

So a great birthday gift for the one-year-old girl in your life could be clothes, shoes, or jewelry that they can play with, feel, and learn from. We’ve selected the top birthday gifts in the clothing department that a one-year-old girl is going to love on her birthday. 

Bgfks Layered Tulle Tutu Dress

Do you want your little girl to look like an adorable mini princess on her first birthday? Then this tutu dress is what you need! Gorgeously made with soft and fluffy tulle, the dress was designed to fit baby girls perfectly. This dress is available in more than 20 beautiful colors and comes with a cute matching flower headband.  

Slumberkins Snuggler

Besides being the best snugglers ever, these adorable creatures come with an honorable mission – to show every little girl that it’s ok to not be perfect at something the first time they try it. Winners of the 2019 Best Toy Award, these books about courage and self-acceptance hugged by a soft cuddle companion are the perfect gift for one-year-old girls.

Creative Skills Scarves

At one year old, children are quickly exploring and learning more about their senses. This plush box is full of vibrant cloth tissues in different textures that a baby is going to love playing with and investigating. As they get older they’ll also learn how to sort these into different colors and textures – enhancing their problem-solving abilities. 

Educational Gifts

Educational gifts at the ripe age of one are incredibly important. They’re learning and developing so much at this stage – physically, mentally, and emotionally. But of course, you’re going to want to give the one-year-old girl in your life a fun birthday present too! 

Don’t panic! We’ve found the top gifts that are perfect for keeping a one-year-old entertained, whilst also educating them at the same time – though they’ll be too busy having fun to realize it! 

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker 

Are you looking for a toy that grows with toddlers? This Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker can be used on the floor with its detachable activity panel, or as a walking assistant when toddlers start standing up. With different colors, sounds, shapes, and numbers, one-year-olds will love playing with this while also developing their motor skills. 

Baby Einstein Activity Mat

This fun play gym promises (and delivers) a discovery in every direction. Whether they’re laying, sitting, or practicing tummy time, this activity mat has a multitude of sounds, toys, music, and textures to keep them entertained. Designed to grow with your baby, they’ll go from playing the piano with kicking feet to working on a tune in no time. 

LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket

Is your one-year-old already pretend-playing? Then this picnic basket is for her! On top of being the perfect storage for its 15 pieces, this play basket has three play modes. The little one will learn colors and shapes by answering the polite requests of the basket and fitting the right food shape piece into the correct hole.

Hape Pound & Tap Bench

This xylophone is a multi-award winner, receiving the Favorite First Musical Toy Award in 2018. Kids can play music by tapping balls, the wooden frame, or playing the xylophone solo. Children will develop dexterity, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, and musical skills with this bench. It’s coated in non-toxic paint and is durable enough to withstand a one-year-old pounding it. 

Home, Garden, & Tools Gifts

The home is where a one-year-old spend most of their time. So, a birthday gift that would make her little life at home filled with more fun, love, and happiness is sure to be a winner!

She’ll be learning more about her surrounding at this age, so we’ve selected the best birthday gifts that will make exploring her home much more enjoyable, educational, and safe for the one-year-old girl in your life. 

Guidecraft Classic Kitchen Helper

Listed as one of the ten best learning towers, this kitchen step stool is perfect for little ones showing an interest in what is happening in the kitchen. This foldable stool is enclosed on all four sides, has a non-slip mat, and adjustable height, making it safe and secure for your child to help out in the kitchen.

Costzon Activity Table

This table and chair set is perfect for any one-year-old. From playing to crafting or even eating, they’ll love having their own space for activities. Available in three colors, it looks great in any room or as an outdoor picnic table. It comes with four storage boxes designed to hold small toys, pens or pencil sets, brushes, or snacks.

Munchkin Stainless Steel Snack Catcher

We all know one thing one-year-old’s like more than anything – their independence. Especially when it comes to eating. To answer that need, Munchkin developed this stainless-steel snack catcher that allows toddlers to eat independently without making a big mess. Design with soft flaps for easy food access, it’s perfect for daycare, on the go, or to have at home.

Outdoor Gifts

Exploring the wild and wonderful outdoors is going to be what a little girl is all about when turning one. Whether it’s time at the park, investigating the backyard, or just creating her own adventures in the fresh air, we’ve found the perfect birthday presents to get her having fun outside on her first birthday. 

Little Tikes Fairy Cozy Coupe

Super adorable, this Fairy Cozy Coupe will bring lots of fun and exercise for one-year-olds. Kids can ride themselves or there’s a handle for adults to push them along. Designed with a working horn, a clicking ignition switch, and a gas cap that opens and closes, this coupe will be a present that a little girl won’t forget. 

Radio Flyer Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon

This Convertible Stroll N’ Wagon was designed both for kids and adults. You can haul up to 120lbs of kids or cargo with this wagon. It also features a rear storage pouch and two cup holders. Kids will be kept safe while riding along thanks to the 5-point safety harness, and removable UV protection canopy. 

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing

Is this a baby swing that grows into a toddler swing? Yes, it is! With removable straps and a T-Bar that can hold a one-year-old baby in place, this swing can grow with your girl until she is four! Excellent for indoors or outdoors, this durable and high-quality swing will bring your girl hours of fun. 

Kids & Babies Toys

Toys are the obviously go-to for any little girl’s first birthday. However, it can be difficult to make sure you’re getting something age-appropriate that will keep her engaged whilst also being educational. 

We’ve hand-selected this year’s top toys that the one-year-old girl in your life is going to love this birthday. From crafting to role-playing to puzzle solving, we’ve got the best gifts that are both fun and developmental. 

Step2 Neat & Tidy Cottage

If your little girl loves nothing more than playing house, then she’ll love this cottage. Made to look realistic, this stone-effect playhouse has working shutters, Dutch-style doors, a doorbell, and a mailbox. Big enough for several kids, your one-year-old will love developing their imagination and role-playing skills with this fantastic little cottage.

Veggie Baby Finger Paints

Wish you could let your one-year-old get creative without worrying she’ll put paint-covered fingers in her mouth? These finger paints from Veggie Baby come in five different colors for your child to explore. But best of all, they’re non-toxic, edible-safe, veggie-based, and vegan-friendly! Meaning your baby girl can enjoy messy play safely. 

LeapFrog Scout & Violet

A broad vocabulary is essential for little kids to start expressing themselves. For that reason, we introduce you to Scout and Violet. They will teach more than 100 age-appropriate words to your one-year-old. From animals to food, colors to activities, there are 12 categories in total. All your girl has to do is touch the images to activate the sound. 

MindSprout Stacking Cups

A great way to strengthen your one-year-old’s problem-solving skills is with this interactive stacking cup toy. Ten different colored, numbered, and lettered cups, will help foster her learning while having fun. The stackable plastic cups were designed to fit a toddler’s little hands perfectly and can even accompany her during bath time.

Creative Minds Plush Basket of Babies

This set of six culturally diverse baby dolls will be an instant hit with your one-year-old girl. Made from soft plushie material, the dolls have removable sack dresses and can be carried around in a plush basket, meaning she’ll take her new friends with her everywhere. These babies are also wonderful for teaching your child about multicultural diversity. 

EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

If you are looking for an educational and fun gift for your little girl, this EverEarth activity cube is the answer. They’ll have the most fun playing with these six different activities such as sorting shapes, counting beads, and solving a maze. But they’ll also be developing their grasp, senses, and logical thinking with this fun toy. 

Kinderfeets Pram Walker

A pram for your baby’s babies that will not only let her imagination run free but also teach her how to walk. This 2-in-1 handmade pram and stroller is the perfect encouragement for your 1-year-old girl to start walking around on her own. Remove the safety pegs, and once they’re standing up, they can start practicing walking with this pram. 

Golener Wooden Baby Gym

Learning through play is the motto of Golener’s toys, and this one is no exception. With six cute baby-safe hanging toys, this wooden baby gym is ideal for exercising arm strength and improving your baby’s flexibility. Baby and parents’ friendly, this knotless pine gym looks super cute, but can also be folded away.

Pebira Montessori Wooden Sorting & Stacking

Stimulate your little one’s mind with a beautifully made wooden stacking set. Great for color learning, shape recognition, counting skills, and hand-eye coordination, this Montessori toy is the perfect early education plaything for a one-year-old girl. Containing 20 bright-colored pieces that come in different geometric shapes, this high-quality product is both fun and educational.

Lego Duplo My First Animal Train

This animal train is the perfect set to introduce your little girl to the entertaining world of LEGO.  LEGO DUPLO pieces were perfectly designed to fit the little hands of a toddler, without being a choking hazard. Including four buildable animals, this animal train will take your girl on countless hours of imaginative role-play.

Wishbone Flip

The innovative flipping mechanism of this Wishbone Flip will convert it from an adorable soft rocker to a fun push toy to an exciting ride-on toy in minutes – without any tools. Ideal for kids aged one to four, Flip was designed to grow with the child while helping them develop essential motor skills. 

Lodby Magnetic Drawing Board

Let your little artist’s imagination and creativity run free with this 4-color magnetic drawing board. Perfect for scribbling, drawing, or writing, this magnetic board comes with two stamps and an easy sliding eraser to clean and start again. The board comes with four detachable legs transforming it into the ideal-sized drawing table for a one-year-old girl.

labebe – Baby Rocking Horse

A rocking horse is always a lovely gift. And this pink unicorn with a silver horn rocking horse will be even more special. Designed so little girls feel inspired to explore the world, this award-winning rocking horse has a 3-side seat and a belt to ensure maximum safety while the one-year-old is adventurously taking her unicorn to new imagined lands.

Lamaze Soft Baby Book

This interactive book is a great gift for a one-year-old. It will encourage hand-eye coordination and the development of fine motor skills. The different textures, noises, and bright colors assist with both sensory and visual stimulation. With its clip-on hook, you can take this colorful book everywhere for on-the-go entertainment. 

Top Bright Car Ramp

Your girl will have so much fun playing with this non-gendered car ramp. Four cars slide their way from the top parking lot to the bottom through colorful ramps. They’ll learn more about cause-and-effect as well as develop their hand-eye coordination. This wooden set is BPA-free, made with non-toxic paint, and is designed to withstand the rough-and-tumble play of a toddler. 

Montessori Climber Pikler Triangle

This 2-in-1 toddler triangle climber is not just a fun toy that your one-year-old will use for physical exercise. It will allow her to practice balance, encourage brain development, and develop hand-eye coordination. With a wooden climber and ramp included, this Montessori toy gives the birthday girl not one but two playing options: a climber and a slide.

HABA Lighthouse Rainbow Stacker

An 8-piece set developed for the smallest of builders! With a minimal and classic layout, this lighthouse rainbow stacker was designed to make stacking simple and fun. It’s a high-quality wooden toy that supports fine motor skills development and hand-eye placement order coordination. This lighthouse set will leave the one-year-old birthday girl fascinated and entertained for hours.

Wrapping up

While it may seem easy to buy a birthday present for a one-year-old girl (they’re excited about most things at this age), it’s actually trickier than you’d think! 

Children turning one have endless curiosity, meaning it can be hard to maintain their attention on just one thing. They’re also learning and developing so much during this time, so it’s important to get them something that will help them grow in this area. 

We’ve handpicked all of the best birthday gifts that will keep the little girl in your life entertained while helping develop those all-important skills. With these gift ideas, she’s going to have the best first birthday ever! 

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