Gifts for Boys

Birthday Gifts for One-Year-Old Boys

Birthdays are a special time for a little one, celebrating milestones while surrounded by family and friends. Those first birthdays are the most precious, and one of the key parts of a child’s birthday party … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Two-Year-Old Boys

Turning two is often feared due to the ”terrible twos” phase, but it’s truly a special time for any toddler; they’re learning to see the world in new ways and learning what they can and … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Three-Year-Old Boys

Birthdays are an exciting milestone and third birthdays are no exception – it’s one of the first birthdays a toddler can understand and revel in. They’re starting to talk, enjoy stories, they can throw, run … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Four-Year-Old Boys

A fourth birthday party is an exciting time; four is an exciting age where children grow into their personalities. You have a wider range of toys and activities available when your relative/child turns 4. For … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Five-Year-Old Boys

5-year-olds are so much fun – they’re a big ball of boundless energy. But it can be hard to know what to buy them – they’re no longer babies/toddlers but not yet big kids. The … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Six-Year-Old Boys

Six is a wonderful age to buy birthday gifts.  By this age, they have a really good mix of interests and skills. School will make them more confident when it comes to complex projects and … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Seven-Year-Old Boys

As seven-year-olds fully settle into grade school, their development has reached a new level, even compared to six. Meaning there’s a whole host of new toys and games you can get for their birthday.  At … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Eight-Year-Old Boys

Buying for an eight-year-old boy can be a blast, but also a little tricky! They’re taking a deeper interest in the world and figuring out how things work, as well as understanding their own personality … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Nine-Year-Old Boys

If you’re struggling to buy a gift for a nine-year-old for his birthday, you’re not alone. Nine is a super tricky age to buy for as they’ve grown out of kiddie things, but aren’t quite … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Ten-Year-Old Boys

Turning ten is such a huge milestone – your little boy is hitting double digits! But as they creep towards their tween years, you might be finding it difficult to know what to get them … Read more

Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Buying a gift for your brother can be quite a task! Whether you chat all the time, or you’re often waiting days for a reply, you’ve likely been through thick and thin. So you want … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Eleven-Year-Old Boys

Buying a birthday gift for an eleven-year-old boy can be kind of stressful sometimes…They’re still holding onto their “kid” stage with toys and games, but are reaching towards independence with their own style and taste. … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Twelve-Year-Old Boys

Straddling the pubescent age between being a child and a teenager, twelve-year-old boys can sometimes be a little tricky to buy birthday gifts for.  Kids tend to mature at different ages – some tweens may … Read more

Gifts for Star Wars Lovers

A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away…) you may have struggled to buy Star Wars products, or you might have found yourself coming across the same old thing when searching for a … Read more

Gift Ideas for New Drivers

Becoming a new driver is an exciting milestone. Regardless of whether they’re a teenager, or someone later in life, getting your driver’s license marks the beginning of independence and freedom. It’s definitely an occasion worth … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Thirteen-Year-Old Boys

Thirteen is such an exciting time – you officially have a little teenager in your life! However, thirteen comes with its own drawbacks too, like what on earth to get him for his birthday?  Boys … Read more

Good Luck Gift Ideas

Wishing someone good luck is often done before a turning point in their life. It could be as they go to take on an exciting new venture or tackle a challenge. And sometimes just the … Read more

Birthday Gifts for Fourteen-Year-Old Boys

Teenagers have a bit of a reputation for being tricky to buy birthday presents for. With puberty, hormones, and their need for independence, it’s not surprising that it can be difficult to know what to … Read more

Gifts for Board Game Lovers

Board games have hugely risen in popularity over the last few years.  It’s no surprise why they’re such a hit too – it’s a chance to see friends and family and have fun without the … Read more